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The users of Google Home has a lot of love for their smart home assistant. Why not? There are tons of functions to love the Google Home. The hardest part of it is to about owning one is having the placement just exact, so your smart home assistant hears you from the most places.

For many Google Home users, the ideal placement is the primary factor, why it shouldn’t? If you have figured out the best place for your Google Home like a wall which is the best place to keep it safe and from that area, it can hear your voice well. This is the reason that we have come across a best Google Home wall mount from the HumanCentric on Amazon.

The HumanCentric lets you mount your Google Home on the wall with a minimal footprint and offers a sense of the security that your smart home assistant stays safe and secure. The Google Home mount itself is very simple and shaped ideally fit above the speaker and the bottom of it with a cutout toward the rear to allow the power cable come through. Once it is mounted with a screw, you will never notice that the wall mount is there. Let us describe this product in detail below.

Best Wall Mount for Google Home by HumanCentric

This is a best Google Home wall mount, which is designed to offers custom bracket for the Google Home so that you can mount your device on the wall easily. It declutters the home and keeps the Google Home safe. It has the unique design that complements the shape of Google Home.

The design is precise so that you have easy access to the power button, cables, and output jacks. The package adds the drywall screws and anchors for easy and quick installation. And if you want to make installation hassle-free, the illustrative manual is also packed with this product.

HumanCentric Google Home Mount


  • Custom bracket for secure mount of Google Home.
  • Declutter home and keep Google Home Safe.
  • Unique design to complement the shape of Google Home.
  • Easy access to the power button, cables, and output jacks.
  • Includes drywall screws and anchors.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • The illustrative manual makes installation hassle-free.


  • The design of it is particular for the Google Home only.
  • Keeps the Google Home safe and secure.
  • The screws make the installation easy.
  • The brand supports satisfaction guarantee.
  • The black color doesn’t match the construction of the Google Home.



This is not a product for most of the uses, but if you had hassle of keeping your Google Home safe from the harms or have any issue to getting it into the right spot for excellent listening, then you might wish to consider this wall mount to stick it on the wall and use it for your Google Home.

However, this product is available at standard manufacturing speed that means it is available in Prime feature so you can get it within a week. Thus, if you are planning to save a couple of dollars using extending manufacturing, then you won’t have that facility on this product.


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