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Every one of us loves the camera and we care a lot to protect it. For the best protection, a camera case is all required. But as soon as you start searching around for the best camera cases, and maybe you want to have the best tested and for your high-end case for your Fujifilm X-T2 camera.

This is the reason that we have spent quality time of researching and testing over 13 of the cases for the high-end camera like Fujifilm X-T2 in myriad urban as well as wilderness environments. We have found five of the great cases that cover a vast range of styles and the protection needs.

Best Cases for Fujifilm X-T2


This leather half camera case is perfect for keeping your Fujifilm X-T2 camera protected and new forever with all the style factor. While this pick is nicely styled and offer top-notch protecting factor and features, it is little spendy, and different photographer with this camera have varying needs.

This case is all constructed from the handmade genuine real leather material. This case doesn’t cover the complete beauty of your camera because it is half camera case bag cover. The vintage style design keeps the camera look attractive.

This case offers the ideal fit for Fujifilm X-T2. It is compatible and can easily attach to any tripod. The interior of this case is all built with the soft and protective material. The material helps to avoid the harms such as scratches on a camera.

BolinUS Handmade Camera Case for Fujifilm X-T2


  • Handmade Genuine Real Leather Case.
  • Half Camera Case Bag Cover.
  • Vintage style design.
  • Perfect fit for Fujifilm X-T2.
  • Compatible and easily attach to any tripod.
  • Interior is made from soft material to avoid scratches on a camera.


  • Made of high-quality oil leather.
  • It will not affect the screen rotation.
  • Easy access to all ports and buttons.
  • The copper metal used to build this case.
  • It covers the only base of the camera.
  • This is not a full body protective case.



If you are looking for the best and perfect companion that offers excellent fit and made just for this camera only then don’t worry. The brand Fujifilm itself provides it very own leather case for its very own camera like X-T2.

This is a bottom leather case that lets you have access to all the ports from the side and battery easily. It is made of PU leather material that helps to keep the camera weight light. Don’t worry about the tripod because the design is made in such way so that you can easily attach to any tripod. With the perfect fit, you can even get the cloth to wrap the camera.

Fujifilm Bottom Leather Case for X-T2


  • Access all the ports from the side and battery easily.
  • Made from PU Leather.
  • Light in weight.
  • Easily attach to any tripod.
  • Perfect fit for X-T2 camera.
  • Comes with a cloth to wrap camera.


  • The company itself offer, so you no need to worry about the fitting.
  • No need to remove the case while replacing a battery.
  • Classing in design.
  • A little bit high price.
  • It does not cover the full body of a camera.



If you want a case that offers completely covers your camera while it is not in use and also provides the protection to the camera while it is in use, then this one from the same brand BolinUS is the perfect pick for your Fujifilm X-T2 camera.

This full body camera case is made of the genuine leather. It covers the whole camera along with 18-55MM Lens. With the lens bottom opening version of it, you can efficiently use it. The brand even makes it easier for you to carry it because it comes with a neck strap. And in a small storage carrying case, you can bring an extra battery and memory card.

BolinUS Leather FullBody Camera Case for Fujifilm X-T2


  • Full Body Camera Case.
  • Made of Genuine Leather.
  • Covers the whole camera along with 18-55MM Lens.
  • It has Lens Bottom Opening Version.
  • Comes with a Neck Strap.
  • Kind of a small storage carries case.


  • It designed from layer oil leather material.
  • The vintage design gives a stylish look.
  • No need to remove case while removing or inserting a battery.
  • Access all the ports, buttons, and functions efficiently.
  • It does not cover the right-hand side of the camera.




Just like the BolinUS brand the MegaGear is another brand that offers another option for you to get your camera all covered for better safety and security. This is another brand and from the product from this brand that we have tasted and from all the other that we have picked this is another pick of ours, which take place on this list.

This leather case for Fujifilm X-T2 offers full body protective case. It is compatible with all tripods and other accessories. It covers camera along with 18-55mm lens. That protects the camera from dust, dirt, scratches. The inner made from soft material. And the vintage leather looking case offers non-slippery protection for the camera.

MegaGear Fujifilm X-T2 Full Body Leather Case


  • Leather Case for Fujifilm X-T2.
  • Full body protective case.
  • Compatible with all tripods and other accessories.
  • It covers camera along with 18-55mm lens.
  • Protects against dust, dirt, scratches.
  • Inner part made from soft material.
  • A non-slippery case for the camera.


  • Fits with any tripods and accessories.
  • East access to all ports.
  • Cover basic 18-55mm lens kit.
  • A thin case for X-T2.
  • Comes with textured grip.
  • Not a perfect fitting to a camera.
  • It comes with nylon neck strap.



From all the other cases that we have tested and listed the four here, this case is different from all those cases, and this case is even from the MegaGear. This case is all construction of the fabric and stitched well to keep the camera safe and protected.

This camera is light in a weight camera case that is made of Neoprene soft material. It covers entire camera along with 18-55mm lens. It is packed with a carabiner. This soft neoprene case is flexible and ideal for travelers.

Leather Camera Case Bag for Fujifilm X-T2


  • Light in a weight camera case.
  • Covers entire camera along with 18-55mm lens.
  • Made from Neoprene soft material.
  • Comes with a carabiner.
  • Soft neoprene case is flexible.
  • Perfect for travelers.


  • Stylish case for better protection.
  • It needs minimal space in your bag while you travel.
  • Protect a camera from dust and dirt.
  • Attached carabiner allows hanging camera with a backpack.
  • You must have to remove a case to click pictures.
  • No neck strap.


Which one of them is your pick and which one of them that you think it fulfills your needs? Have you’ve used it yet or not? Tell us about it here in the comment section.


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