Top 8 Mice for Apple MacBook Pro and Air of 2017

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Which is the best mouse for a MacBook Pro and Air? We are going to help you choose the best mouse for your MacBook Pro and Air as we have found the eight best mouse options for you.

Got your own MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Are you enjoying its stunning features and specification of it? Then now it is time to choose its reliable partner that is the best mouse which pairs up considerably with your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. So here we are bringing professional looking Bluetooth mouse that you can pair up with your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Take a look at the best eight mice for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in which we have taken care of some of the factors like size, feel, style of scrolling wheel, color and appearance. Hence, you can decide very quickly.

Best 8 Mice for MacBook Pro and Air

1. Apple Magic Mouse MB829

Looking for the perfect wireless mice to connect it with your MacBook Pro or Air then this product the Apple Magic is here that is produced by Apple itself. It is hard to beat regarding its style, responsiveness, functionality and overall its design. It uses state of the art touch sensitive mechanism.

It offers a multi-touch area that covers the top surface of this mouse. Its inbuilt wireless Bluetooth functionality provides 33 feet away reliable and secure connection. The touch-sensitivity mechanism offers gesture control to let you scroll, swipe and click. The laser mechanism delivers 20 times more performance of standard optical tracking. Even the mouse can detect the slightest movement because of the miniature sensors.

  • Uses two AA batteries for longer battery life.
  • Supports super smooth tracking.
  • Connects quickly and seamlessly.
  • Sleek styling design.
  • Light to touch and easy to operate.
  • Works type slow.
  • Poor instructions for the installation.
  • Quite hard to get a grip on it.


2. Bluecell

Bluecell 2.4GHz digital wireless curved mouse powered by AA alkaline sized battery that connects through USB receiver. The operational distance is up to 10 meters and 800 DPI/ 1600 DPI. Its speed is adjustable and also have inbuilt mouse memory. It has an ergonomically balanced design; even there is no need to install the driver.

For all the laptop and desktop support USB 2.0, and it supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The nano USB receiver is small, and once it is plugged, it will leave connected.

  • Works with devices as well.
  • Comes with low price.
  • Battery life is great.
  • Works great.
  • Little connection range compared to other mice in this list.
  • The mouse has a metallic color like.

3. IDS

IDS 2.4G RF mouse is an ideal portable device for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. This slim ergonomic mouse is perfect for the office and home use. The optical tracking mechanism mouse works on many distinct surfaces. The USB 2.0 nano receiver is small enough to plug in once and leave it connected. It also works well with all the laptops and desktop.

IDS White Mouse for Apple MacBook Pro


  • A wireless curved mouse that connects via nano USB receiver.
  • It is a 2.4G RF mouse that equipped with AA size battery.
  • Optical tracking mechanism works well on any plain surface.
  • The nano receiver can plug in once and leave it connected.


  • Works perfectly.
  • Light in weight.
  • Comfy to work with.
  • Supports an extensive range of other systems.
  • Very cheap at cost.
  • There is no button to turn off.



4. Top Ace

This is equipped with 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission and offers up to 10 meters operation distance. It has 800 DPI/ 1600 DPI, and even the cursor speed is adjustable. It is even featured with inbuilt mouse memory and also no recording is required after battery replacement. This mouse uses the AA alkaline battery that works up to 6 months. It is ergonomically designed that is perfect for the right-handed.

TopCase White USB Optical Wireless Mouse for MacBook


  • Equipped with the 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission.
  • The operation distance is up to 10 meters.
  • Provides 800 DPI/1600 DPI.
  • Adjustable cursor speed.
  • The AA alkaline battery works up to 6 months.
  • The ergonomic design ideal for the right-handed.


  • Can use on any computers and laptops.
  • Works well.
  • Looks nice while working.
  • While it on it light in red color.
  • Little flimsy.
  • Expensive as well.
  • Quite cheap quality.

5. Logitech

After Apple Magic Mouse, this is another expensive yet ideal mouse to pair up with your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. The brushed metallic body and silky smooth touch surface ideally complement for your Mac.

Its super thin design slips easily into your Mac sleeve or the pocket of your jeans. It is supported by the Os X Touch Gesture so that you can take advantage of Os X multi-touch navigation by utilizing simple, natural and intuitive gestures. It offers great Bluetooth wireless technology that connects multiple devices. There is no battery hassle, you can charge it over USB on which in a minute it powers this mouse and you can use for an hour.

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 for Mac


  • Gives brushed metallic body and silky smooth touch surface.
  • The super thin design slips easily into computer sleeve.
  • The Os X Touch Gesture mechanism for natural and intuitive gestures.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology connects multiple devices.
  • Charge it with the USB cable in just a minute.


  • Easy to slip in pocket.
  • Very light, thin and sleek looking.
  • Fast and simple charging.
  • Doesn’t disconnect like other Bluetooth devices.
  • Very expensive.


6. Cosmos

The Cosmos 2.4G RF optical wireless mouse can operate from a distance of 10 meters with 800 DPI / 1600 DPI. The affordable accessory can run off an AAA alkaline battery is up to 6 months. Hence, there is no need for any replacement.

Its ergonomically designed is perfect for right-handed and just plug-and-play, and no installation driver is required. Auto-Switch will allow this mouse to enter into the sleep mode while it is not in use for a long time. However, to wake it up, just press the right or left button. It even offers low-voltage alarm function scroll wheel.

Cosmos Orange USB mouse for MacBook Pro 13 inch


  • Packed with the 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission.
  • Provides distance range up to 10 meters.
  • Supports 800 DPI/1600 DPI.
  • Equipped with AAA alkaline battery, it runs up to 6 months.
  • Auto-Switch allows entering sleep mode.
  • Low-voltage alarm function scroll-wheel.


  • Great color combination.
  • Lightweight and compact size.
  • Very practical.
  • Great looking and stylish.
  • Teensy tail-less mouse.
  • No other color option.
  • Quite flimsy.


7. Wonfast

Wonfast is another mouse which is used for office and home usage. This 2.4 GHz wireless mouse is easy to install, directly you can plug your USB receiver. It is compatible with most of the laptop and even the desktop. The optical technology works on many distinct surfaces, and the DPI switch lets you adjust the sensitivity. It works maximum within 10-meter distance. It also functioned with an indicator of low battery.

WONFAST Optical Wireless USB Mice for Apple MacBook Pro


  • 2.4 GHz mouse perfect for the office and home use.
  • Easy to install by plugging the USB receiver.
  • Large compatibility.
  • Equipped with optical tracking technology.
  • DPI switch for sensitivity adjustment.
  • Low battery indicator.


  • Seven different colors are available for this mouse.
  • Works smoothly.
  • Great companion for MacBook Pro and Air.
  • Light in weight.
  • Uses AA battery for long time use.
  • No need for the driver to be installed.
  • Little dark.
  • Quite bigger than other wireless mice.




8. Vanki

Vanki offers attractive looking mouse that is equipped with USB 2.0. There is no battery provided because it contains USB plug inside the battery slot. This is not compatible with the Retina MacBook Pro. You can easily use this wireless mouse by just connecting it to your Mac. It is compatible with MacBook 13-inch Pro, MacBook Air 11-inch and other laptop and desktop with the USB 2.0.

Vanki Apple MacBook Pro Mice


  • Made of PC.
  • No battery installed.
  • USB Plug uses to charge it.
  • Equipped with USB 2.0.
  • Compatible with all the laptop and desktop.


  • Very light, thin and sleek.
  • Quick and simple charging with USB plug.
  • Uses USB 2.0 to connect.
  • Doesn’t disconnect like Bluetooth mouses.
  • Not compatible with Retina MacBook Pro.
  • Doesn’t come with the USB port.


We are sure that all of these suggestions for Top 8 Mice for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that optimizes the value and even the enjoyment of pairing and using it. Hope you like our efforts on finding few of the best mice to pair up with MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.


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