Best Google Pixel 2 XL Bumper Cases

The Google Pixel 2 XL is finally here while this device resembles the original device Google Pixel XL. There are many modifications both internally and externally, and the cost of this device is around $850 for 64 GB version and $950 for 128 GB version. Hence, to protect it with the case like bumper cases makes a whole lot of sense.

A bumper case can protect this high-end smartphone from the major of the drops, shocks, scratches, and some can even avoid bending or screen breaking. A few of the cases of them include useful functions like extra sturdiness, extra protection while keeping the natural look of the phone, and some other factors as well.

We have gone through many different bumper cases from different brands. After tested over 20 cases we have come up with best Google Pixel 2 XL bumper cases that offer extreme protection from drops and shocks and from other impacts which can harm your high-end smartphone Google Pixel 2 XL.

Best Bumper Cases for Google Pixel 2 XL

The E-outfit is a combination case of TPU and PC material which is completely capable of to give the phone an installation without having any hassle of the stretching it or having any worry about getting loose. The back panel of this case is smooth while having unique design at top and bottom with grippy sides for more grip.

This just a right amount of texture that offers reliable protection against drops and shocks with complete coverage of the body of the phone. The primary function of any bumper case is the corner which is equipped with the corners, and this case naturally contains that tasks for better drop protection. Along with that, the heat dissipation at inner layer is more from this case that any smartphone user wants.


E-outfit Google Pixel XL 2 Bumper Case


  • Combination of soft TPU and hard PC material.
  • Solid protection against drops and shocks.
  • Complete coverage with a rugged design.
  • Corners design prevent the impact of drops.
  • Heat dissipation at inner side.
  • Sides add more grip to the phone.


Pros Cons
  • The case has excellent quality and construction.
  • It fits the Google Pixel 2 XL well.
  • It anti-slip functionality is excellent.
  • The structure makes this case study.
  • There are no other color options.
  • It is little bulky.


Are you one of those who wants to keep their phones look matte? Well, this case DGtle is here with some shockproof grey color. This dual layer case is made with only single material that means you will have single piece case for your Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone. This case is made with soft and flexible TPU. The material is also impact resistant to absorb the harm like shocks and scratches completely.

The design of this case is unique so that the case snugly fits the phone and the user-friendly mechanism that used to construct this case made it the anti-slip case. With the precise cuts and openings for ports like a speaker, cameras, and also for the buttons will let you access them all with real ease.


DGtle Google Pixel 2 XL Bumper Case


  • Impact resistant TPU material construction.
  • Completely shock absorbent and scratch resistant.
  • Flexible TPU material snugly fits the phone.
  • User-friendly mechanism and non-slip grip.
  • Easy access to ports and buttons.


Pros Cons
  • This case is capable of to provide full body protection.
  • It can protect from the drops and scuffs.
  • The flexible wrap-around design makes this case easy snap and off without stretching the case.
  • The back finish of this case makes this case anti-slip.
  • The ultra-thin design makes this case the part of the phone.
  • It is little bulky.
  • The raised lip isn’t able to protect the screen.





You might have gone through the above one case from the DGtle, here is another one from the same brand that comes with a little different case. This time the brand come up with the dual layer case that offers double protection at the shock and scratch resistant back and hard bumpers around the corners of the case.

There is two top grade quality material used to design this case one is soft silicone which is shockproof and scratchproof and hard PC at the bumper. The unique design of this case is made in such way so that it can distribute the impact evenly. While the precise cuts make this easy for you to access all the functions of your phone quickly, you will find this case in only two different color Black and White.


DGtle Dual Layer Google Pixel 2 XL Bumper Case


  • Two layer protection.
  • Soft silicone inner layer for shock and scratch protection.
  • Inner layer encased with rigid PC bumper.
  • Design to absorb and distribute the impact evenly.
  • Precise cuts for each of the function of your phone.
  • Available in Black and White different color.


Pros Cons
  • It comes with thought such as “Don’t touch my phone”.
  • There are two different color options available.
  • It offers non-grip functionality offers grip on the case to hold the phone securely.
  • The front raised lip provides screen protection as well.
  • It is not that much slim as it shows in an image.
  • No other color option that black and white.



The case from the emperor of the accessories of any most all the smartphone in the market, Spigen is one of the best and unique looking cases that offers dual layer protection. This case came up with the timeless look that also provides unbeatable drop protection so that you will not only add the protection factor to your phone, but even you will add style factor as well.

The material used in it is shockproof material at the back and that also includes rigid bumper frame. The construction of this case is made in such way so that case can fit your Google Pixel 2 XL phone snugly and protection it well from the scratches and scuffs as well as drops protection equally. And construction even makes it easy to slide into a pocket and offers precise cuts for the functions with Active Edge Compatibility.


Spigen Neo Hybrid Google Pixel 2 XL Bumper Case


  • Timeless look along with the unbeatable drop protection.
  • Dual layer design of flexible and shock resistant material and rigid bumper frame.
  • Snug fitted construction to stay pocket-friendly.
  • Easy access to ports with active edge compatibility.


Pros Cons
  • It comes with catchy eye design.
  • The dual layer protection protects the phone from drops and falls.
  • It also keeps the phone away from the scratches and scuffs.
  • The design enhances the grip.
  • There are no other color options.
  • It is slim yet bulky.



Not all the users want to add some weird looking case to their valuable smartphone Google Pixel 2 XL. Many of them love to keep their phones look original but still want to provide the best and ultimate protection to it. For that Ringke offers clear case which is dual layer case to offers more protection to the phone.

This dual layer case comes with PC Panel, and TPU bumper frame and both of the material can give high-quality clarity. The coating of this case is two times tough, and it has even passed the taste of Military Grade Drop Protection. The TPU bumper comes along with the Active Touch Technology, and the cuts made in this case are precise thanks to the laser technology. The raised bezel at the front also will protect the screen of the phone.


Ringke Bumper Case for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Dual layer of PC panel and premium TPU material.
  • High-quality clear case.
  • Precise cuts made with laser technology.
  • Two times tough coating.
  • Certified with Military Grade Drop Protection.
  • TPU bumper along with Active Touch Technology.
  • Raised bezel for screen protection.


Pros Cons
  • It maintains the original look of your smartphone.
  • It is available in three different color panel.
  • The raised bezel also protects the camera of the phone.
  • It offers ultimate protection from the drops and shocks.
  • After some time it turns into yellow.
  • Only three colors to choose from.




Here is another option in bumper case that offers clarity at the back of the case. This single piece case is all made with the environment-friendly plastic and TPU rubber. The dual layer of this case protects against the drops, shocks, scratches, and scuffs to keep the phone always look as new as before.

The clarity of the case comes with black sides as well, and sides support anti-slip functionality, so this case is even suitable for that user who has butter fingers. The case keeps the phone shockproof, slim, lightweight and stylish as well. The 30 days of refund/warranty/replacement from the brand is an excellent factor.

Dretal Bumper Protective Case Cover For Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Construction is made from the environment-friendly plastic and TPU rubber.
  • Anti-slip functionality.
  • Dual layer protection.
  • Shockproof, slim fit, light-weight and stylish.
  • Precise cuts and openings.
  • 30 days refund or warranty or replacement.


Pros Cons
  • This case is entirely sturdy and durable.
  • It is light in weight and feels like part of the phone.
  • It offers excellent protection.
  • It provides camera protection as well.
  • Besides only clear and black with clear you won’t find any other color options.
  • The raised bevel in front is not able to protect the screen.

The brand is quite reputed in the market for its accessories for the smartphone and many other gadgets. With the crystal clear design, this case won’t compromise with the protection of your smartphone like Pixel 2 XL. This case uses a single material for the construction of it that is TPU material. It is excellent at keeping the case ultra-thin so that your phone stays bulk-free as well as a snug fit to the phone equally.

But the bumpers are well-constructed that protects the phone from drops and shocks. The inner dotted texture design keeps the phone bubble free as well as also preserves the color of the phone. Just because of the flexibility of it, it is effortless to install and remove as well. Even there is one more color case available that also maintains the original look of the phone.


CASEVASN Shockproof Bumper Case for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • TPU material used to make it.
  • Ultra-thin design.
  • Form fit design for snug fit.
  • Lightweight and scratch free material.
  • Dotted texture interior design to preserve the color of the phone.
  • Easy to install and remove.


Pros Cons
  • It is the very sleek designed case to feel like a part of the phone.
  • It protects the phone from most of the impact.
  • The dotted texture interior even prevents bubbles on the back of the phone.
  • It offers easy access openings for the phone functions.
  • It is a little bit slippery.
  • It gets yellow after some time.




Incipio is the one brand that has made its name well while there is hard competition around the market. No matter what competitors are this brand offers an excellent product to the market so that users can advantage from their products. This case is no different from it the matter looking case with a co-molded design that adds protection from shocks and drops.

The shock absorbing and flexible TPU material is used to build bumper while the back is all made of hard and sturdy PC material. Both of them are great at adding the functionality of the grip for worry freeholding. And sturdy and durable case also comes with precise cuts for quick and easy access to the ports and buttons.

Incipio Bumper and Hard Shell Back for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Co-molded design that gives added protection.
  • The shock absorbing flexible bumper made of TPU.
  • The rigid PC shell for enhanced security.
  • Grip functionality is included.
  • Precise cuts and openings.


Pros Cons
  • It comes with a design on the sides that enhances the grip.
  • It offers a matte look on the back of the case.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It provides an excellent look at the phone.
  • There are three different color options.
  • It is not slim fit to the phone.
  • The design of it is also not pocket-friendly.



The case which is the completely different looking case which all we have listed here offers impressive look to your phone. This dual layer case which is made with two different durable materials make this case excellently protective. It contains rubberized PC back panel along with the bumper which is made of flexible, soft and durable TPU. This case is sturdy and protective against drops, shocks, and scratches.

The slim fit won’t add that much bulk to your phone, and it will even make it more comfortable for you to carry a phone around with ease. The Stereoscopic lower patter looks pretty good and attractive on the phone. It offers precise cuts as well as tactile buttons for button protection. Overall this case is made to offers rugged protection.


Swoders Hard PC Bumper Case For Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Rubberized PC back panel.
  • TPU bumper for drop protection.
  • Slim fit case and comfortable carry.
  • Precisely cuts with tactile buttons.
  • Stereoscopic lower patter looks good.
  • Made to offers rugged protection.


Pros Cons
  • The design that made on the back of the case make it look attractive.
  • The case is available in five different colors and designs.
  • It is easy and snug fit to the phone.
  • The slim profile maintains the sleek profile of the phone.
  • The bumper made from TPU is quite disappointing in the case of protection.
  • Some of the design may look weird on the phone.


Hope you have made your choice from this best bumper cases for Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone. What’s your pick share it with us here by leaving your valuable comment in the comments section?


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