best iPhone 11 pro car mounts

One of the considerable annoyance in daily life for anybody is to operate their phone while driving. To search through the phone, you often need to take it in your hand or keep it in your hand while looking for navigations or anything else. And finding the best car mount in the market is more than just an annoyance for most of us. It is hard enough to go through each of them but having us as your back up plan you can get rid of this hassle.

We all know that the iPhones become pretty large phone with an excellent and smooth screen. So if you are looking for the best car mounts for iPhone 11 Pro, then you are at the right place. Here we have picked up a few of the options for you those are well testified and researched well with the team of our experts and those who know the car mount use and uses them on their regular life. Check each of them and find the car mount that suits your needs well.

Best Car Mounts for iPhone 11 Pro


This Windshield & Dashboard Cell Phone Holder for iPhone 11 Pro is our first pick for this phone as it offers pretty good choices. However, the cost of this product is a little high than the other picks on this list.

This one supports auto-release of the device with a button and a clamp. It uses thickened silicone material for the construction along with a soft surface to fit the phone tightly. It is suitable for most of the vehicles. While it also supports 360-degree free rotation of your phone. You can get an 18-month warranty over it.



Pros Cons
  • Holds phone firmly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to install.
  • Rotates the phone in 360-degrees.
  • Looks decent.
  • Costly a bit.




This Air Vent Holder for iPhone 11 Pro is also an excellent one while the price of it is too low as well. So if you are looking for the best car mount at a low cost, then this can be the best option most of you.

It contains a built-in delicately-designed button that supports excellent operability. It rotates the phone and swivels the display of it. You can place the device in any orientation, horizontal or vertical. There is also a high-quality soft silicone-pad included.


Pros Cons
  • Quick to install.
  • Soft surface to keep phone safe.
  • Holds phone sturdily.
  • No hassle while taking off the phone.
  • No damage to your car’s air-vent.
  • Design is quite poor.




From all the listed here options this Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Car Mount for iPhone 11 Pro from TOPGO is a different one. With an attractive and functional design, you can get the best out it to protect your phone while you are driving.

This one is crafted from the adjustable heavy base and durable plastic. It comes with a curved arm and 2 holding feet for all-around protection. It comes with a soft holder grips/backing for protection against scratches. There is also a flexible and 360° rotatable neck as well.


Pros Cons
  • Three options.
  • Excellent design.
  • Suits many of the vehicles.
  • Rotates phone in 360-degrees.
  • Easy to install.
  • Costly a bit.




This iPhone 11 Pro Car Air Vent Holder with Hands-Free Cradle is one of the car mounts that supports universal compatibility. With a durable and sturdy design, it comes with the latest improved clamp plate and adjustable foot.

There is also an upgraded switch button that releases the phone easily. It can withstand more than 20,000 times of open and close operation. There is a stable support shelf with anti-slip rubber pads as well as firm and scratch-free claw.



Pros Cons
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Universal compatibility.
  • Easy to take off.
  • Holds phone firmly.
  • Keeps the phone safe.
  • Hands-free operations.
  • Hard to take the phone off.




This iPhone 11 Pro Car Holder with Wireless Charging is one of the compact and sleek design. With the smooth and easy-catchy design, it comes with a cute panda designed pad that keeps the phone’s back safe from the scratches.

This car mount has an automatic opening and clamping design. And besides that, it supports the 15w of fast charging of the phone. This way it saves you from the messing of cables. It is a case-friendly design, and it includes QC 3.0 charger and 3FT magnetic charge cable in a pack.



Pros Cons
  • Case friendly.
  • Wireless charging support.
  • Attractive design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Two-in-one design.


This is a Magnetic Car Phone Holder for iPhone 11 Pro from the VICSEED comes in a compact size with excellent hold on your phone while driving. It allows you to rotate your phone in any direction to enjoy its display’s view.

This one has a 3rd generation upgraded super strong and large six magnets. With the hassle-free mounting on the air vent, there is 360-degrees joint ball for 360-degree rotations. It contains premium durable soft silicone design. And you can get 45-Days money-back/lifetime warranty.



Pros Cons
  • Easy to install.
  • No hassle while operating the phone.
  • Small and compact.
  • Powerful holding.
  • Hands free operation.
  • A bit high at price.



Which one of these car mounts for iPhone 11 Pro would be your pick? Or have you already picked one? Tell us about it and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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