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Have you ever been through those moments that you just hate the most like you are going out, and you end up with your pockets as they are stuffed with tons of things like wallet, smartphone, keys, and other bulky things? Well if you do, then you might end up with the worst things like having a bulky wallet and big smartphone like Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

For those who hate those moments and if you want to get rid of that, we have run a research for the wallet cases for Google Pixel 2 smartphone and over 15 of the cases we have founded and tested about the 15 wallet cases for Pixel 2. From all the test there are a few of the best wallet cases that we think are excellent for the phone. Here you go with the list.

Best Wallet Cases for Google Pixel 2


With the brand like J&D, we have started our first test to find the best wallet case for the users like you. Hence, you have the right option for your Pixel 2 smartphone. As the brand is well reputed and offers the best protection as well as, at the primary function, the brand proves that it won’t gone let the user compromise with their wallet essential carries.

The case carries synthetic PU leather and TPU material construction in which the outer shell is made from PU leather, and inner shell is TPU material construction. The best factor in this wallet case is that has built-in RFID blocking mechanism that offers the best protection from the radio frequency identification and stops hacker to hack your card details.

The snap-on design of the case offers easy installation, and it also has built-in kickstand function. There are three card slots and single cash sleeve and also has a magnetic clip to keep those essential safe. The precise cuts and openings let you access those things with all ease while protecting your phone from the drops and other damages. The wrist strap offers comfortable carry of the phone.

JD Slim Fit Wallet Case for Google Pixel 2


  • Built-in RFID blocking technique.
  • Synthetic PU leather and TPU material construction.
  • Snap-on design.
  • Built-in kickstand function.
  • Three card slots and the single cash sleeve.
  • Magnetic clip and wrist strap.
  • Precise cut and openings.
  • Drop protection.


  • There are four different color options.
  • It is very spacious to store tons of wallet essentials.
  • The magnetic clip closure keeps everything safe inside.
  • It also protects the screen of the phone.
  • The leather exterior overhangs the inner plastic layer.
  • The buttons are little hard to access.



With another reputed brand that is well-known as one of the leading brand right now in the industry to provide the excellent accessories for the smart devices. Even though the big name the brand has, we have tested the case entirely and leaving few of the minor things the case is excellent at the primary function offering. At the price of the $9.99 the brand offer excellent wallet case for Google pixel 2.

The wallet case holds exterior of premium composition leather exterior and the interior is all built with the soft and flexible TPU material that contains the phone well. With the two built-in card slots and one bill compartment, you can have quite an ample space for your wallet essentials. And even more, you have a hands-free view of your phone screen too built-in kickstand with multiple viewing angles adjustment.

Besides that, only for the ladies, there is also one mirror slot that can be a good option for those ladies who love wearing makeup. The stylish design and exquisite craftsmanship add an incredible option for the style factor to their phone’s beauty. The case also packed with hand wrist strap hence you have an easy carry of your phone.

ProCase Google Pixel 2 Wallet Case


  • Premium composition leather exterior.
  • Soft and flexible TPU inner layer.
  • Built-in card slots and one bill compartment.
  • Built-in kickstand and multiple viewing angles.
  • Mirror function available.
  • Stylish design and exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Hand wristlet strap.


  • It is available in four different colors.
  • It offers a comfortable and fashionable lifestyle.
  • With this case, there is no need for worrying about dirt, scratch, and bumps.
  • The magnetic clip closure adds little style factor.
  • It looks little big than we think.
  • It adds little bulk to the phone.





Major of the smartphone users prefer little expensive wallet case for their smartphone. If you don’t care about budget and simply the primary functions of the case are just what matters to you a lot, then Maxboost is an option for them as well. With a completely attractive look, the brand offers wallet case simply an eye-catchy design.

The wallet case is crafted with the PU leather at the outer layer, and the inner layer is all constructs with the TPU material. The case is ideal for on-the-go use with your smartphone. And the way it holds the phone very well. The wallet case offers three card slots, and one money slot for easy wallet carry along with your smartphone.

The wallet case offers magnetic flap for the sophisticated look as well as keeping everything safe inside the case. It also provides the convenient hands-free design with its built-in kickstand function. And talking about the precise cutouts and openings also offers easy access to the ports and features of your smartphone.

Maxboost Folio Style Google Pixel 2 Wallet Case


  • Quality crafted PU leather and TPU material case.
  • Ideal for on-the-go use.
  • Three card slots and one money slot.
  • Magnetic flap for a sophisticated look.
  • Convenient hands-free design.
  • Precise cutouts for secure access function of the phone.


  • It is very spacious that lets you carry more than just one essential card and some money too.
  • It is the perfect match for the Google Pixel 2.
  • This case is nicely stitched equally.
  • It also offers easy access to the fingerprint scanner.
  • You won’t find any color options.
  • It adds little bulk to the phone at the same time while carrying the wallet essentials.




If you are one of that user who is looking for the wallet case that won’t cover the screen of your smartphone. The brand Ouba offers excellent wallet case that offers sleeking looking wallet case that provides shock-absorbent armor hybrid defender protection. Not just the wallet case this case is the combination of the three different qualities and comes at an affordable price $7.99.

This case is a combination of two different materials those are hard PC and soft TPU material. Both the material is not only built with a single primary wallet function, but it also offers protective layer function so that your smartphone stay protected from drops and scratches. The wallet case also offers hidden card slot that can store one essential card.

The wallet case also offers built-in kickstand feature that you lets you enjoy your favorite movies hands-free viewing and watching as well. The case is also shock-absorbent and shockproof that also keeps your phone scratch free and free from the fingerprint. Moreover, the impact resistant raised lip around the edges guards the screen and rear camera too.

Ouba Google Pixel 2 Case with a card slot


  • Combination of hard PC and soft TPU.
  • Drops and scratches protection.
  • Hidden card slot with kickstand function.
  • Shock-absorbing and shockproof.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint too.
  • Raised and impact lip to guard the screen.


  • It is compatible with active edge function.
  • The kickstand offers excellent hands-comfort.
  • It is available in three different colors.
  • All the colors are beautiful.
  • It is little flimsy.
  • There is only one card storage space.




Ladies don’t worry about this list we even have one of the best picks for your Google Pixel 2 smartphone. While searching for the best wallet cases, we came across to this wallet case, and we found this wallet case from the brand, NageBee. This brand comes up with eye-catchy blossom design in the case that is tailored with stitches on the edges. It costs just at $9.98.

The case with the construction of the premium PU leather and the TPU material. In which the premium PU leather offers the best blossom look for your smartphone. While the inner layer of the TPU case that holds the phone tightly well. It can hold two essential cards like credit/debit, business card, ID card or any other along with some money.

The easy and secure snap lock with magnetic function keeps everything safe inside. The case is also great for keeping the phone slim and form fitted construction feels like excellent fit too. With the built-in kickstand case also offers excellent hands-free viewing and watching as well. It also offers precise cutouts and openings for the ports of the phone.

  • The brand offers seven days money back guarantee and 30-days warranty.
  • This case is available in six different colors and design.
  • It gives professionalism to the phone.
  • It fits in the side pocket very well.
  • After sometime color and design of the case starts fading.
  • Access to the fingerprint scanner is little problematic.



If you are looking for the case that adds a pop of the color to the case, we have tested one case also offers a pop of the color with its wallet case. With all the necessary wallet case functionality the brand Arae offers a case that you can make one of the best companions of your smartphone like Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

With the combination of the PU leather and TPU material that used to build the wallet case for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. The PU leather offers the best feel at the outer layer of the case while the TPU material protects the phone from the scratches and scrapes. This slim folio wallet case adds minimal bulk to the phone like Google Pixel 2.

There are three card slots to store cards like credit/debit card, ID card, business card and any other card. While in the bill compartment you can store some cash. With the 360-degree of complete overage, it offers complete protection. It has built-in kickstand function it offers hands-free protection, and precise cutouts offers easy access to all the ports and functions.

Arae PU Leather Wallet Case for Google Pixel 2


  • Combination of PU leather and TPU material.
  • Slim folio wallet case.
  • Minimizes the bulk.
  • Three card slots and one cash sleeve.
  • 360-degrees protection.
  • Precise cuts for the ports and functions.
  • Built-in kickstand function.


  • It protects the phone from dust, dirt, and scratches.
  • The magnetic closure on the case keeps the essential safe.
  • The wine red color looks fantastic.
  • With the hands-free view, it lets you enjoy your favorite movies and videos with all ease.
  • This case is bulky.
  • There are no other color options for professionalism lovers.




If you want something that is inexpensive, the brand TAURI owns a Flip Leather case looks and feels fantastic thanks to the name that built this incredible piece for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. Protecting the smartphone with this right case will save the body from the abuses of everyday wear and tear.

This case looks very similar to the Arae case and works the same thanks to a precision-fit TPU plastic shell that is covered in the premium leather material layer. However, the leather material makes the case and the phone noticeably bulky. But talking about the space that it offers to store the cards and cash is quite more.

The magnetic flap that offers a precise look and beyond that, it is excellent for safety so that the stuff remains safe and secure inside the case. This case also has built-in stand feature with that you can prop the phone into positions suitable for your movie watching. And the ports are big enough to accommodate for easy access.

  • This is very nicely built wallet case.
  • It is perfect for the on-the-go trips.
  • The black color adds professionalism to your phone.
  • It is very spacious as well.
  • It is a little bit bulky.
  • The tactile buttons are little hard to press.



There aren’t yet many remarkable cases for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone, and even that fewer are from some of the established brand names. The best option for vintage, retro, stylish but expensive DAVIS CASE. What we are recommending is one of a case that is three times more expensive than TAURI’s wallet case. But we think it’s one of the best cases for latest Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

Thanks to the genuine leather that provides this case vintage leather look with a pop of some retro look equally. The combination of vintage look and style, proper coverage around all the Google Pixel 2 smartphone’s body and more premium-feeling materials. Three card slots and one slot to keep the photo inside of your loved one.

With the sleeve underneath the slots of the cards that helpful for the cash storage. The DAVIS CASE adds magnetic closure, which is the nice benefit to keep your essentials secure and protects the phone from scratches, dirt, daily, wears and tear too.

DAVIS Magnetic Wallet Case for Google Pixel 2


  • Handmade genuine leather case.
  • Protection along with style.
  • Three card slots and one photo slots.
  • One cash sleeves.
  • Protects from scratches, dirt, and daily.
  • Even protects against wear and tear.


  • It adds some innovative style factor.
  • It also offers vintage style factor.
  • It also provides precise cutouts.
  • It fits the phone precisely.
  • There are no color options.
  • It was also really bulky.



Spigen is the king of the smartphone accessories in the industry now presenting the precisely made wallet case for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. This flip wallet case is constructed with the form-fit-function so that it can hold your phone safely as well as it can protect the phone from like dust, dirt and many other damages.

The case construction is dual layer wallet case that is made from the PC and the TPU material. In which the PC plastic is used to construct the outer layer, and the TPU use to build the inner layer of the cases. This different looking wallet case holds two essential card like credit/debit, business card, ID card or other cards. However, there is no space for the money.

The case offers Air Cushion technology to protect from the drops, falls and another impact equally. The minimal design to keep the sleekness of the phone as it was before is excellent that also offers slimmer design to the phone. The exterior also provides grippy, soft and smooth feel on the skin of the case.

Spigen Wallet Design Case for Pixel 2


  • Dual layer wallet case.
  • PC and TPU combined case.
  • Air Cushion technology.
  • Minimal design for slimmer design.
  • Sleek appearance.
  • Exterior holds two card slots.


  • It is very different wallet case.
  • It looks like a heavy duty case.
  • It offers drop protection.
  • The slim profile also provides form fitted profile.
  • It is slim profile, but it carries too much weight.
  • There are no color options at all.



As fewer of established brand offers a precisely made a case for the Google Pixel 2 that and the Ferlinso is one of that established one. Even though the brand is established we think that the brand offers excellent wallet case for the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. If you are one of those, who love to keep phone’s look eye-catching.

The case is made from retro luxury leather exterior along with the soft and flexible TPU shell. The case offers secure and safe card slots and cash sleeve that holds the money and cards very well. You can carry around three wallet essential cards for you and some cash or receipts or bill to carry along with your smartphone.

With the vulnerable edges for the precise cuts made with the laser technology. It offers technical strength offers protectiveness as well as the durability of the phone like Google Pixel 2 smartphone. The built-in kickstand for a significant position on the screen of the Pixel 2 for a hands-free view. And the wrist wrap is a piece of cake.

Ferlinso Leather Wallet Case for Google Pixel 2


  • Retro luxury leather exterior.
  • Soft, flexible TPU shell.
  • A secure wallet case with three card slots and one cash slot.
  • Vulnerable edges with laser precise.
  • Technical strengthens and durability.
  • Kickstand function.
  • Wrist strap for comfortable carry.


  • It is available in three colors.
  • It offers retro look to the phone.
  • The stitches on the case make this case look great.
  • The magnetic closure provides the great lock.
  • The cuts are not sufficiently precise.
  • It fit the phone tightly that makes installation and removal quite hard.


Any pick for your Google Pixel 2? Which one of these is your pick? Name that product here and experience with it. Share that here with us leaving your comment in the comments section.


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