best google pixel 2 xl charging docks

To find the best USB C Type charger for most of the people and most gadgets is little tricky. We have reached this conclusion after testing over just 30 of the USB C Type charging docks, including few of new models which are released this year. All the listed USB C Type charging docks here is having the capability to charge your Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone.

Besides only charging your Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone if you have any USB C Type enabled device you can use this charger for it. All of them are great at delivering the proper charging current to each, which something that not most of the charging dock can do. Though not the very smallest or the most potent charger we tested, but still all of the listed here have the right balance of all the essential functions at a reasonable price too.

Best USB C Type Charging Docks for Google Pixel 2 XL

The LEXEBY1 is surprisingly inexpensive while being compact, stable and easy to put your Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone on and it holds your Google Pixel 2 XL in a portrait orientation to let you use it to rest your smartphone or nightstand.

Apart from the traditional charger, this USB C Type charging dock supports 1.8A of power output. With the 3.5mm audio jack that supplies powerful current. This stands a role of data syncing so that you can sync your data with your computer or laptop with using the built-in Type C cable.

The rubber feet at the base of it stop sliding of this charging dock station. It helps you increase the friction with the desktop. Not only Google Pixel 2 XL phone but if you have any other Type C enabled device you can even club that with it. Moreover, one year of warranty policy is a piece of cake.


LEXEBY1 USB C Charging Dock for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • 8A current charge quicker than the traditional charger.
  • 5mm audio jack.
  • Also syncs data with the PC or laptop.
  • Rubber feet offers anti-slip function.
  • Optimize friction with the desktop.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • One year of warranty.


Pros Cons
  • The matte black finish looks great on the desk.
  • It is the very handy tool.
  • While charging your phone can rest as well.
  • It is very portable.
  • The charging port is little loose.
  • Not suitable for other smartphones at charging level.


Neither expensive nor inexpensive, the brand offers the mid-range product that provides excellent charging dock station for the brand new smartphone Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone. With the stable and robust cradle designed dock station offers impressive look to your office desk or at home.

This sleek charging cradle can be your perfect desktop and nightstand companion. If you want to charge your smartphone with this cradle, there is no need to remove your smartphone’s case because of the case friendly design of the port.

The slim profile cases will perfect fit for this charging dock station. Instead just charging your phone with it, you can sync your data with your computer or laptop. In any case, if you feel disappointed with the quality of it then you can leverage on brand’s lifetime guarantee.


Encased Google Pixel 2 XL Desktop Charging Dock


  • Sleek charging cradle.
  • Perfect desktop and nightstand companion.
  • Case compatible design.
  • Great all slim profile cases.
  • Sync compatible.
  • Lifetime Happiness Guarantee.


Pros Cons
  • Good combination of charging dock and nightstand.
  • It isn’t only great for Google Pixel 2 XL but even great with few other devices.
  • The stylish design is great for the working desk.
  • Lightweight can make you carry anywhere.
  • It doesn’t angle like as it pictured
  • It doesn’t allow data sync.




The MEAMOR works entirely, but it isn’t as dull and unobtrusive as you are thinking. But if you are looking for something that is sleek and compact with a bit more personality, MEAMOR USB Type C Charger Dock is turned that charging puck in a perfect desk charging dock, yet still functional, stable and affordable.

This Aluminum stand and TPU dock are sync and charge your smartphone at the time. This charging dock station supports super quick charging time. Moreover, this dock station supports safe charging at 3.0A maximum power. The design wants to let the USB hub get hurt while avoid scratching the phone.


NewRice Google Pixel 2 XL Type C Charging Dock


  • Aluminum stand and TPU dock.
  • Sync and Type C are charging dock station.
  • Super quick charging time.
  • Safe charging at 3.0A maximum power.
  • No damage to the USB hub.
  • Avoid scratching the phone.
  • Elegance, durability, and fashion.


Pros Cons
  • The smart chip offers fast charging.
  • Design provides desk and nightstand mode.
  • Universal compatibility for Type C devices.
  • Anti-slip mat at the bottom stays in a place.
  • Doesn’t fit most of the devices.
  • Not friendly with the heavy-duty cases.



Aiken is a premium option for your Google Pixel 2 XL USB C Type Charging Dock. This is our favorite premium stand because it looks excellent, works well, and has a versatile build which lets you use it anywhere even at your office or at your home.

Just like most of the other collected USB C Type Charing Dock in our top this Charging Dock also offers few of the similar functions. This slim and elegant design lets you charge your smartphone while syncing the data like music, video, photos, and files.

It comes with the high-quality gloss finish. And with the certified USB C Type 56K ohm it pull-up resistor that offers safe and reliable charging to juice up the phone. The cradle comes with anti-sliding functionality thanks to the rubber padding which resides at the base. The portable and compact design are great for the travelers as well as business users. And it is also case friendly.

Aiken USB Type-C Desktop Charger Cradle for Pixel 2 XL


  • Slim and elegant design.
  • Syncs music, video, photos, and files.
  • High-quality gloss finish.
  • Certified with the USB C Type 56K ohm.
  • Pull-up resistor offers safe and reliable charging.
  • Rubber padding to stop sliding.
  • Portable and compact design great for travelers as well as business users.
  • Case friendly design.


Pros Cons
  • It offers perfect connection.
  • It syncs as well as charges your phone.
  • The compact and stylish design is excellent.
  • Lightweight makes it a comfortable carry.
  • It is suitable for otterbox case.
  • You need the wall adapter to charge your phone.


This is another inexpensive and low-profile charging dock stand that holds your Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone supports nightstand mode. Just like most of our tops of USB C Type charging for your smartphone.

Most of our tops are great at offering the dual functionality of charging the phone and syncing data which makes it the flexible product for your Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone. This USB C Type charging dock also offers this both functionality.

This can sync music, videos, and photos and can easily connect to the laptop or desktop PC. The cradle offers a right angle of the resting and charging the device. It is perfect for the travelers, people in business, and students. It provides universal compatibility.

Olycism USB C FAst Charging Dock for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Charge the phone and data synchronize.
  • Syncs music, videos, and photos.
  • Easy connection from the dock with laptop or desktop PC.
  • Cradle provides a right angle for resting or charging the device.
  • Perfect for travelers, people in business, and students.
  • Universal compatibility.


Pros Cons
  • It has the great and perfect design.
  • It feels nice while placed on the desk.
  • It gives the nice rubberized feel.
  • It charges the device fast.
  • It is super light that might fall because of the weight of the device.
  • The matte finish looks little poor.

As with other inexpensive USB C Type charging docks, the MuiFa achieves its low price by using its very own construction and the Type C cable that it is packed with, rather than letting you purchase any USB C Type cable.

This sleek charging stand with the sticky pad that doesn’t let the charging dock slip. This is perfect for the desktop and also can be useful nightstand companion. This Type C compatible port always keeps the device juiced up.

It always makes your device ready to go. Just like most of the dock station is also sync compatible. This charging won’t let you remove the body case of your phone to charge it. The sticky pad that is used to stick at the base of the dock station is also reusable.


MuiFa Google Pixel 2 XL USB Type-C Desktop Fast Charging Dock


  • Sleek charging stand with the sticky pad.
  • Perfect desktop or nightstand companion.
  • Type-C compatible port keeps device juiced and make it ready to go.
  • Sync Compatible.
  • Case Friendly.
  • Reusable sticky pad to secure the dock in a place.


Pros Cons
  • It is compact and portable.
  • 9feet type-c USB cable offers excellent combination.
  • It holds the phone well.
  • It provides the attractive look on the desk.
  • It only supports cases that are 3mm thick.
  • The design makes it look little poor.


The MuiFa works entirely, but it is not about as dull as it has to be. If you want something with a little bit more of the personality, then iKNOWTECH USB C Type charging dock station can turn your regular or traditional charger by replacing it with this sleek and compact USB C Type charging dock.

This is a combination of two functions that includes functions like device charging and data syncing. The flexible connector is very easy for undocking. It is compatible with the protective phone case with different thickness. One meter of non-removable cable can be great to keep the cable handy. It supports wide compatibility.

iKNOWTECH Type-C Dock Charging Station for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Charge device & data sync.
  • Flexible connector for easy undocking.
  • Compatible with the protective phone case with different thickness.
  • One meter of non-removable cable.
  • Universal compatibility.


Pros Cons
  • It has the solid mount.
  • You can adjust the height of the connector.
  • The length of the cord is good.
  • The USB C Type connector to swivel is quite handy.
  • It has the non-removable cord.
  • Not compatible with Otterbox case.



If the most of the collection here is too much for your nightstand, we like this FanTEK USB C Type charging dock station that similarly works with your Google 2 XL smartphone. The square base is perfect to hold your smartphone at the time it is resting or juicing up.

Besides only Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone, it is the perfect fit for all the Type-C devices. This is desktop charging dock makes charging easier. It syncs and charges your phone at the same time. With the convenience of charging it makes the great pick for your office or home.


FanTEK Google PIxel 2 XL USB C Charger Dock Station


  • Perfect fit for all Type-C devices.
  • Desktop charging dock.
  • Easier charging task.
  • Sync and charge device at the same time.
  • Convenient charging.
  • Great pick for office or home.


Pros Cons
  • There are four different color options.
  • It is case friendly.
  • It supports huge compatibility.
  • It gives excellent sleek design.
  • It is light in weight.
  • You need two hands to pull the device off of that charging port.

Here is another charging dock station from the same brand that is MuiFa. The brand offers another best dock station for Google Pixel 2 XL that you can now pick for your high-end smartphone. With the charging function, you can use it as the nightstand for rest as well.

The sleek charging station also comes with the sticky pad that is reusable and washable. This is ideal for the desktop and of course for the nightstand. It keeps your phone juiced up, and the pad always keeps the dock station at the same place. It is sync compatible and case-friendly as well.


MuiFa USB Type-C Charging Dock Station for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Sleek charging station with the sticky pad.
  • Ideal for desktop or nightstand.
  • Always keeps phone juiced.
  • Washable sticky pad to keep the dock in a place.
  • Sync Compatible.
  • Case Friendly.


Pros Cons
  • Ideal look for the office or home desk.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Removable Type-C USB cable.
  • Perfectly holds the phone.
  • The design looks little awkward.
  • The cost is little high.


OfsPower is the best way to charge your Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone while you are on the go, or away from wall outlets. Compared to the similar models, it doesn’t only provide compatibility with the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone but it also the excellent companion for most of the devices to juice up them.

This three-in-one USB C dock station is excellent for charging your smartphone as well as great for the syncing the data of your smartphone. The rubber feet of this dock station offers anti-slip functionality. It increases the friction with the desktop and provides stability and reliability. The small and compact style design is great to carry anywhere.

OfsPower USB Type C Charger Cradle Holder for Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Three-in-one USB C dock station.
  • Dock and sync function.
  • Rubber Feet for an anti-slip base.
  • Optimize friction with the desktop.
  • Stable and reliable.
  • Small size and compact style.


Pros Cons
  • The compact size and style make it easy to carry anywhere.
  • The brand offers free replacement and full refund if something is wrong with the product.
  • It supports wide compatibility.
  • It looks nice on the desk.
  • It doesn’t support QC 3.0 charging speed.
  • The building quality is little poor.



Which one of them is your pick of the USB C Type charging dock station? Have you experienced it for your Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone? Tell us about it here in the comments section.


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