Bluetooth Keyboards for Android Under $25

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After testing more than just 20 of the keyboards over the past three months, we have found that the ten that we are going to list here are the best Bluetooth keyboards for Android users. They offer a bunch of the best functionality and comes at a little of under $25.

Some them are great multiuse Bluetooth keyboard. They are comfortable, compact, sleek and versatile and not most of the other can offer that the listed here provides to us. So mainly over here you will best Bluetooth keyboards for Android under $25.

Best Bluetooth keyboards for Android


Nowadays there is a trend of the wireless devices, and Wireless keyboard for Android device thus here we have the ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard for android by OMOTON. This keyboard is cable-free and can be connected to the device via Bluetooth. It has the long-lasting battery life that can work for up to 30 days continuous use. It has the auto-sleep mode to preserve the battery charge.

The operating distance is up to 10 meters from the connected device. It works with most of the Bluetooth enabled devices. The most important thing about this product is that it supports different languages of typing. This product having the black color looks elegant. It has the QWERTY Layout with Hotkeys Customized for most Android, which bring you more convenience during typing, working and enjoying.

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for Android


  • Cable-free device.
  • Compatible with the Bluetooth enabled device
  • QWERTY Layout with Hotkeys.
  • Long lasting battery.
  • Ultra-slim and compact.
  • Auto sleep mode.
  • Operating distance up to 10 meters.
  • Bluetooth enabled device compatible.
  • Different languages of typing.


  • It pairs easily.
  • Comfortable and quick.
  • Keys are raised at a comfortable height.
  • Doesn’t need USB ports for the connection with the devices.
  • This keyboard may not be compatible with the Windows 10, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, iMac or Moto RAZR.
  • The key travel is short, so it’s hard to get a good feel.

Vive Comb

This android Bluetooth keyboard with the Vive comb is much attractive from the rest of the listed wireless keyboard as it has the seven backlight color option. That option makes the keyboard more beautiful and elegant. It is equipped with the lithium battery. It has the stable transmission up to 10 meters. It has two brightness level, can switch brightness and color quickly. It works with the major operating system.

It has the Scissor-Switch keyboard for better tactile response and comfortable typing. It is backed by the adjustable tablet stand having six fully adjustable slots which support both vertical and horizontal viewing. The design is sleek, and keys are smooth. It has the auto-sleep mode for the preservation of the battery charge. It has a standard MICRO interface.

Vive Comb Android Bluetooth Keyboard


  • Contains lithium battery.
  • Stable transmission, up to 10 meters.
  • Works with the major operating system.
  • Lightweight, thin and compact.
  • Standard MICRO interface.
  • Auto sleep function.
  • Scissor-Switch keyboard for the better tactile impression.
  • 7 LED backlight color options
  • Backed by an adjustable tablet stand.


  • Comfortable and pleasing experience.
  • The Bluetooth connects and works perfectly.
  • Stand supports both horizontal and vertical viewing.
  • The design is sleek, and keys are smooth.
  • Lacking more keys to type in other languages.
  • It will not connect to a PC.




From all the other wireless keyboard that we have tested and listed, this keyboard is quite different. This product by Geyes is a portable folding Bluetooth keyboard for Android. It has a rechargeable lithium battery. This ultra-slim keyboard has Aircraft-grade Aluminum alloy texture for superior durability. This product is lightweight, portable and pocket-sized. Thus we can easily type with two hands.

It has the auto sleep and power mode which preserves the battery charge. This product has the Micro USB interface. It is also compatible with the three primary operating system. This product is backed along with the phone stand and carry pouch. It has broad compatibility up to 10 meters and has 30-days money back guarantee, 12-month replacement warranty, and Lifetime support guarantee.

Geyes Portable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard for Android


  • Ultra-slim foldable Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Backed with phone stand.
  • Auto power off and sleep mode feature.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminum alloy texture.
  • Micro USB interface.
  • Built-in Broadcom Bluetooth module.
  • Broad compatibility and can connect up to 10 meters.
  • 30-days money back guarantees and 12-month replacement warranty.
  • Lifetime support guarantee.


  • Portable, lightweight and pocket-sized.
  • Compatible with the primary operating system.
  • Bluetooth connection is fast and reliable.
  • There is the large gap in the middle make typing difficult.
  • The B key is on the wrong side.


Jelly Comb

This mini Bluetooth keyboard for android with the Jelly comb is a combination of both the handheld keyboard and mouse touchpad. This mini Bluetooth keyboard for Android makes this product unique from the above-listed keyboards. It is equipped with a rechargeable durable lithium-ion battery capacity about 250mAH and is black.

This keyboard carries multiple functions. This product has the innovative shape which makes it elegant. As per our testing, it has 30 days standby time and 15 hours working time. It has the Standard QWERTYB keyboard layout which is compatible with the primary operating system.

It has the auto-sleep mode and is also portable. The high sensitive mouse Touchpad is very responsive.  It has the wireless operating range up to 10 meters.

Jelly Comb Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for Android


  • Rechargeable durable Lithium-ion battery.
  • Battery capacity 250mAH.
  • Standby time 30 days and work tie 15 hours.
  • Equipped with high sensitivity mouse touchpad.
  • Auto sleep feature.
  • Multi-function keyboard
  • Wireless Operating range up to 10m.
  • Standard QWERTYB keyboard layout.


  • It’s comfortable to hold and not bulky.
  • Small, portable, elegant and exquisite.
  • Powerful, handy and convenient.
  • Very responsive Touchpad and easy to use.
  • Battery draining problem.
  • The buttons were too small.



This leather with detachable Bluetooth keyboard for the android phone by the Lookatool is new released 3-in-1 Aluminum Bluetooth keyboard. It has removable PU leather case for all 5 to the 7-inch phone. It is 100% brand new and high-quality device. As we have tested this device, it is sleek & has a compact design for maximum portability and convenience. It has rechargeable Lithium battery which gives 300 hours Standby time and 100 hours working time.

The Bluetooth version is 3.0 and having the key life of about 2-3 years. The case is also of lightweight and compact when it is closed. It has a built-in stand which helps to props up your device up to comfortable viewing and angle. It provides quicker and more comfortable typing and improves the accuracy of the operation.

  • Compact and lightweight case.
  • Easy to remove from the PU leather case.
  • Provides quicker and more comfortable typing.
  • Sleek, slim, compact design for maximum portability & convenience.
  • A little bit bulky.




This portable, lightweight mini wireless Bluetooth keyboard for Android by the Fosmon is compact, thin mini Bluetooth keyboard. This has built-in mouse touchpad for Android, iOS, and Windows. It has the elegant and lifestyle design. It has built long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This keyboard contains all the main feature buttons.

It has full QWERTY keyboard. The wireless keyboard makes texting accurate and comfortable and user-friendly for the PS3 gamer. Operating distance of this keyboard is up to 33ft. It contains LED black light which helps when using it in dark environment.

Fosmon Portable Lightweight Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Android


  • Mini Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Equipped with the touchpad.
  • Operating distance 33ft.
  • Contains all main feature buttons
  • LED backlight for a dark environment.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard.


  • User-friendly for the PS3 gamer.
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry around.
  • Makes texting accurate and accessible.
  • Lightweight, portable & elegant design.
  • The keys light up with the press of a button.
  • No indication for caps ON or OFF.
  • The touchpad will not work with the iPhone and iPad.




If you are in search of the wireless keyboard which can connect more than just one device at a time than this keyboard is the best. Using this wireless Bluetooth keyboard for android phone and tablet, you can get connected to three devices at a time. And also two devices can connect via Bluetooth and one via USB. There is easy switching between the connected devices, and it doesn’t move during the keyboarding.

It has the broad compatibility with the primary operating system (Android, iOS, and Windows). This keyboard is equipped with the Scissor-Switch keyboard which gives a better tactile response and comfortable typing. It has two built-in retractable stands which are robust to support and can hold the two devices at an optimum angle at a time. It has the auto-sleep mode to preserve the battery charge.

  • Doesn’t move or slide during keyboarding.
  • Works as described.
  • Ultra-thin, Sensitive touch and compact size.
  • Fast, Accurate and Comfortable Typing.
  • A protective cover or case should have been provided.




This Bluetooth keyboard with built-in multi-touch touchpad for android by 1byone is having integrated touchpad having multi-touch feature. This is what makes it different from the above listed wireless keyboard by the jelly comb and fosmon having a touchpad. This black colored keyboard has 90 hours working time and 90 days of standby time as it has 500mAh lithium battery. It is equipped with the QWERTY keyboard.

It has the 3.0 Bluetooth version. It has secure Bluetooth connection up to 33ft and gives high performance. It has the auto-sleep mode for battery saving. It is ultra slim, lightweight and compact by design which makes it easy to store briefcase. It is compatible with Android and Windows.

1byone Bluetooth Keyboard with Built-in Multi-touch Touchpad for Android


  • 500 mAH lithium battery.
  • 90days standby time & 90hours work time.
  • Equipped with the multi-touch touchpad.
  • Ultra portability.
  • QWERTY keyboard.
  • Strong Bluetooth connection up to 33ft.
  • Powerful battery & High Performance.
  • 0 Bluetooth version.
  • Auto-sleep mode.


  • Key spacing, travel, and overall feel are excellent.
  • Well-constructed and feels sturdy.
  • Compatible with Android & Windows.
  • Ultra slim and lightweight and compact design.
  • Apple iOS does not support touchpad mouse function.
  • Must not be compatible.


Jelly Comb

We have already listed wireless keyboard from the same brand jelly comb, but this time it is somewhat different from that device as it is not equipped with the mouse touchpad. This is portable wireless Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard for Android.

It is universal product and has the cable-free and clutter-free connection. This portable, ultra-thin and sleek keyboard supports major operating system and has 3.0 Bluetooth version which has the operating distance up to 10 meters.

It has the Backlight 7-Colors option. It has the Scissor-Switch keyboard which gives comfortable typing. It has one year warranty.

Jelly Comb Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard for Android


  • Universal product.
  • Cable-free and clutter-free connection.
  • Operating distance 10 meters.
  • Backlight 7-Colors option.
  • Portable, ultra-thin & sleek profile.
  • Scissor-Switch keyboard gives comfortable typing.
  • Supports major operating system.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Value of price, design, feature, and functionality is excellent.
  • Sturdy and very comfortable.
  • Easy to sync, and an on/off button on top.
  • Internal battery with standard micro-USB charging port.
  • Sometimes wig out and slow down until you reset it.
  • Not compatible with some device.




If you are looking for the wireless Aluminum keyboard for your tablet having built-in tablet stand than this product by eJaisu is the perfect option. This aluminum Bluetooth keyboard for Android has built-in extended lasting Lithium battery having capacity about 120mAh. As per our testing, it has the 60 days standby time and 60 hours of working time.

It has slim design thanks to the high-end Aluminum front, and there’s a protective film on the Aluminum to avoid scratch. It has the Scissor-switch keyboard which makes your typing faster and comfortable. It is also compatible with the Bluetooth enabled devices. It has Function keys, shortcut keys and media controls for easy navigation.

eJiasu Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard for Android


  • Built-in 120mAh Lithium battery.
  • Aluminum Bluetooth tablet keyboard.
  • Built-in stand.
  • Function keys, shortcut keys and media controls for navigation
  • Scissor-switch keyboard.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • 60 days standby time and work time 60 hours.
  • Protective film on Aluminum to avoid scratch.


  • Works as described.
  • Require tiny space to carry.
  • Slim Design.
  • Fast, accurate and comfortable typing.
  • The keys are small and spaced close together.

Which one of them are you pick that you think that it is most affordable for you and can purchase for your system to use with it? Share your experience with us here in the comments section below.


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