Best Clear Cases For Google Pixel 2 XL: Maintain The Natural Look of Your High-End Smartphone

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The 6.0-inch Google Pixel 2 XL is quite a bit large and little heavy than the first version Pixel phones. Adding any case can make the phones look a little bit awkward to hold it. But if you want a clear case, rather than any typical case then it is one of the great decision to make your phone look more beautiful while also providing the phone a decent protection to it.

With the passing through the tons of case from the many brands, we have come up with ten decent Google Pixel 2 XL clear cases, which are great providing and holding the beauty of the phone. While they are also great giving the all-around body protection to your high-end smartphone like Google Pixel 2 XL. Here you go with the list.

Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel 2 XL


Unlike other clear case let’s start out pick with a little different clear case which provides dual layer protection. The case contains TPU material frame and PC back plate that offers excellent protection from the shocks and drops while keeping the phone ultra-clear. It won’t add bulk to your phone, but it will protect the phone well.

This slim and transparent case comes with the HD pattern on the back of the case which looks attractive as well. It contains 1.2 mm of thick raised bezel at the front, and at camera opening as well that will protect them both precisely. The brand used Air hybrid technology to make this case for Google Pixel 2 XL phone.

  • It offers the clean look of the phone.
  • It maintains the natural look and sleekness of the phone.
  • The slim profile of this case adds minimal bulk.
  • The HD design on the back of the case makes it look different from others.
  • There is no other color or design options.
  • It offers protection against little drops and scratches.



Just like any other clear case which is excellent at offering excellent transparency this case from the Oeago brand also provides superior clarity and even it protects the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone from the minor shocks and scratches. This clear case also includes some of the great functions such as it is the slim and light profile that won’t let you compromise with the sleek profile of your phone.

The built-in this case is made with TPU material which offers Shock absorbent, scratch resistant and shatterproof design. The transparency of this case will maintain the look of your Google Pixel 2 XL for a long time. This is also one of our best picks because the design offers most of the protection from any regular impact.

OEAGO Soft Skin Silicone Clear Case for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • A complete clear case made with TPU material.
  • Shock absorbent, scratch resistant and shatterproof.
  • Convenient to quickly access the ports of the phone.
  • Sleek and light in weight.
  • The design offers most of the protection to the phone.


  • The exclusive design of the case makes it a natural fit on the phone.
  • After installation it makes you feel like a part of the phone.
  • It adds more grip on the phone.
  • The raised edges save the screen and camera from the scratches.
  • It offers minimal protection to the phone.




Of all those clear cases which we have tasted to pick the best for the Pixel 2 XL, the Spigen is another brand that offers the right functionality of transparency and proper coverage around the Google Pixel 2 XL’s body. The shock absorption TPU material showcases the beauty of the phone with transparency while protecting it with its durability and toughness. With minimal thickness, it prevents adding bulk to the phone.

While it is the completely clear case that preserves the original look of your phone it offers easy and quick access to the Active Edge technology. With its dotted texture at the inner layer that case is capable of to keep the phone watermark-free as well as preserve the color of it. However, the brand doesn’t offer any color pop in the case.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Clear Case for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Lightweight and clear shell.
  • Showcases the beauty of the phone with clarity.
  • Flexible TPU for shock-absorbency.
  • The material offers easy application.
  • Easy and quick accessibility along with Active Edge compatibility
  • Dotted texture interior to keep the phone watermark-free.


  • It adds minimal of the bulk to the phone.
  • The design of the case makes it pocket-friendly.
  • It simply made of Pixel 2 XL so that it offers precise cuts.
  • The case is even screen protector friendly.
  • It gets yellow after using it for some time.
  • There is only one color option that is crystal clear.




We are impressed with this case that is coming from the same brand LK. The brand is known-well in the market it is offering another case that providing the complete clear case for the Pixel 2 XL that adds no color pop or not a single drop of a design on it. With the flexible and shock resistant TPU material, the case maintains the ultra-thin profile of the phone.

The comfortable grip with soft feel is just because of the crystal clear back that comes sleek and thin construction. The fabulous building makes this it perfect fit for the Pixel 2 XL. The precise cuts for the port and buttons make it even more convenient case for the hassle free use the case. You will also find it three more different color combos.

LK Scratch Resistant Clear Case for Pixel 2 XL


  • Flexible TPU material construction.
  • It is ultra-thin that maintains the sleek profile.
  • Ultimate protection from accidental drops and falls.
  • Shock absorbent, scratch resistant and shatterproof.
  • Precise cuts and openings.
  • Anti-slip functionality added.


  • It is easy to clean, and it doesn’t have any plastic odor.
  • The extra grip prevents sliding of your phone.
  • It is slim and can slide into any pocket or bag with ease.
  • There are four colors available with transparency.
  • The openings are little big than it shows in the image.
  • The little bit thick at the sides.




Not all the users want to install case that provides minimal protection to their valuable smartphone Google Pixel 2 XL from the drops and shocks. Many of the people are better off with the massive duty case that offers ultimate protection. Don’t worry this case won’t let you compromise with the transparency of it.

If you love to keep your phone look natural but still want to give the best and excellent protection to it, then Ringke offers clear case that is dual layer case. This double layer case comes with PC Panel along with TPU frame. The coating of material, in this case, is two times tougher that will protect against drops and shocks. This case has also passed through the Military Grade Drop Protection taste. It contains slim TPU bumper along with the Active Touch Technology. The raised bezel at the front even will protect the screen of the phone.

Ringke Pixel 2 XL Clear Case


  • Dual layer construction of PC panel and premium TPU.
  • Crystal clear protection with the 2x tough coating.
  • Military grade drop protection.
  • Slim TPU bumper along with Active Touch Technology.
  • Raised bezel for the protection of screen.


  • It is the snug fit for the Google Pixel 2 XL.
  • It keeps the original look of the phone.
  • It is protective against drops and shocks.
  • Cleaning as well is easy.
  • It is not that much grippy at the sides.
  • This case is a little bit bulky.




The brand Suensan is another that offers ultimate protection factor and transparency of course. This case that has a unique design made from the top grade material like flexible and soft rubber material which is used in the frame of the case and the hard plastic that is used to construct the back of the case.

It has refined design of the case offers natural and comfortable grip and also provides the complete edge protection. The material is sturdy enough to provide the environmental protection to your phone to maintain the color and look of it. The accurate openings and cuts are precise to access them with ease. And the brand also offers three years of warranty.

  • It offers excellent clear look with a little bit of smoke black color.
  • It won’t fit any other smartphone than Pixel 2 XL.
  • The brand also provides warranty period.
  • The customer service is excellent from the brand.
  • There are colors available, but they are not transparent.
  • It is little nit flimsy.




The brand As-Guard is well-known in the market for its smartphone accessories and many other gadgets. With the ultra-thin design which able to keep the phone light and scratch-free, it will never let your phone harmed by the typical dents and dings. With the single material construction of shock absorbent and scratch resistant gel TPU material it is excellent at keeping the phone sleek and compact. The ultra-thin design holds the phone away from the bulk and will fit it snugly.

The interior of this case is equipped with the dotted texture design. This design always keeps the phone bubble free and even preserves the color of it. Just because of the flexibility of it, it is quite easy to install and uninstall at the same time. The precise cuts will let you charge your phone without removing the case. Also, there are more colors available in this case that even maintains the natural look of your phone.

As-Guard Ultra Thin Clear Case for Pixel 2 XL


  • Ultra-thin design keeps the phone light and scratch-free.
  • Shock absorbent and scratch resistant gel TPU material.
  • The phone is always protected from all the accident drop.
  • Dotted Texture Interior design.
  • The inner design prevents the air bubbles at the back of the phone
  • Easy access to ports and buttons.
  • Charge the phone without removing the case.


  • It is available in five different color options.
  • The case looks just like a part of the phone.
  • The sleekness of the case is ultimate to keep the phone lightweight.
  • The transparency is also able to show off the natural beauty of the phone.
  • The slim profile adds minimal of the bulk to the phone.
  • The sleekness of the case is not used to prevent the phone from heavy use.
  • There is a thin line on the front of the case that doesn’t protect the screen.




This precise design case for the Pixel 2 XL smartphone the brand offers well-constructed and perfect fit clear case for the Google Pixel 2 XL. Typically the case uses the shock resistant and scratch resistant gel material that adds flexibility and smooth feeling to the case. Hence, user like you has the great hold onto the phone.

The case is always there to protect your phone from the bumps and scrapes. And the dotted texture design at the inner layer of the case prevent the bubbles and preserves the original color of the phone. The slim fit profile of the case fits snugly and offers precise cuts for the ports along with the tactile buttons.

  • Cleaning with the water is easy.
  • It is flexible and durable that adds minimal bulk.
  • It offers extra grip and with a soft feel.
  • It is light in weight and looks nice on the phone.
  • It gets dirty very quickly.
  • It gets yellow very soon as well.




With the complete transparency of the case, the brand CoverON is one of the brands that doesn’t add a single drop of the color that many of the brands here do. This is another clear case that offers dual layer protection. The ultra-clear rigid PC back protects against scratches and scrapes while the semi-flexible TPU bumpers protect the phone from drops and shocks.

With showing off the natural beauty of the phone, it will defend the phone from most of the dings and dents as it contains sturdy and durable construction. Don’t worry this case is a slim fit to the Google Pixel 2 XL and just because of the precise structure for the Pixel 2 XL it will offer cuts with tactile buttons. In any case, if you are not happy with the product you can have 90 days warranty period from the brand.

CoverON ClearGuard Series Google Pixel 2 XL Case


  • Ultra-clear rigid PC back and semi-flexible TPU bumpers.
  • Completely transparent.
  • Showcases the natural look of the phone.
  • Defends from the drops and scratches.
  • Slim fit and low profile.
  • 90 days warranty.


  • There are different color combinations available.
  • It designed with superior craftsmanship.
  • It guards your phone very well.
  • This is a single piece fusion hybrid case.
  • The design offers more minimalist look to the phone.
  • After use of a long time, it gets little hard to install and remove as well.
  • Unlike other brands, this brand offers only 90 days of warranty.




Last product of this list is from the very famous brand that is a massive contributor to the smartphone accessories market. The brand with many happy customers always try to make them happy with their product and here it is now with one of the extreme transparent cases for the latest smartphone Google Pixel 2 XL.

It uses the non-toxic material to build this kind of flexible, soft, and durable case for your phone. As it is flexible, it is effortless to install while not getting loose. It provides environmental protection from scratch, shock, and drop. The unique design that brand used to construct it offers accurate cuts and openings.

Vinve Silicone Skin Clear Case for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Non-toxic material used to make it.
  • Much flexible and durable.
  • Environmental protection to prevent scratch, shock, and drop.
  • Unique design offers easy access to functions of the phone.
  • The slim and flexible design makes it easy to install.


  • The ultra-slim style and design of the case are just look like a part of the phone.
  • It offers a maximum of the protection.
  • It snug fit case that provides the perfect fit for the phone.
  • It also provides excellent grip of the phone.
  • The material used in this case is not having any harmful chemicals.
  • If you are a color pop lover, then this might not be your choice.
  • It prevents only minimal of drops and shocks.




Got any pick from the listed above best clear cases of the Google Pixel 2 XL? Which one suits and fulfills your needs? Share your thought here in the comments section.


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