best google pixel 2 kickstand cases

One of the huge pluses of a smartphone is users can enjoy some videos and movies on the go with more decent conditions. And if the smartphone is the latest Google Pixel 2 smartphone, things can be much better. This means everything looks and displays amazing on the screen of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

Let’s admit that holding a 5.5 inches phone in an exact position, and you can enjoy your favorite video or movie can be annoying. But with the kickstand case, you can always have the solution to this. And we have to conduct our research and tested some of the kickstands for the Google Pixel 2 and the below-listed products we have found for you which are worth to list here for yours. Let us see what we found for you.

Best Kickstand Cases for Google Pixel 2

Starting this list with the well-known and leading brand Spigen which is offering the precisely made kickstand case for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. This dual-layered case offers dual protection with the form-fitted feature. Hence, that the case can easily keep the phone profile slim profile while protecting it from the drops, falls and scratches too.

With the sleek profile, it adds fascinating and stunning style factor and creates an excellent style statement of your Google Pixel 2 smartphone. Apart from that, the built-in kickstand function offers one of the easy and hands-free comforts of viewing. The best part is the kickstand is reinforced and even to keep the overall look of the case as it is, the stand is color-matched as well.

The pocket-friendly with the smooth touch design it can easily slip in or out of the pocket. To easily access the ports the necessary function that the case should offer is precise cuts and openings. And with this case leaving all those worries, the precise design for the Google Pixel 2 it has built-in quick accessibility function that also supports the Active Edge compatibility.



Pros Cons
  • With the handy and angular grip, you can hold it in hand with ease.
  • The durable and slim profile to keep the phone profile sleek.
  • It is available in two colors options.
  • Hard PC and TPU make this case protective.
  • . It is very costly.
  • Not sturdy protection.



With the affordable price and outstanding protectiveness, this kickstand cases is just precisely made for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. The best and essential element of it is protection which is important for any high-end smartphone. The case offers three layers of extra protection from any damages, harms, or any impacts that might impact the body of the phone.

In this kickstand case, the exterior is constructed from hard and sturdy PC material, and the interior is all the part of the soft and flexible TPU material. The inner soft and flexible material offers easy installation and removal of it as well. Another layer holster belt clip, the belt clip can rotate up to 180-degrees.

All the four corners are double thickened with the extra TPU layer. The built-in kickstand function offers multiple angles of viewing with the adjustable angle that you can adjust as per your desire. The anti-slip property, in this case, makes it worth to work well. While the steady clamp can clamp on any bag and pockets. And last but the important functions are precise cuts.


Pros Cons
  • The shock-absorbent armor kickstand great for sturdy protection.
  • The snug fit also keeps the phone as it was.
  • Great pick for those who love color pop.
  • The three-layer design provides great look and protection as well.
  • Feels little bit heavy.
  • The heavy-duty design is not good for a pocket.



While talking about the top quality kickstand cases for the Google Pixel 2 we come across one of the well-known brands in the smart device industry. The kickstand case from one of the loved brand among the smartphone accessories users. The brand Moko offers many smartphone cases and all of them are well-built and protective and this one is no different from them.

With the full body protection, this kickstand case is perfect for the heavy duty users because it is a dual-layered kickstand. It is constructed with the hard plastic like PC and soft silicone material. The interior is made of the soft silicone material and the exterior is PC hard plastic made with the kickstand ability. There is also the swivel belt clip holster which is for the easy carry of the phone.

And the design that is precisely made for the Google Pixel 2 there won’t be any hassle of accessing the ports and function of the phone. In any case, if you feel the product is not worth having or need a replacement, then you can leverage their lifetime warranty card which is even backed by the excellent customer service.



Pros Cons
  • There are two different color options.
  • It comes with an enhanced structure for improved protection level.
  • It protects from bumps, shocks, and scratches.
  • The hands-free kickstand for hassle-free operation.
  • No other color options.
  • It is little bulky.



Unlike other kickstand cases for the Google Pixel 2, this kickstand case option from the Elegant Choise offers contains tons of color options. But the one thing that we have noticed while the time of testing is this kickstand case has to lack the raised bevel that can provide screen protection. But if we look to its other functions, it does its job very well.

The case maintains two layers of protection in which inner layer is made from TPU which offers protection against shocks and drops. Where in the exterior is made from the PC like hard plastic that protects the phone from drops and bumps? With the protective hard shell, the inner layer is equipped with reinforced bumper with the soft TPU material.

The flexible and gel-like TPU is great for keeping the phone scratch-free while making the installation easy. The holster belt-clip is great for holding the phone without carrying it in hand and the belt-clip can rotate up to 180-degrees as well. The sides and the back of this case is design in such way to offers the best anti-slip function.


Pros Cons
  • The sturdy and durable material offers excellent protection.
  • It is made especially for Google Pixel 2 only.
  • The anti-slip design makes the easy carrying of the phone.
  • Complete protection to the phone.
  • It is little big then the phone.
  • It is a little bit bulky too.



Like most of the other kickstand case listed here for the Google Pixel 2 phone, this case is no difference because of the dual-layer protection that is great for the heavy duty users. But if we take about the protection of the screen then well this case comes with the extra layer to provide screen protection as well.

With the extra layer of the holster belt, clip this kickstand also offers protective layer for the screen of your smartphone. So at the protection level it is excellent at it to offer 360-degrees protection to the smartphone. The hard shell of this case is made from the hard skid plastic material which is great at making the case sturdy and durable.

The dual layer protection make it protective against the shocks and any other impacts. While the swivel belt clip can hold the phone on waist belt very well and can rotate up to 180-degrees. The corners inside the case are well equipped to keep the phone as it is from any shocks. And last the necessary function that most of the quality case offers is anti-slip properties fore worry-free carry.


Pros Cons
  • Great for those who want to provide complete protection.
  • This case offers three layers of protection.
  • The built-in kickstand provides the comfort of your hands.
  • It is available in five different colors too.
  • It includes little bulk to the phone.
  • It is also little big then the phone.





If you are the person who loves to try the kickstand for your Google Pixel 2 that is presented by the renowned brand then this kickstand from LK is another option for you that we have here. This is another excellent option for the kickstand case for the Google Pixel 2.

As this case is already tested the kickstand case we can say that not only at the kickstand function the case even equipped with the enhanced protection level. However, you have to compromise with the color options because it is available in a single color that is pure Black.

The dual layer kickstand case is a construction of the impact-resistant PC and mixed silicone. It safeguards the phone from drops, falls, scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. The case maintains user-friendly design. It is equipped with easy and quick access to all the ports and the tactile buttons the case even protects the buttons of the phone.



Pros Cons
  • The attractive design for the best look.
  • The sturdy case makes it protective.
  • Three layers for 360-degrees protection.
  • It covers each edge to secure the screen as well.
  • No other color options.
  • It is bulky as well as pricey.



While we have tested the kickstand cases for the Google Pixel 2 and listed here most of from the renowned brand but when we have a reach and test this case by SUNGUY we have found all the essential function that anybody looks in a kickstand case. Even more, after the testing of it sit has passed all those essential tests and took its place in this list of Pixel 2 kickstand cases.

It is another dual layer kickstand case that offers an extra level of protection. The case is made from the flexible and soft TPU material and impact resistant skid plastic material. The TPU inner layer makes this case easy to install and prevents scratches and scrapes. The skid plastic prevents the impacts from the drops and falls as well.

The swivel belt clip rotates up to 180-degrees, and the hybrid design of this case comes with bumper corners which is great to protect the phone from the drops and falls as well. Those are also great to disperse the impact equally.


Pros Cons
  • If you are looking for the complete protection of your phone, then this pick is great.
  • This case offers three in one layer protection.
  • The case contains built-in kickstand, and even swivel belt clip also provides the same function.
  • It is available in four different colors and design too.
  • This case is bulky that adds bulk to the phone.
  • The red colored case doesn’t look like it is shown in the image.




The Dretal is another renowned brand that is taking place on this list. It is well-known for its top-quality material in the market and industry of the smartphone accessories especially. If you are a person who loves to have an excellent protective function with having the hands-free comfort for the better viewing Dretal has a great solution for you.

This dual layer protective kickstand case is made from the environment-friendly Plastic and soft and flexible TPU rubber material. Just like the name of the material the environment-friendly Plastic protects all the impacts and the inner layer keeps the phone color and original beauty as it is.

This kickstand case is equipped with the functionality of anti-scratch, anti-stretch and shock resistant protection. Hence you have that case that keeps the phone shockproof, slim, stylish and lightweight as well. With this case, you can have a hands-free viewing with the embedded kickstand. It has a practical design that makes it easy to install and remove too.


Pros Cons
  • You can have two color combination options.
  • It provides the military grade protection.
  • The design on the back offers the anti-slip design.
  • It fits ideally to the Google Pixel 2.
  • The case adds bulk to the phone.
  • The tactile buttons are little hard to have the comfort of a press.



If our any of the other picks go out of stock, Ouba Armor Hybrid Defender Kickstand case is a good backup. It looks very different from any other cases in this list but it works the same. And this case is identical to our top pick in appearance while having some small shortcomings in fit and color compared to the few other of our pick.

It is similar to few other the case offers dual layer protection of the Hard PC and soft TPU that comes with built-in kickstand function. This case can offer you the best protection as well. The inner layer of TPU keeps the phone beauty as same as before.

The Hard PC material exterior shields the phone well and the case also offers single card slot. Overall, with the kickstand case, the case is too shock-absorbing, anti-scratch, shockproof and anti-fingerprint.



Pros Cons
  • It is active edge function compatible.
  • With kickstand case also works as wallet case as well.
  • It looks absolutely well on Google Pixel 2.
  • It also doesn’t add that much bulk to the phone.
  • It is slightly big than the phone.
  • Not that much color options.



If you want something that comes at an affordable price, Tekcoo owns shock Defender Heavy Duty Kickstand case that looks and feels fantastic thanks to the sturdy build and design offers a premium feel and enhanced protection.

This three-layer case offers TPU and PC dual layer that comes with swivel belt holster case that offers easy carry on the waist belt. The holster belt clip offers 180-degrees rotation and the double thickened TPU layered corners prevent impact of the drops and falls.

The hands-free kickstand case offers the exceptional comfort of the hands and case also protects the phone screen too. You can find this case in three different color that is Black, leaf camo, and relic camo as well.


Pros Cons
  • It is shock-absorbent armor hybrid kickstand that offers excellent protection to the phone.
  • It snugly fits the phone and won’t hurt the original beauty of the phone.
  • It is great if you are sports lover as well.
  • It features the three-layer design that provides a great look as well.
  • This case feels little bulky in hand
  • This case is not pocket-friendly as well it is quite difficult to slip into the pocket.



Which pick is your favorite one? Share your thoughts on it and tell us about it that how does it go with your Google Pixel 2. We are waiting for your valuable comments.


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