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When it is about photography, there is no doubt that iPhone X is doing the best job. Moreover, it has a dual camera setup that can include pretty fascinating effects to the captured images, and not to mention but the ability of zooming in is quite a bit. But still zooming function is little horrible since they are using digital zoom. But fixing this issue for you, we are sharing a list of third-party telephoto lenses for the iPhone X.

We have examined a couple of telephoto lenses in which we have tried those lenses which are made for iPhone X and some of the compatible phone. After conducting hands-on testing while hiking as well as the road trip with all those different lenses. All this experience with all the telephoto lenses has led us to five best recommendations, and here they are listed.

Best Telescope Lenses for iPhone X

For an avid smartphone, photographers are always concerned about print-ready, top-quality and moment lenses which are worth the investment. And this telephone lens with pack few other lenses is undoubtedly the one pack that is worth to invest as well. With the telephoto lens, the brand offers a package of some excellent collection of lenses.

This five in one phone lens design offers 9X zoom lens, 180-degrees fisheye, 0.63X wide lens, 0.4X super wide lens and the Macro lens. This multifunctional designed lens is excellent for the convenient capturing the variety of the photos and videos.

It comes with aluminum alloy frames that enhances the durability of the lens and the light transmission as well to capture the brighter photos and videos right through your iPhone X smartphone.



Pros Cons
  • It even supports most of the other smartphones.
  • It captures clear pictures.
  • It works very well with the iPhone X camera.
  • And the extra zooming capabilities that it offers to the phone captures photos beyond imagination.
  • However, the brand says it supports iPhone 7, but it is not.
  • The quality of picture flashlight is little horrible.



If you are taking your iPhone X that snaps landscape view to capture detailed photos, we think this is another telephoto lens from Aceyoon will meet your needs. The affordable cost from any other lenses listed here. With the price around $9.98, this can be the affordable telephoto lens for most of the iPhone X owners.

With the 12X external telephoto camera lens to optimize the distance of the photography of your iPhone X. It changes the pixels of the iPhone camera and makes it more efficient. It is equipped with F2.0 aperture. However, the aperture of the phone is smaller than the F2.0 then the edges of the screen will have some dark at the corners. But thanks to the built-in telephoto lens it supports f2.4 aperture.

The separate clip makes the installation of this lens on the iPhone camera very easy, but if you want the best focal length, then you need to rotate the rubber ring that resides on the lens. The mini size of the telephoto lens maintains light profile to make its carry comfortable, and the mini size saves lots of space inside the bag or pocket.



Pros Cons
  • It carries universal design to set on most of the smartphones.
  • It can be used to see the scenery, watching concerts and so on.
  • The compact size of it can make the storage of it even in a small pocket.
  • Installing as well is easy.
  • On another device apart from iPhone X, it offers little disappointing result.
  • It can also scratch your phone a little bit at the back of it.


If you are merely looking for the easy way that helps you expand your iPhone’s camera capabilities than the original capabilities, Vorida clip-on lens sets are another excellent pick which is a little bit expensive but worth trying. The Vorida’s 2-in-1 Clip-On iPhone X Lenses kit set stands out among in market flooded with some of the similar options.

This two in one camera lens kit packed 12X telephoto lens and 198-degrees fisheye lens. In which telephoto lens is excellent at shooting portrait objects and distance subjects while the fisheye lens is excellent for capturing the dramatic rounded images and videos.

It is built with the waterproof plated membrane design that is equipped with IPX6 ratings, and besides that, it contains high-glass construction as well. The HD optical glasses system to capture distance photos with no-distortion. Even more, both the lenses are excellent reducing the glass flare and ghosting.



Pros Cons
  • It offers pretty good result.
  • It is lightweight and also holds the phone with the steady clip-on design.
  • You can enjoy capturing without any distortion.
  • The fisheye lens offers terrific and fascinating shooting.
  • The adopted imported optical glass keeps the picture quality HD.
  • It is a little bit difficult to install.
  • If you use it without a case, your expensive phone can get scratched even.



If you want to make your iPhone X smartphone most of the dual-lens system while investing a little bit of more money, the Shopping_Shop2000 puts three lenses into a single pack. But as we have mentioned before you need to pay for this telephoto lens kit for iPhone X is around $24.99 cost.

It includes 12X zoom focus telephoto lens, 0.45X wide angle, and macro lens. It is plenty of fun thing if there won’t be any pixel-peeing and with this lenses, you won’t get that. With it, you can get a zoom lens that will let you have excellent manual focusing and the wide and macro lens with enable you to have great landscape photography. It also supports universal compatibility.


Pros Cons
  • The design that this lens carries is beautiful.
  • It is a perfect fit with the iPhone X.
  • It contains the sturdy and protective design.
  • It is available in three different colors as well.
  • This is an expensive option for most of the users.
  • The front of the clip may scratch the screen of the phone.


If the budget isn’t a concern for you or you only want the best for your iPhone X’s built-in camera to give you the output with the best picture quality, the Tradeplus can become your pick. However, with this iPhone X telephoto lens, you won’t get any other lens, but one that it offers is all in one to grab the excellent picture.

The professional telephone lens has built-in 8X zoom and manual focus function. It built with high-quality plastic for increased durability and stylish and sleek appearance. It is simple and easy to use while giving the 246 meter of vision distance. The design lets you watch the bird, football or basketball and much more.



Pros Cons
  • It is packed with all sleek and stylish design.
  • The attractive design makes it the center of the attraction while installing.
  • It offers high-resolution picture quality.
  • It also lets you take super quality videos.
  • Lens easily can get scratched.
  • It can quickly get dusty.



Which one is your pick? Does it offer the best quality picture? Share your experience with us here in the comments section.


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