Best Huawei Honor 7X Cases

The Huawei Honor 7X is the latest expensive phone ever. It is also the most functional smartphone that offers a bunch of the features in a single pack. Due to the design of it becomes one of the best and love to have a smartphone.

So to protect your smartphone we recommend putting your latest phone in a case, that can help defend from the scratches, dents and also a broken back as well as the screen with the raised lip on them from the case.

After testing almost 15 of the cases for the Honor 7X, we think that we have found those all ten best cases that can protect the Huawei Honor 7X smartphone well. This would be the best investment for your expensive smartphone. And all of them are affordable as well, so let us take a look at all of them.

Best Huawei Honor 7X Cases


The Sucnapkp case has the best combination of the lack of the bulk and the affordable price that we have found yet in the market of the cases. This Huawei Honor 7X case is the light that also offers Military-grade protection layer to the phone.

This soft rubber and the hard plastic part ideal cover has refined design for the comfortable and natural grip on the surface. Along with the perfect cutout, it gives complete edge protection and environmental protection. It doesn’t get loose or too tight it fits the phone well.



Pros Cons
  • Perfectly adequate.
  • Ideal fit to the phone body.
  • Light in weight.
  • Easy access to the phone functions.
  • Little thick.



The TopACE frosted shield Anti-fingerprint Hard PC Protective Case for Huawei Honor 7X is thinner and lighter than few of the standard cases that we have tested yet. An essential part that this case covers is the HD screen of the phone with the HD screen protector.

This Hard PC Protective Case for Huawei Honor 7X uses high-quality environmental hard PC material. It offers sleek, lightweight that adds no additional bulkiness. It comes with latest dustless matte UV coating technology.

With the comfortable touching sense, it also is the best wear-resistant, dust-proof, anti-skidding, and anti-fingerprint case. It is easy to clean, install as well as remove from the phone with all ease.


Pros Cons
  • Elegant appearance.
  • A comfortable sense of touch.
  • Dustless matte UV coat.
  • Rigid enough to protect.
  • Backed by HD screen protector.
  • Protects the phone from minor dents and bumps.



The KuGi Scratch Resistant Case for Huawei Honor 7X is the epitome of what the best case should be. This is the one-piece case just for the Huawei Honor 7X case. The precise design of the case makes a perfect fit for the phone body.

The Scratch Resistant Case for Huawei Honor 7X is made of Germany TPU material. This flexible and durable material gives soft and comfortable grip. The thickness is moderate and offers excellent protection with a soft touch.

With the precise cuts and openings let lets you have full access to the camera lens, user interface, and other functions. It offers scratch resistant protection with the slim and form fitted profile and construction.


Pros Cons
  • Available in four colors.
  • Great leather grip for extra grip on the case.
  • Slim and form fitted.
  • Feels like part of the phone.
  • Minor bumps and dents protection.




The Yooky Honor 7X Slim Case is the thin case with great protective hard shell cover. And the thing that we love the most about this case is great-feeling shiny surface at the back of the phone which also make the phone attractive.

The case carries beautiful, innovative and practical design. This Honor 7X Slim Case with the high-quality material gives full protection. It protects the phone from scratching, dropping and dust. With the precise cut, it also has ultra-slim and comfortable grip. The surface offers comfortable feeling.


Pros Cons
  • Available in five different color options.
  • Slim and form fitted.
  • Great sleek design.
  • Easy grip with comfy feeling.
  • Protection from minor impacts.



As with the previous Honor 7X cases models, KuGi Huawei Honor 7X Wallet Case is our favorite cowhide protective case for the Huawei Honor 7X smartphone. It offers enough coverage of the complete phone body to guard it well.

This Huawei Honor 7X Wallet Case is made of premium quality PU leather and high-quality PC material. It offers the large pocket for sufficient storage of documents and USB Sticks. It lets you access all the features and controls.

It offers thin slip, outstanding visual, and delicate texture. It protects the phone from dust, scratches, and damage. The case is backed by 30 days Return & Refund policy and six months of manufacturer’s warranty.


Pros Cons
  • Four color options.
  • 360-degree protection.
  • Stand function for a convenient watch of the screen.
  • Magnet closure for the safety of the essentials.
  • Bulky construction.




If you are looking for a clear case for your Huawei Honor 7X smartphone to maintain the beauty of your smartphone, the TopACE Clear Case for Hono7 7X is an excellent option for you. This case holds your latest phone very well while being protective.

This case is made of Silicone TPU case that is also great in soft to touch. It comes with precise cutouts and molding give full access to all ports. It offers secure grip and light in weight too. It protects the Huawei Honor 7X from the bumps, knocks, and scratches. The premium Matte TPU material gives an excellent grip.


Pros Cons
  • Keeps the original beauty of the phone.
  • Sleek looking finish.
  • Flexible to install with ease.
  • Light in weight.
  • Very thin to protect from only minor protection.


13J&D Tech

The J&D Tech, Huawei Honor 7X Skin Case, is the best compact and slim case around, with enough protective layer of the protection. We like the construction of the case because of the best matte build for the extra layer of grip.

This Huawei Honor 7X Skin Case is beautiful TPU rubber skin. The design is entirely protective with the easy access to all features. It gives protection from the accidental drop and scratch. It has Anti-slip functionality as well as good handling feelings.


Pros Cons
  • Available in four color options.
  • Easy to access all the ports.
  • Easy to install.
  • Looks stunning on the phone.
  • Thin profile keeps phone protective from minor impacts.



If you want a case that can hold your phone well with the beautiful construction but also want an excellent grip on it, then this Back Cover Case for Honor 7X is one of the best options. It is light in weight just like the most of the case here on this list.

This hard PC made case keeps the phone lightweight and scratch-free. It has slim fit design and pocket-friendly design as well. It adds grip finish on the back. With the precise cuts it lets, you have quick and easy accessibility.



Pros Cons
  • A grippy design on back.
  • Stunning design with the exceptional fit.
  • Slim and form fit.
  • Precise cuts and openings.
  • Only one color options.



If you have butter fingers and always get your phone fall off from your hands then you probably need a case that has the layer of the protective level is excellent then this Huawei Honor 7X Bumper Case from ANLI is for you.

This anti-stretch TPU rubber made the bumper case has covered corners that give full protection to the phone. It keeps away the phone from all the accidental bumps. The raised edges help protect phone screen as well. The smart design makes it shockproof, stylish, slim, and light-weight.



Pros Cons
  • Sleek design.
  • Great protection level.
  • Bumper corners.
  • Light in weight.
  • No other color option.



If you want another option in a clear case, then you really should take a look at this case. The brand offers excellent Honor 7X Transparent Slim Case provides superior protection layer than the earlier option that we have listed above.

This case is made of high-quality TPU material. The anti-slip TPU bumper provides more grip on surfaces. With the high protection, it gives the soft touch. It prevents shocks and drops from daily use. It has built-in air pocket with the anti-shock system for maximum shock-absorption.


Pros Cons
  • Super slim design.
  • Perfect fit with minimal bulk.
  • Maintains original look.
  • Protects the phone well.
  • Raised corners for extra protection layer.
  • Little hard to install.



Which one are they your choice for your Huawei Honor 7X smartphone? Tell us about it and share your experience with us here in the comments section.


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