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There is no need to be a Google Pixel fan to admit that the Google Pixel 2 is one of the most and best-looking smartphones ever made and. Honestly, we can completely understand the people who don’t want to put any case on their phone, to enjoy the beauty of it. If you are one of those, then have you ever imagine what if you drop you’re it? Well, it will be the big disaster that you won’t love to see your phone get harmed by any of those impacts.

Fortunately, there is best option and solution to this, and we shouldn’t forget the clear case. The clear cases don’t only just protect your phone from possible impacts or damages but they also great at maintaining the original look of it too. So based on your needs, we have round up some of the cases, and we have spent our quality time to suggest you the best clear cases for Google Pixel 2.

We have tested most of the clear cases and because we know that most of the people want a clear case that is slim, plainly, reliably protective and even inexpensive. And we have checked most of the cases, and among them, we have found below ten best clear cases that have passed through all of these tests reliably. Deep dive into the list of best clear cases for Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel 2


The first clear case that we are recommending is from Ringke that has already known for its quality product. But as we believe in providing the best to our readers we tested the case first and then listed here in this list of the clear case for Google Pixel 2.

This case is dual layer case in which the back panel of this case is made from hard PC material while the bumper frame of this case is made from TPU material that offers easy grip and high-quality clarity on the case to show off the original beauty of the phone. Besides that, the case has the laser-precise clean bumper for the added protection.

The coating of in this clear case is two times much stronger so that you can protect your phone from drops and bumps. Don’t worry about the bulk the case adds minimal bulk to the phone. The best part about it the case has also been through the Military Grade Drop Protection test. The dual active coverage and air-cushions protection is a piece of cake in this case function.

Ringke Google Pixel 2 Phone Clear Case


  • Dual layer clear case
  • Hard PC material made panel
  • Soft premium TPU made a bumper frame.
  • Easy grip along with highest quality clarity.
  • Laser precise, clean bumper.
  • Crystal clear protection.
  • Two times tough coating.
  • Dual active coverage and air-cushions protection.
  • MIL-STD 810G-516.6 drop protection.


  • The case is ideal, and snug fit the phone.
  • The slim and sleekness of the case maintain the thin profile of the phone.
  • The case offers easy to grip with its anti-slip sides.
  • The exclusive design provides more natural responsive feel while accessing the buttons.
  • This case doesn’t contain that much-raised bezel to keep the screen scratch resistant.
  • Often need to clean the case.




If the Ringke is offering one of the best clear cases then how can the brand like a spigen step back when it is the clear case for the high-end smartphone like Google Pixel 2? The brand offers clear case that precisely made the Google Pixel 2 phone. As there so many lovers of this brand product we have tested it well, and here the brand takes its stand.

The case maintains the construction of flexible TPU material so that you can have the clear case with the flexibility to apply it to your phone. The material offers shock-absorbent protection while keeping the phone bulk-free and maintaining the beauty of the phone with crystal clear clarity.

When it is about presenting best product of them the brand always keeps the necessary things in the mind like easy and quick access to the ports and functions of the phone. But the case is even compatible of to the Active Edge function that means you can enjoy hassle-free squeeze function of your phone.

The dotted patterned interior of the phone is one of the essential parts of this case. The reason is, it keeps phone watermark-free and also keeps the color of the phone as it is.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Google Pixel 2 Case


  • Flexible TPU material construction.
  • Shock-absorbent and easy installation.
  • Light in weight and crystal clear clarity.
  • Quick access to ports with Active Edge compatibility.
  • Dotted pattern interior to keep the phone watermark-free.


  • This crystal clear case can also compatible to carry essentials in it.
  • It keeps the phone smudge free.
  • With the form-fitted thickness, it also offers excellent grip.
  • The tactile buttons provide an easy press of the buttons.
  • Miss of the low-profile bezel edges of its predecessor.
  • After some time of use, the case gets yellow.



As there is quite a few best clear case available in the market right now, we have come across the Clarium series case from the well- known brand Trianium. The series name speaks all about the case of course. The brand maintains the Clarium series is all about offering the clear case for the smart devices.

And for Google Pixel 2 the brand does the same as well. While the brand offers clear case it doesn’t mean that the case is the standard case with some essential function. Nope!!! The brand provides a dual layer clear case that is made of TPU and durable PC material.

The case contains rigid PC Back for the absolute protection of the phone back and the TPU which is shock absorbent that used to build the flexible but protective frame around the case that also offers a comfortable grip at the time of holding the phone. Even it is dual layer case it doesn’t add that much bulk to the phone at all.

The case improves the original design and color with the stunning clarity. And the raised bezel keeps the phone protective from all around. Moreover, you can have a lifetime warranty on the brand as well.

Trianium Clear Case for Google Pixel 2


  • Use of TPU and rigid PC material.
  • TPU offers shock-absorbing protection.
  • Rigid PC back provides scratch resistant and scrapes resistant protection.
  • Slim profile adds minimal bulk.
  • Comfortable grip while held in the palm.
  • Improves original design and color.
  • Raised bezel keeps and scree and camera protected.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The case is made of the great material.
  • It can protect the phone very well.
  • The case is simple yet very sturdy.
  • The transparency of the case is great to maintain the color of the phone.
  • The case fits the phone snugly.
  • The makes pressing the buttons hard.
  • The squeeze function of the phone is difficult to access with this case.



Well, when we are talking about the clear cases then most of the reputed brand is at the top of the list because all of them already come with their product before the actual device is released and this is what makes them reputed and well-known brand. While they come up with the product, their priority is always to provide the top quality product and this what we found in this clear case as well.

LK is offering Jelly series clear case precisely for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. If you are looking for the clear case that looks just like a part of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone, then this clear case may become your choice.

The case is entirely made from flexible TPU material which is also shock-absorbent and keeps the case ultra-thin as well. With the shock resistant, shatterproof and scratch resistant protection the case protects the phone from a maximum of the impacts.

The case is also sleek, light and flexible that offers precise cuts and tactile buttons those unique design to have the natural, responsive feel. With the anti-slip design, you can have extra grip on your phone’s skin.

LK Scratch Resistant Clear Case for Pixel 2


  • Shock-absorbent TPU construction.
  • Ultra-thin case but offers maximum protection.
  • Shock resistant, shatterproof and scratch resistant.
  • Sleek, lightweight, smooth and flexible.
  • Specially design tactile buttons for natural, responsive feel.
  • Anti-slip design for extra grip.


  • It is compatible with an active edge.
  • The case is a great fit, nice and smooth too.
  • It lines up ideally with the fingerprint sensor.
  • It keeps the phone quite slim.
  • It offers a basic level of the protection, so it is not for heavy-duty users.
  • The material attracts the fingerprints smudges.



Many of the users love to keep their smartphone bulk-free and look for the lightweight cases that fulfill their needs. If you are one of those who is looking for the same option, then this clear case From ProCase may become your choice. However, like other, the case doesn’t offer that much protection so this clear case can be the best option for those don’t have butter fingers.

The flexible TPU material which maintains gel-like texture that used to build this clear case. However, the case comes with a scratch-resistant coating that offers double protection from minor bumps, drops, and scratches.

The safeguards your smartphone’s screen and rear camera and make the sides of the case anti-slip while keeping it pocket-friendly. You can have complete access to the headphone jack, charging port, buttons, rear camera and other functions of the phone with ease.

ProCase Protective Clear Case for Google Pixel 2


  • Flexible TPU material made the case.
  • Scratch resistant coating.
  • Dual protection against minor bumps and drops, and scratches.
  • Raised lips on both the front and back.
  • Sides are anti-slip because of TPU material.
  • Full access to all the functions.


  • This case slim and stylish.
  • The case is anti-shock.
  • The case maintains light-weight design.
  • It offers precise cuts to access to all the functions.
  • There are no other color options.
  • The case easily accesses the fingerprint on the back of the case.



The AnoKe is another great clear case for the Google Pixel 2 phone. Like most of the clear cases that features the necessary functions this case from AnoKe also offers a clear case that provides one of the clear cases for Pixel 2 phone.

This clear case is a combination of two different materials TPU and PC. The TPU material used to construct the bumper frame and the back of the case is made from PC material. The clear but protective case gives excellent body protection from scratches and other impacts as well while adding minimal bulk.

With the reliable protection from the colorful bumper frame, it also adds a stylish look to the phone sides. The case offers precise cuts for the charging ports, camera, speakers, and buttons as well. While having the all the necessary construction, the brand offers 30 days warranty or replacement or refund period.

AnoKe Slim Clear Case for Google Pixel 2


  • TPU bumper frame sand PC back construction.
  • Protection from scratch and impact.
  • Enjoy the original beauty of the phone.
  • The colorful bumper can provide a stylish look.
  • Previously cuts for charging ports, speakers, camera, and buttons.
  • 30 days warranty/ replacement/ refund.


  • This case is very light in weight.
  • It is effortless to insert and remove.
  • This case is an inexpensive protective barrier.
  • It comes at a little cost.
  • There are four different design and colors available.
  • It is not the screen protector friendly case.
  • The edges of the case don’t stick well to the edges phone.



You have already been through the product from the same brand, Ringke but as we have tested another product from the same brand, it offers another excellent clear case for Pixel 2. The case is made from shock absorbent TPU material that makes the case form fitted construction.

The flexible TPU is protective against the drop and falls. Besides the listed one above this case is having some attractive look on the back of the case. The case contains the modern diagonal and strategically ridge design.

The slimming texture of it improves the look and showcases the original beauty of the phone. With the precise cuts and raise front and camera bezel you can always leave your worries behind about the protection of your smartphone’s screen and rear camera of your Google Pixel 2.

Ringke Drop Resistant Clear Case for Google Pixel 2


  • Shock-absorbent TPU made the case.
  • Form fitted and lightweight case.
  • Drop resistant protective design.
  • Modern diagonal and strategically ridge design.
  • Slimming texture enhances and showcases the original beauty.
  • Precision raised front and camera bezel.


  • Your device will always stay in a slim chamfered profile.
  • The precise cutouts and port openings offer fast and full access.
  • The tactile button provides excellent responsive access.
  • It improves the display screen while touching the flat surfaces.
  • It is as weightless like as air.
  • This case is very slippery.
  • This case even makes palm sweaty.





If the cost doesn’t matter to you and only think of the look of your smartphone, then this option is for you and this is for you. The brand offers best and attractive colored option for you that you can have for Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

With a particular design for the Google Pixel 2, the case contains the sturdy frame with a reinforced corner that is made from the shock absorbent TPU material that disperses the impact from any drops and falls that might happen. And the hard PC back that protects the phone from the scratches and scrapes so that you can have complete protection for your smartphone body.

The crystal clear back maintains the natural elegance of your smartphone’s beauty, and the protective frame offers raised bezel for the additional protection for the screen and the camera that you are always looking for. The lifetime warranty is the icing on the cake as well.

Trianium Reinforced Corner Protective Clear Case for Pixel 2


  • Shock-absorbent TPU frame.
  • Rigid PC back construction.
  • Reinforced corner protective cushion.
  • Scratches and scrapes resistant.
  • Maintains natural elegance.
  • Raised bezel for additional protection.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • It has a very minimalist design.
  • It doesn’t add that much in bulk.
  • It is simple yet versatile for the phone.
  • It is easy to use and looks very great on the phone.
  • The tactile buttons make it hard to press them.
  • The case doesn’t offer that much grip on sides.


If the rest of the options is unavailable or you find them expensive, then the OEAGO clear case from slim series is one of the great alternatives. However, this alternative we have presented you might find it little thin and protective against minor impacts. But the transparent design of it is one of the spectacular options for your Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

This single piece made a case with only material that makes this case very sleek, compact and attractive looking case. The lightweight TPU gel rubber material makes this case flexible to apply it to the phone quickly.

The case has a particular design for Pixel 2, so it maintains the precise openings for the buttons and ports. It protects the phone from the minor knocks, drops, scratches, and scrapes. The exceptionally ultra-thin profile keeps the phone profile weightless and transparent too.

OEAGO Google Pixel 2 Silicone Protective Clear Case


  • Lightweight TPU gel rubber made case.
  • Sleek and lightweight design.
  • Precise openings for ports and buttons.
  • Protection against minor drops, knocks, scrapes, and scratches.
  • Ultra-thin with the exceptionally slim profile.


  • This case is inexpensive and adds minimal bulk.
  • The transparency attracts many eyeballs.
  • It fits the phone well.
  • The openings are mostly correct.
  • The tactile buttons don’t line up all.
  • It doesn’t ultimately support the weight from the front of the phone while placed face down.



This clear case from the DGtle offers the best option for the clear case for your Google Pixel 2 smartphone. Many of the people love to keep their smartphones weight light or as it is but still wants to protect their beauty protected from the impacts. Well, for them this clear case is another choice here.

Like most of the clear case made this case made from the TPU material that keeps the phone’s natural design flowing inside out. The ultra-thin design of this case is excellent at form fit protection while holding the phone lightweight as being the part of the phone.

The TPU material offers impact-resistant construction while keeping the flexibility of the case to fit the phone snugly. It also maintains the case non-slip grip, and with the user-friendly design, you can easily access all the functions of the phone with ease.

  • The case offers complete body protection.
  • It protects the phone from drops and scuffs while including minimal bulk.
  • This case provides completely shock-absorbent.
  • It also works ideally with the squeeze functionally.
  • The case doesn’t fit the phone at all.
  • The buttons are quite hard in the lineup.




Have you picked your choice? Which one these fulfill your needs? Share your thought on it here with us by leaving your valuable comment.


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