6 Best Telescope Lenses for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus : Take Your Photography Game To Next Level

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When it comes to excellent photography, there is no doubt that both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus provides a great job. Much more, thanks to the latter’s dual camera setup,  so you can include few pretty fascinating effects to your photos, as well as the ability to zoom in quite a bit.

However, speaking about zoom, we all aware with that smartphone are horrible at doing this, since they are using digital zoom. Even if you use it just a bit, this will automatically ruin the quality of your photos. But don’t worry there is a solution, with that you can fix this. The solution is third party accessories.

We are talking about telescope lens of course! On Amazon, there are tons of models available, but just a few of them are worth buying, this is why we made a collection and put them on a top! Here are the best telescope Lenses for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that you can buy right now.

Best Telescope Lenses for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

1. Ariatech

The very first telephoto lens taking place in our top is Ariatech. It is a fascinating universal clip-on camera lens. That design fantastically that look great after installing it on iPhone 7. After all, iPhone is the great flagship of Apple that must require a lens that doesn’t compromise with the style factor of the iPhone 7.

With this iPhone telescope lens, you can experience great quality mobile photography by quickly transforming your iPhone into an instant telephoto camera lens. This premium quality universal clip-on telephoto camera lens includes 12x zoom telephoto lens and its military strength metal body suitable for your iPhone 7.

It’s portable, removable and state-of-the-art clip-on design attaches to almost every smartphone. This lens equipped with premium materials that guarantee optimum durability and functionality. It crafted with high-quality coated optical lens; this is about 28 x 73 mm in diameter.

With the superior quality aluminum metal body, you can experience high quality mobile photography. It even featured with the HD green coating optical glasses system.

Qable Powerz(TM) - Best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Camera Lens


  • Experience great quality mobile photography on you iPhone.
  • This premium quality universal clip-on telephoto camera lens.
  • It includes 12x zoom telephoto lens.
  • Offers military strength metal body.
  • The state-of-the-art clip-on design attaches any smartphone.
  • Equipped with premium materials for optimum durability and functionality.
  • The coated optical lens is about 28 x 73 mm in diameter.
  • An aluminum metal body.
  • Powered by HD green coating optical glasses system.


  • Cool little zoom function.
  • Small compact design that very easy to carry.
  • Look like incredibly great on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.
  • Masses picture if installed over a case.



2. Evershop

This iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Telescope Lens from Evershop is a professionally designed product, and hence it doesn’t compromise with your photography once after applied. It encased with the high-quality aluminum barrel, and all stainless steel material makes it look professional and even keep it secure from any harm.

This lens packed with a 10x zoom lens, and excellent for taking pictures or video of long distance subjects such as landscape, buildings, concerts, animal observation, travel and much more. It made of 5 layers of professional grade optical glass and covered in an aluminum barrel.

This lens kit comes along with a mini tripod with flexible legs, and mount as well that is perfect for hands-free photography. This is not it this package even includes phone holder and phone case for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and cases for few more smartphone.

Evershop 10X Telephoto Phone Lens with Tripod + Phone Holder + Cases


  • The 10x zoom lens captures excellent photos of landscape and a lot more.
  • The five layers of professional grade optical glass covered with aluminum barrel.
  • This kit packed with a mini tripod, a mount and phone holder for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


  • Impressive quality.
  • Velvet carrying pouch included.
  • It is compatible with the individual smartphone.
  • You can get it in Black, Rose Gold, and Silver color.
  • You can only use this lens with the case that is provided by the brand.
  • Photo quality depends on the phone pixels.


3. CamKix

One the entire list of the telescope lens is over, we might conclude that this telephoto lens from CamKix could be the best lens we came across. Well, this iPhone 7 telescope kit look very professional, because it looks pretty great and you will surely get noticed while using it. And talking about the superior quality of this lens is amazing at taking DSLR quality pictures.

This is a four in one lenses kit where it includes 12 zoom telephoto lens with the manual focus ring, macro lens, fisheye lens and even wide angle lens. All the lenses made from aluminum for optimized durability. The kit even includes Tripod, phone holder, lens holder ring, hard case bag and a cleaning cloth.

The universal holder can use with many different phones. It also features a standard tripod socket. Thus it can be utilized with most tripods and monopods.

CamKix® Lens Kit for Apple iPhone 7


  • Kit includes 12 zoom telephoto lens, fisheye lens, macro lens and wide angle lens.
  • All of them are aluminum made lenses.
  • The Tripod, phone holder, lens holder ring, hard case bag and a cleaning cloth even added.
  • The universal holder used by various phones.
  • The standard tripod socket for most tripods and monopods.


  • Super combo pack of four different lenses at an affordable price.
  • Tripod offers great hands-free capturing of objects with comfort.
  • Durable that don’t leave any scratch on your expensive phone.
  • The zoom function is not adjustable.
  • The case is quite tough to remove.



4. Youniker

At first, we thought that this was a small telescope, because of its size. However, the reality is that we are looking at incredible telescope lenses for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and this telephoto lens can deliver 18x optical magnification.

The lens itself is made of professional grade optical glass, making sure high-quality photos, being incredible for taking few quick snaps of your favorite moments. The 18X Magnification factor can turn your short-sighted iPhone into a telephoto.

Its high-quality optical glass captures sharper and cleaner pictures. And yes, it comes with a mini tripod with extended legs, and it is also compatible with certain other phones as well! So if you have any other phone, then you can use it with this tripod.

Youniker Optical Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 7 Plus


  • Made of professional grade optical glass.
  • Fantastic at taking few quick snaps of object or moment.
  • The 18X Magnification turns the short-sighted camera into a telephoto.
  • Captures sharper and cleaner pictures.
  • Mini tripod with extended legs compatible with other smartphones.


  • Excellent construction.
  • Great picture quality.
  • Captures sharper and detailed images.
  • Case in the pack is not universal.
  • Little expensive.

5. Apexel

Now, another modern telescope lens for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes in this list is Apexel lens kit. This kit is excellent offer for those who are seeking for all the lenses at one place. This is why we have picked this Telephoto lens that is a complete kit. And besides an only incredible pack of lenses, these lenses helps to capture great photos of any object and moment.

However, this kit comes with four lenses which include zoom telephoto lens, macro lens, fisheye lens, and wide-angle lens, all made from upgraded, high-quality glass. With four different lenses designed to enhance your iPhone’s images and you will always be able to find one to match the subject that you want to capture. Its clip-on system makes the installation very easy. Even the clip on the system is universal, so the lenses support a broad range of smartphones.

Apexel 4 in 1 12x Zoom Telephoto Lens + Fisheye + Wide Angle + Macro Lens with Phone Holder + Tripod


  • All the four lenses are great at capturing a great moment.
  • The kit includes four lenses.
  • Lenses made from upgraded, high-quality glass.
  • The clip-on system makes the installation easy.


  • Image quality is very satisfying.
  • Capture images professional photographer.
  • Great deal at the affordable price.
  • Fixed magnification.
  • However, Micro lens is quite hard to use.

6. M.Way

Moving on, we have another incredible telescope lenses for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This time with the friendlier look, but it doesn’t mean that it is not resistant! Besides this, M.Way equipped with a high-quality material shell that is light and effortless to carry.

This helps you enjoy the world of the photography and lets you discover the beauty of the virtual world so you can capture high-quality pictures. Its clip-on design makes the telescope lens better stable your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

This lens kit is even fit for many different smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, iPad, Tablet PC, and even Laptops. The fisheye lens in this kit can shoot about 180 degrees scene. Its super wide-angle lens can shoot the scenery sight that is capable of 10 times pretty impressive. And the macro lens can capture small object more clearly.

M.Way 4in1 10x Zoom Telephoto Fish Eye + Wide Angle + Micro Clip Lens


  • Being perfect for all those far away subject you wish to capture.
  • Its clip-on design fits perfectly to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Along with Zoom lens, you will also get a wide angle, a fisheye micro clip lens.
  • As for the zoom, it is capable of 10x that is pretty impressive.
  • Fisheye lens shoots 180 degrees scene.
  • The super wide lens is great for scenery sight shoot.
  • The Wide Lens is good to capture small object with excellent clarity.


  • Stay in place when concentrating the lenses.
  • No need to haul around the camera.
  • Telephoto can capture small object from 20+ feet away.
  • Magnification is quite poor.
  • Quite expensive.


We are done here! These are, in our opinion, the best telescope lenses for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users, perfect for all those who wish to take their smartphone photography to whole new level.

Tell us which telescope lens have you pick to extend your photography level.


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