best gadgets for students

Tired of spending long hours in school or college without having any time for fun? Well, solve your issue with ten listed devices as those gadgets enable you both to spend little time studying and have more fun as well.

After researching over 30 of the gadgets and testing 15 of the top-rated, well-constructed and featured with absolutely amazing functioning products. We think that too many different devices over the past few years, we believe that these ten listed over here are the best gadgets for the students because individual offers the most value at the affordable price.

All of them at their places offer the best functions and work great. We have also picked the gadgets for those students who can spend more so those have some options along with some low-cost gadgets. Our picks are best for school, college, and graduate students, we expect these gadgets to last at least your student life. So those gadgets should carry you through wholly of school, college or in graduate school however not all the three.

Best Gadgets for Students

With the Wewow smartphone stabilizer, we have tested one of the fun gadgets for you who love to have fun or grab or capture some memorable student life while having fun with your friends of your schools. With Wewow smartphone stabilizer we think to start the list with one of the fun gadgets.

However, many of you might find this cool gadget little expensive but this smartphone stabilizer with some fancy handled gimbal lets you enjoy the best video shooting, or Facebook live or recording any story for your Instagram account while eliminating shake. With 360-degrees it lets you have a limitless rotation.

The portable smartphone stabilizer carries around 0.5 pounds of weight. With this, you can even charge your smartphone with its built-in 2600mAh battery capacity. And this makes your carry also easy because of the compact design. The Humanized design of it holds the phone sturdily and won’t let it fell from it. This stabilizer is available in four different color options.


Pros Cons
  • With this phone stabilizer, the phone itself mount very sturdily and feels safe.
  • The Chinese-built plastic with the spring-loaded clamps holds the phone well.
  • The mount can be used on any standard Tri-Pod.
  • It offers hand grip even while shooting the video.
  • It is great for outdoor shooting while moving fast.
  • This phone stabilizer has a clamp that might hurt your phone’s beauty a little bit.
  • It is very costly too.





Going to college or school for the first time can be daunting, but having a noise blocker that feels more like a home then it can make a huge difference. This is why we have spent researching and testing two of the noise blockers for around 5 hours we have here listed one of the best noise blockers from Marpac.

This noise blocker contains Dual speed motor with an exclusive asymmetrical fan that delivers some soothing sound like rushing air while reducing the disturbance noise. While it is excellent for students, it is also suitable for the babies, children, light sleepers and office confidentiality.

This noise blocker is easy to use and also offers customization settings for the sound quality and different sound tune. It is a little bit compact, and convenient design is a space saver for your working desk or any other table or place. It is equipped with one year of limited warranty. It makes this tool quite low at cost and it also available in three colors options.



Pros Cons
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It looks on table or desk beautifully.
  • With this, you can easily personalize your sound environment.
  • There is no need for that much power source.
  • There are lower settings that sometimes works and sometimes not.
  • It is a little bit costly.


Whether you are scanning your document, your artwork or even any book the document scanner is one of the handy gadgets for you. As we have tested most of the document scanner, we have found the Smart For Life is the fast, affordable and accurate document scanner. And compared to its closest competitors, produces a clearer scan with most visual accurate of your materials.

The Smart For Life hits the sweet spot of the speed, image quality, and price. This portable handheld scanner isn’t only perfect for the students but it even ideal for the travelers, amateur archivists, and businessman. It archive all the documents digitally with all ease and even with a crisp and clear material.

It supports scan images around 900 DPI resolution and stores those scanned images of the document in the built-in Micro SD memory card. It stores all scanned images in JPEG and PDF format. It also recognizes the optical character with built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition). You can have one year of warranty period as well.


Pros Cons
  • It is convenient document scanner that can scan documents very well.
  • The scanner offers compact design lets you carry it with ease.
  • It is entirely comfortable for you to carry in your school bag.
  • It lets you have the limitless use.
  • The internal 32GB Micro SD card offers super significant storage capacity.
  • It is little bulky.
  • It is quite pricey.




Writing important notes while attending the class is a little bit common, and somewhat it is little frustrating for most of the students because writing is not interesting for many of them. But what if we bring you the best alternative to you rather than the traditional or the regular notebook with papers. We have tested M.Way Writing tablet which is simply a great writing tablet that we have come across.

This handwriting pad that makes your writing paperless and can easily erase or remove the handwriting with a single press of the button. On this writing tablet, you can mark down the notes and even can store memos of your ideas with using an easy-use pen. The durable plastic made the tablet look really sleek and easy to carry.

The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface offers more clear and bright image with the high precision writing fluency. It supports 100% hard brush calligraphy effect with the 10.5-inch large LCD material made a screen.



Pros Cons
  • This is perfect writing tablet that is pretty great for carrying it at school.
  • There is no paper waste to note some instant thing.
  • It doesn’t hurt your eyes.
  • It is super easy to use and much easy to erase with just a single press of a button.
  • It is excellent to note to-do-list as well.
  • It is quite thick.
  • The writing showing isn’t that brighter.




Most everyone loves to have a handy scanner that quickly scans their document, and after testing the document scanner we come up with is wireless scanner mouse. For that, we have tested two different smart scanner mouse, and we think the DTOI wireless scanner mouse is the best portable wireless scanner mouse.

However, this is little expensive but this set of wireless scanner mouse and scan pad it can scan magazines, newspaper, and textbooks and make them editable at the same time so that you can edit a document with the help of MS Word. To scan materials, all you need is to swipe, and you can scan the documents.

It supports 199 OCR language support that can also scan table spreadsheet and instant and direct editing in every separate cell in Excel. With the utilization of Google Translate in software, it enables you to translate instantly. With the internal and external requirement, it lets you share your documents over Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Flickr as well. It also supports A4 scan pad optimized scan quality.


Pros Cons
  • This smart mouse scan supports Mac OS and Windows as well.
  • It helps to scan receipts, photos, document, and a scrap piece of paper.
  • It supports many different languages for about 199.
  • It even supports Google Translate for instant translate.
  • It is very costly.
  • It is bulky as well.




Students who love to keep their essential study notes safe and secured with some unique book that holds and keeps everything safe and secure from others while having no worries about it. Then this lockbook with Fingerprint protected is for you.

But for those who can spend more, then this privacy protective notebook is excellent that comes with fingerprint technology that locks the book well and keeps everything safe inside. This lockbook is all made from environmentally and social, friendly SVEPA TPU leather material that makes it more protective and also adds excellent look.

The material also offers waterproof, high-scratch resistant and even easy to clean. The four card slots and two multifunctional elastic holders for storing some essential stuff. And one single notepad pocket along with the elastic pen loop. The lockbook papers are made from 80gsm wood-free printing papers.



Pros Cons
  • It is great for travel, office, and household.
  • It keeps all your notes private inside.
  • This can open with only your fingerprint.
  • It is available in two different colors.
  • It is accessories for all your requirements.
  • The lockbook is a little bit heavy.
  • The material can get scratched.




Having our charging station is an excellent choice for any student who is gadget freak or love to keep their selves surrounded by gadgets. But having more than one device always needs a charging station that helps them to charge multiple devices at the same time. For that, 100 Percent Charing Station is the best option for them.

The 100 100 Percent Charing Station is a surprisingly inexpensive charging station for you. This compact, sleek, elegant, and modern design makes it stunning charging station for those who have more than just one device. This on-the-go charging charges multiple devices quickly. It comes with four USB ports and two AC outlets for rapid charge.

It comes with a removable power pack that also offers blue LED light accents. And the detachable and pocket-sized battery lets you easily carry it anywhere. It packed with 3000mAh lithium-ion that offers 5A/3A Input/Output.


Pros Cons
  • This is an excellent charging station for all those students who are gadget lovers.
  • This portable charger looks absolutely stunning on the desk and even or office desk.
  • It lets you charge more than just one device at the same time.
  • You can also use it as a wall outlet as well.
  • The brand offers only 12 months of the warranty period.
  • There are no other options in color.




Students always worried about their stuff that to forget anywhere or to get theft but with the tracker or stuff finder you can always keep track on your stuff. The compact and sleek look of the stuff finder makes your stuff look very great. While having Tile Sports stuff finder, you can always keep your stuff tracking.

The Tile Sport has one of the best range by far along with the loudest alarm and the most extensive crowd finding a network for the finding your stuff. The best Bluetooth range, lets you find stuff and can ring your things with all ease. In under 200 feets of the range, it keeps tracking your stuff. With the 4.0 Bluetooth technology, it lets you alternatively find your smartphone.

The Tile sports tracker is the loudest and quickest to hear and while the tracker is out of the range of Bluetooth its crowd-finding feature enables to find you locate your stuff. Even if it is expensive, it looks and can attach to anything quickly.


Pros Cons
  • It supports both the Operating system.
  • It can find your stuff very quickly.
  • Alternatively, you can see your phone with the Tile Key finder.
  • It is very compact and sleek.
  • At this price, you can get only one tile key finder.
  • Tile app often requires an update.


Hydration is one of the essential factors for students to keep their selves hydrated with minerals and water so they can stay energetic all day long. But to always remember it little hard because of the busy life of the students. However, you can make it much easy for you to Ozmo Hydration Tracker.

This smart bottle develops healthy water and personalizes your hydration goal which is based on your physical data. To keep yourself always hydrated it comes with a built-in function that lets your remind to hydrate yourself; it vibrates on time to tell you to drink water. It also has the LED lights to show your daily progress towards your goal.

It supports two-way integration with your smartwatch as well just like Apple, Fitbit, and Health and Garmin like a smartwatch. While knowing your daily activity, it adjusts the goal automatically. It also supports tracking eater consumption. It can sync with your smartphone through the Bluetooth and even comes with food grade and BPA-free material.


Pros Cons
  • This is a nice bottle that lets you timely reminders to drink water on time.
  • It supports its built-in water tracking app.
  • The app supports iOS and Android both.
  • It keeps track and keeps you motivated.
  • It doesn’t keep water cold.
  • The capacity of the water that it carries is quite small.



If you don’t like the idea of taking notes with a writing tablet, and just you don’t want any writing tools that store a bunch of space in your bag and make your bag bulky with its weight then this smart pen we have tested and described here for you.

With this smartpen from Livescribe Echo, you can record a word that you write or hear so even if you don’t write anything and just listen this pen will record everything about it without missing a single word. With this smartpen, you can replay meetings or lectures by tapping on notes that you have recorded with this pen.

You can store your recorded notes and audio recordings on PC or even in Laptop. And don’t worry about the Operating System because it supports both the widely used and widely popular OS those are MAC and Windows.



Pros Cons
  • It gives a spoiler alert.
  • It is great record meeting minutes.
  • With it, you can go back to point in the recording for the clarity.
  • The software that it supports is intuitive and very easy to use.
  • It offers Ink wiggles-annoying sound.
  • The cap also gets stuck and quite hard to remove it.


Are you a student and have loved our pick? Which one are they your favorite? Tell us about it and leave your valuable comment on it.


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