10 Best HTC U Ultra Cases To Protect Your HTC Phone

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The HTC new flagship HTC U features a breathtaking, chamfered, and all-metal body with a fragile 5.70-inch display. A smartphone like this need protection from any harm, so investing a protective case is the sensible choice. You can even stamp your personality on it, maybe it introduces a splash of color, or add a handy function.

Because you are using one of the most fantastic phones, the protection must be a top-notch one. This is why we have rounded up few of the best HTC U Ultra cases around for you right here. Feast your eyes on this a lot and take your pick and choose the best fit for your fantastic phone.

10 Best HTC U Ultra Cases and Cover

1. Tauri

Hands up ladies, we are furnishing here the case from one of the trusted brands Tauri that offers a stylish look and looks extremely excellent in hands while holding your phone. Your HTC U Ultra will be safe in this Tauri premium leather wallet case so no need to carry any extra wallet or clutch with you to put your essential.

So forget the days of taking multiple wallets and having large pockets. However this case is even available in two more different colors Black and Purple, so even all man can even try their hand in this case.

This HTC U Ultra wallet case can be the best companion of yours because without carrying bulky wallet you go anywhere with this wallet case in your hand. With the three slots for cards and one sleeve for cash, this case makes it very spacious to carry tons of essential cards and some bucks with you.

  • Perfect fit.
  • Carry your phone, credit card, debit card, ID, and cash all in one convenient carry case.
  • The secure magnetic clip keeps your phone case closed, safe and secure at all times.
  • Available only in three colors no other color choice.



2. Spigen

This is a rugged armor case that is manufactured just for your HTC U Ultra smartphone. It offers excellent glossy accents and great texture on the back side of the case. Since it is designed especially for the HTC U Ultra, it fits the device correctly, and you will have an extreme of use as well.

The rugged case features the glossy accents along with carbon fiber textures. This makes it look good, while also making your phone much more grip. The case offers excellent protection, because of the material that used in this case. The flexible TPU with raised edges even protects device’s display.

There is even shock absorption along with the air cushion technology. Overall, the Spigen Rugged Armor case is one of the best U11 cases you can get right now.

Spigen Rugged Armor HTC U Ultra Case with Resilient Shock Absorption


  • Get the absolute protection against scratches, dust, dirt and from all the potential damages.
  • The new look of glossy accents and carbon fiber textures gives a fantastic look.
  • The flexible TPU and inner spider-web pattern give extra protection to the phone.
  • No trouble at all for accessing the ports, buttons, and controls when your phone is cased.
  • The raised edges provide another layer of the security from the dirt and scratches.
  • Shock Absorption case


  • Don’t add any bulk to your smartphone.
  • Design and color of the case add a stylish look to your phone.
  • Light in weight.
  • Maintains the look as well.
  • This is quite expensive.
  • There is no other color to choose from.


3. Tauri

Here we have another well-constructed and excellent case for HTC U Ultra, and again the case is from Tauri. It offers case, which is specially designed for HTC U Ultra. This brand is highly regarded because of the high-quality accessories that it offers for the various smartphones. This case by Tauri is a slim fit case that means that your HTC U Ultra will never look out of the shape.

This soft and flexible TPU made will keep your phone safe from all the impact and harm. The material even makes this case easy to snap on and snap off your phone. It is available in three different colors black, clear and smoke black. If you are a used who like to maintain the original look, then you really should try this HTC U Ultra clear case by Tauri.

TAURI - Scratch Resistant Slim Protective HTC U Ultra Case Cover


  • Made from a soft, flexible TPU gel.
  • The material provides excellent protection from the daily bumps and scratches.
  • This durable case made for long-lasting protection.
  • This lightweight and ultrathin case offers you extra grip,
  • It offers soft, comfortable feel and touch.
  • Its simple design allows you maintain the original look of your phone.
  • The dotted texture prevents the buildup of air.
  • It is scratch resistant and shock absorbent for excellent protection
  • Protects against sharp object, dirt, and dust.
  • Three colors choices such as Black, Clear, and Smoke Black.


  • High gloss finish gives a last look to your phone.
  • Offers ultimate protection for your HTC U Ultra.
  • Since it is ultra-thin, it adds minimal bulk to your phone.
  • Anti-scratch properties are excellent.
  • If you are looking for the funky look case, then this case is not for you because of the color range that it offers.



If you want to give your HTC U Ultra an attractive look, then do consider this piece from SPARIN. It is made with superior quality material which gives your smartphone a full and smooth touch. Other than just look another thing that you want from any case is absolute protection, which we do count while picking up the case. Along with the look, this case offers excellent protection properties for your HTC U Ultra.

The SPARIN case is a clear TPU case which looks brilliant and thanks to its great clarity. The material used in this case makes it lightweight and flexible and even offers decent protection. So basically you will get the complete protection for your smartphone along with the friendly price. This is precisely compatible with the HTC U Ultra smartphone and design is custom for the phone. Hence you can install and remove it with ease.

SPARIN (2 Pack) Soft TPU HTC U Ultra Clear Case with Corner Protection


  • Made of eco-friendly TPU with the transparent clear body.
  • It preserves all the original color, design and looks of your HTC U Ultra.
  • It covers your phone from all the corners.
  • The soft coating and rounded edges made for a comfortable grip.
  • IT won’t stop you to get easy access to all the functions of your phone.
  • With 2 mm thickness, this case is scratch resistant and even protects your phone camera.


  • Advanced shock absorption technology for excellent protection.
  • Pay for one and get two clear TPU case for your HTC U Ultra.
  • Glass screen protector friendly case.
  • Relatively low at cost.
  • Not that sleek profile.



5. LK Ultra

Just take a look at this beautiful clear case from LK Ultra made for HTC U Ultra only. Because of the gel skin, they are faster becoming the most popular and stylish phone case for HTC U Ultra. And its exclusive design, that one can quickly access all the buttons and ports of this HTC Flagship Smartphone without any trouble.

This flexible and sturdy case made from TPU that even makes this case scratch resistance. This flexible case will maintain the original shape and look of your phone. This case is the slim thin case so that even no worry for any bulk. Moreover, this case is available in four different colors Black, clear, purple and mint while maintaining the transparency.

LK Ultra Slim Scratch Resistant HTC U Ultra Silicone Protective Case Cover


  • It is made of flexible, high-quality, sturdy and smooth TP
  • It is scratch resistance.
  • This jelly cases can withstand more than a traditional case.
  • It is ideally suited for larger screen HTC U Ultra.
  • You can snap on the case in one easy step.
  • Anti-slip design offers extra grip on the surfaces avoiding it from sliding.
  • The raised bezels recess phone screen to protect while placed face down.


  • The ultra-thin design adds no bulk to your phone.
  • Gives ultimate protection from accidental drops and falls.
  • The sleek and lightweight design fits perfectly to your phone.
  • Shockproof and shatterproof.
  • The small dotted texture on the back takes aways the sheen of the phone.



6. LK Luxury

This is the fashionable case with multi-functionality gives your phone total protection with extra features. It is a wallet case which is made of PU leather which protects your phone precisely from scratches, dirt, dust, fingerprints, and other daily wear. Besides only that it even gives relief to carry a wallet with you because this case is very spacious.

With this wallet case from LK, you can give your HTC U Ultra smartphone a smart look. Whether you know it or not but wallet cases give multiple facilities apart from only protecting the smart device and believe us this wallet case from LK is no different.

This case offers three card slot in which one with a transparent window. You will even have space to put cash inside the case. This case offers variety in color range such as Purple, Brown, Black and Rose Gold. So enjoy the wide range of the color with this case.

  • Perfect for those guys who don’t want the burden of carrying a wallet and phone case.
  • Secure fit.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • User-friendly design with precise cuts lets you easily access all the ports and buttons without removing the case.
  • Quite expensive.
  • A little bit of bulky.




7. Harryshell

Harryshell is relatively new brand discovered on Amazon for smartphone accessories. Even the design and embossed pattern on the back of this case for HTC U Ultra for sure. There are four color and patterns you can pick from and make your high-end smartphone your style statement.

The embossed pattern on this case makes it look elegant and stylish. It is precisely designed for HTC U Ultra. So no other phone can use this case. Overall, along with the good protection, it is easy to carry in your pocket and even in the bag.

With the different color, you will have different pattern option. So this is quite amazing for those who love to play with color as well as the pattern.

  • Perfect fit.
  • The compact, elegant and stylish design gives a great look to your phone.
  • The price of this case is cheap, but the shipping price can cost quite high.

8. Ranyi

This bumper case from Ranyi for HTC U Ultra is a sturdy looking heavy duty case, and the very look of this case can answer all your question concerning the security of your high-end smartphone. Unlike few other bumper cases, we talked about this case that comes with four different colors as well that can be an added advantage.

Like few other cases in this list of best HTC U Ultra cases, this case is also special for HTC U Ultra smartphone. The color and design of this case make it look very different from the other cases in this list.

The case equipped with mirror hardback and electroplated metal bumper frame that protects against any high bumps or falls. It will even protect your phone from dust, dirt and any hard impact. You can even have a color range to pick from such as black, gold, silver and rose gold.

  • Give complete protection from any impact.
  • Provide great stylish look.
  • Add little bulk to your phone.


9. Spigen

This is a simple, clear case for HTC U Ultra from Spigen with the great protection features as it is offered by one of the well-known and most trusted brand of mobile accessories. If you want to purchase crystal clear case that sticks with its basic features without that much fuss, then this case is for you. Spigen offers one of best case for your HTC U Ultra case.

The case features a clear back with glossy touch thrown in for good measure. The extra shiny and flexible TPU will make sure you and your HTC U Ultra get a lot of attention. The raised edges will even protect your phone’s screen from any scratches that may occur while it is placed face down on the surface.

Spigen Liquid Crystal HTC U Ultra Case


  • It is soft TPU made the case.
  • Thin and lightweight for the flexible durability.
  • The inner back with a dotted pattern to prevent bubble smudges.
  • Its raised bezels protect the screen as well as the camera.
  • Covered buttons are secured and very easy to feel and press.
  • Clear back with a glossy touch.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Protective HTC U Ultra case from dust, high falls, shocks.
  • Edge to edge protection.
  • And few more features make it stand out this case.


  • Maintain original look of your HTC U Ultra phone.
  • Doesn’t add any bulk to your phone.
  • It is a little bit expensive.


10. CircleMalls

At last, let us complete this list with the great case that offers good combo pack for your HTC U Ultra. After HarryShell this is another brand CircleMalls is another relatively new brand on the mobile accessories market online. This heavy duty case for HTC U Ultra is great combo case that not only used as heavy duty case but even can use as kickstand case. Apart from this it even bundled with premium screen protector for your phone.

If you want to but the case for your HTC U Ultra that is completely black so that that case can show your style statement, then this case by CircleMall is actually a kickstand case that is a perfect one for you.

We all know that kickstand case adds value for the hands-free viewing of long videos and even movies. So with this protective case, you can just do that. Even more, you will have a rotatable belt clip and along with an extra layer of protection that won’t harm your expensive phone’s screen.

CircleMalls HTC U Ultra KickStand Case


  • Ultimately designed for HTC U Ultra.
  • This case gives total coverage while easy access to all the ports and controls.
  • This dual layer case with raised lip gives 360-degree protection.
  • This case is very easy to install and remove.
  • The case is even proven with the drop test to provide you a safe and efficient solution.
  • The multi-functional case has a built-in kickstand and a rotatable belt clip.
  • The package includes stylus pen, premium screen protector, for your phone.


  • Great combo pack at low price.
  • Completely scratch and crack free.
  • No color options available.


Wrapping Up

If you have decided to buy the best HTC U Ultra cases, then these are few the best options for you to pick from. They are furnished with loads of other features like a kickstand and swivel belt clips. So you certainly have a broad range of choice.

Hope you have liked our particular collection of best HTC U Ultra cases. Do let me know your feedback on this here in the comments.


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