Best Apple Pencil Case

Apple Pencil that designed for the iPad Pro users is pretty handy. But the stylus pen like Apple Pencil can often get lost. The slim cylindrical white body makes it easy to forget and also forgetful. To protect this most expensive stylus pen, we are here with ten best Apple Pencil holder. All of them can keep the stylus pen safe and secure at the same place.

All these holders can hold Apple Pencil very well. Are you concerned about losing your Apple Pencil? But confused what third party holder should pick to keep Apple Pencil safe and secure? Find this plenty of excellent holder for this high-end stylus which can be leveraged.

Best Apple Pencil Holder, Dock, and Stand

Fintie Apple Pencil holder packed with an extra pocket to hold USB Adapter. The compatibility of this holder is with 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro as well as 12.9-inch iPad Pro cases. It is made from premium synthetic leather that offers flap cover.

It is ideally designed for the Apple Pencil without any extra cover. The ultra slim, stylish, and lightweight holder fits the Apple Pencil perfectly just like a glove. It can slide easily on the iPad Pro cases. It has a comfortable elastic band to take it out easily and quickly from the case. The adapter pocket makes it easy to find the USB adapter easy. It snugly fits to keep the Apple Pencil safe and secure.



Pros Cons
  • It is available in 23 different colors and patterns.
  • The flap keeps the pencil secure inside the holder.
  • It is ideal for both the style and protection while traveling.
  • The pen fits snugly with enough revealed to remove from the holster with ease.
  • Slot for USB adapter is extremely well.
  • It is quite difficult to insert the flap into the loop when the Pencil is inside the holder.
  • It is little bulk that doesn’t hold the case comfortable to use the iPad.



Moko Pencil case holder is perfectly designed for Apple Pencil and also compatible with the iPad Pro 9.7-Inch, and iPad Pro 10.5 Inch 2017 tablet cases. It is even consistent with other cases which are up to 9.6 inch-10.5 inch.

It provides protection for Apple Pencil against shocking and scratching. With this case, the user can even protect pencil from dirt, dust and other daily damages. The elastic rubber band lets the user more secure grip. The durable water resistant PU leather makes the holder more convenient to use.



Pros Cons
  • It is effortless to install and remove as well.
  • The water resistant material secures pen from the water.
  • There are seven different colors, and five different colors are available.
  • The case holder is attractive and holds pencil nicely.
  • It holds the pen too snugly to let force to take out a pencil.
  • It is very cumbersome.



Stylus Sling Apple Pencil holder fits 9.7-inch and 10.5-inch iPad Pro cases. It also fits Apple Pencil very well like a glove and slides in easily to provide quick access. The quality materials make sure a consistent and sung fit. The proven design with the USB adapter pocket keeps the adapter firmly attached to the case holder. It is developed and handmade in the USA.


Pros Cons
  • It is available in black and white color.
  • It snugly fits the pencil with quick access as well.
  • It is super handy while keeping the pen with the iPad Pro.
  • It is compatible with a broad range of iPad’s cases.
  • It is very costly pencil case holder.
  • It looks ordinary.



FRTMA offers magnetic sleeve where six magnets embedded into the side of a silicone sleeve. These magnets let the user attach his/her Apple Pencil quickly to the front side of the iPad Pro. This magnetic sleeve’s front sides have pretty much magnet-friendly metal surface.

This sleeve packed with two extra self-adhering metal strip. It can stick to any surface keep the Apple Pencil wherever the user wants. It also has soft silicone grip that hugs the pencil tightly. It also prevents sliding from the surface and keeps the pencil secure. User have a large area to grip onto that helps keep the fingers from locking it. The user can also adjust the placement of the thin sleeve on their pencil.



Pros Cons
  • It is available in five different colors.
  • The sleeve prevents rolling the pencil.
  • It is non-slippery.
  • It doesn’t add bulk to the pencil.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • It doesn’t mean feet to iPad Air 2 Apple smart case.

MoKo Pencil holder offers a perfectly designed case for Apple Pencil. It is made from premium PU leather with the soft and non-scratch microfiber inner layer. It protects against shocks, scratches, dirt, and other daily damages.

The case offers elastic strap and built-in leather pocket to keep pencil securely in place with some small accessories like charging cable. The durable water resistant PU leather along with sealing zipper design gives convenience to use it.



Pros Cons
  • It snugly fits the pencil inside the holder.
  • The sleeve won’t let the pen slip.
  • Available in different colors and designs.
  • Carrying anywhere is convenient.
  • Looks quite big in hand while taking it.
  • Little bulky.
  • The material feels quite cheap.


TechMatte Apple Pencil Stand is made of a solid Aluminum material that allows the user to charge the pencil while holding it still. It looks stylish and sleek on the work desk. This charging dock comes with the proper cable that let the user charge their Apple Pencil built into the stand. It holds both the pencil and cap at the same time. It is effortless to use and durable as well. It is engineered to screw apart the cable with ease. It uses 5 feet long cable for maximum reach.


Pros Cons
  • Stylish looking engineering stand.
  • Comes with cable so need to buy separately.
  • It looks excellent at work desk.
  • Holder holds the pencil in the same place.
  • Keep the pen safe while charging it.
  • It only fits the Apple Pencil.
  • It is quite costly.



The Thankscase Apple Pencil holder is another Stand that holds pencil securely. It is designed like a flower mushroom which is an excellent layout. It is made from the solid aluminum material. It stands vertically and horizontally for apple pencil. It offers comfortable hold and stands while the pencil is charging. With the beautiful color with the texture makes it perfect for Apple pen.


Pros Cons
  • It is very sleek and stylish looking stand.
  • It is a compact sized stand that is easy to carry anywhere.
  • It equipped with solid construction.
  • The black color gives an excellent professional look.
  • It is even available in three more other color options.
  • User can’t charge their Apple Pencil.
  • Sometimes it wobbles while the pencil is in it.




Jisoncase Apple Pencil leather protective case holder is completely compatible with the Apple Pencil. This case holder is made from genuine leather for last longer and durable use. It is furnished with vintage and fashionable style. With the elastic band, it makes the use convenient for a longer time. The elastic band keeps the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro always together. It is exquisite, comfortable, lightweight and ultra slim fit for the Apple Pencil.



Pros Cons
  • It offers perfect slim fit for the pencil.
  • It is available in three different colors.
  • The elastic band makes it convenient to carry with iPad Pro very easily.
  • The length of the holder is 22-2CM which makes it compatible with iPad Pro 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch cases.
  • Little expensive.
  • It offers only three colors no many options available.


The SwitchEasy case holder equipped with interchangeable faceplate the allows the user to use pencil-sketch mode or iPad in book mode. The patent-pending holder offers excellent grip while carrying iPad Pro along with it. It has CoverBuddy features that are an ergonomically ideal elevation for drawing with the Apple Pencil. This holder is even very great while the user is using their iPad’s virtual keyboard. It is compatible with smart case, and smart keyboard. It fits everything very well.


Pros Cons
  • It is available in four different colors.
  • It offers the best place to keep the pencil safe and secure fully.
  • It can be used as a sketch board mode.
  • It is compatible with the smart case and keyboard as well.
  • It adds a little bulk to the device.
  • It is costly.



Smatree Apple Pencil holder is specialize made for the Apple Pencil. It helps to protect the Pencil from scratches, dirt, shocks and other daily damages. It is made with durable water repellent PU leather. The holder is even equipped with sealing zipper that makes it more convenient to use. It is completely tailored for the Apple pencil. The brand even offers 100% Money back Guarantee If there are quality issues.


Pros Cons
  • It is the very compact sized holder.
  • Carrying anywhere is convenient.
  • It also offers space for Apple Pencil accessories.
  • A user can move with it with ease.
  • The design at the base of the bottom is quite annoying.
  • It is quite bulky.
  • It is ever quite costly.

Here are few suggestions for the best Apple Pencil holder. All of them sturdy and durable and also able to provide excellent protection while holding the Apple Pencil safe and secure at the place. If you are on this list and want to purchase any one of them, tell us which one is your best choice? Leave your comments in the comment section.


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