Best LG G6 Accessories That You Must Have

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Hope you check out the list of Best LG G6 Wallet Cases, Kickstand Cases, Clip Holster Cases, Leather Cases, and even its Best Screen Protectors. And now we are bringing a list of the Best LG G6 accessories. Here you will find almost every accessory that is relevant to your LG G6 smartphone.

Get the best accessories out them from this exclusive list in which you will find a case, protector, and a lot more that suits your valuable smartphone with style. So don’t look anywhere else and find that satisfies your need.

Best LG G6 Accessories

1. Encased Desktop LG G6 Charging Dock

As your LG G6 is very stylish and pro looking it is essential that you have one charging dock that looks stylish while putting that on your office desktop or at home. Here we have brought charging dock from Encased, which will offer the luxurious look with the high charging compatibility. This sleek looking charging dock charged your LG G6 very well.

If you want your LG G6 smartphone to act as a nightstand at the night when it charges or if you wish to ensure that charging your device that does not look like a mess, then you surely get this an LG G6 charging dock/station.

Apart from your LG G6 smartphone, this charger is compatible with all those devices which are USB Type C enabled. So, if you have other devices those are Type C enabled at your home, this charging station can work as a universal charger for them. This is case compatible charging dock so no need to remove the case.

LG G6 Desktop Charging Dock


  • Type-C compatible charging that ensures your smartphone always juiced.
  • Even lets you sync your phone with your computer using the inbuilt cable.
  • Case-compatible design allows the connector to reach your phone via nearly all case designs.
  • Quick charger makes sure to quickly charge your smartphone.


  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent and reliable charging dock.
  • Makes your phone easily accessible while charging.
  • The phone fits well even with the case on.
  • Just a basic charging, not the fast charging.



2. Sojitek Car Mount Dash Holder

If you tend to use your LG G6 smartphone to navigate around in your car, then you must get a car mount for your LG G6. The LG G6 car mount that we are listed here is from Sojitek. This is a wireless mount that has Qi standards.

Along with LG G6, it even perfectly fits with few other smartphones. Just fix this mount in the air vent of your case, and this will provide you the best angles to work. This mount even featured with the facility of Qi Standard wireless charging for all the Qi-enabled devices.

So overall in any case if you forgot to carry a charger to juice up your phone then this car mount be there for you. And it will quickly juice up your smartphone. This is even easier to unmount it.

SOJITEK Wireless Charger For LG G6


  • The slide and lock power for quickly remove it from the car holder from AC vent
  • It won’t be any harm to your blade vents.
  • The Qi Standard wireless charging charges the phone as well.
  • It allows you to view your phone from the dashboard safely.
  • You use it from any angle using the swivel ball head that allows 360-degree rotation.
  • The adjustable fit lets you simply pull your phone holder grips wide open.
  • With this mount, the brand even offers USB Charging USB cable with this pack.
  • This car mount is easy to mount and unmount.


  • Work perfectly and the super strong suction cup.
  • Beautiful and compact size.
  • Charges fairly fast.
  • The locking mechanism is enough easy to use and sturdy.
  • The wireless charging is quite finicky.
  • Quite costly.



3. GreatShield LG G6 Bike Mount Holder

We have another mount which is for the bikes and motorcycles, but you can even use it for your cycle. This time we are bringing Greatshield which is entirely adjustable with 360-degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape view. This bike mount is just like as it names. There are some incredibly great features which are listed below.

The construction of this LG G6 bike mount is very sturdy, and it will hold your phone still and keep it safe from any impact. The secure clip grip mounting system securely holds your phone and keep in the same place.

You can even you this LG G6 mount on a motorcycle, so that if you are bike lover and love to go on a road trip, then this mount will prove to be the best companion for your high-end smartphone like LG G6. Once mount this on your bike along with your smartphone you will forget all the worry regarding your cell phone.

GreatShield Bike Mount for LG G6


  • It has secure clip grip mounting system that securely holds your phone in place.
  • Completely rotatable multi-angle rotating holster that twists up to 360 degrees.
  • The large suction cup safely sticks to any flat and smooth surface.
  • This is a universal bike mount that supports a wide range of smartphone.


  • Ultra compact.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • High temperature resistant.
  • Easy installation.
  • Does not firmly mount to standard sized specialized handlebars.


4. Trianium Armband

With the fitness apps and the services integrated into the smartphones, we can’t part ways from our devices even when we are working out. This is where the fitness armband comes in handy that helps us carry our smartphone with us even when in extreme workout.

If you are exercise freak and love to please yourself with the music while you are burning your fat. Then check out this LG G6 armband from Trianium brand. It is made from best neoprene material. It is probably the great armband for LG G6 smartphone. If you want to buy an armband that is water and sweat proof even in the gym conditions, then this armband can become your choice.

This armband comes in eight different and vibrant colors that offer you great color combination as per your choice.

Trianium Armband for LG G6


  • Made from the extremely durable material like stretch resistant neoprene.
  • It is lightweight so that you won’t feel any extra burden on your arm.
  • It is touchscreen compatible that lets you enjoy the complete use of your phone.
  • It is water resistant that protects against water and sweat.
  • The brand even offers a lifetime warranty.


  • Amazingly durable product.
  • Lightweight and breathable material.
  • Easy access to the phone functions over the plastic cover.
  • Even if it is a universal armband, it is way too big for another smartphone.


5. iFox Bluetooth Speaker

While some of the smartphones are pack with the great speakers, there are some of the phones which just offer lackluster sound quality. In this case, it’s always great to get a portable Bluetooth speaker for LG G6 which you can carry around with at most ease to your different trips.

However, LG G6 comes with a loudspeaker that gives great sound experience along with all the sound quality. But still, if you love to have some extra sound effect that adds extra quality to the sound than what could be the better partner for your LG G6 be than this iFox Bluetooth speakers?

Get the smart gadget with you and pair it with your smartphone like LG G6. This Bluetooth speaker for LG G6 is outstanding that is water resistant. Other than this there are few more amazing features that you can’t resist. So here they are.

iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker for LG G6


  • It has an inbuilt mic for showers, baths, swimming pools, indoor use and boats too.
  • You can even answer incoming phone call through the inbuilt high-quality microphone
  • So there is no need to touch your phone screen at all.
  • It is featured with a complete control panel.
  • The control panel lets you remotely play or pause, next or back, and receive phone calls.
  • The special suction cup design of the speaker sucks on any flat surfaces like a wall, desk and so on.


  • Easy to connect with any Bluetooth devices.
  • Siri compatible.
  • Incredible battery life.
  • Little costly.


6. Whitelabel Bluetooth Headphones

Most of the smartphones come with the ear headphones that are just fine but not that much great. However, if you are a person which is a music aficionado, then the headphone should be the first accessory that you will get at a very decent price. When it comes to Bluetooth headphones, the Whitelabel Bluetooth headphone is arguably the best of the lot.

The Bluetooth headphone for LG G6 from Whitelabel brand for your smartphone is completely flexible to use. All you need is to connect your smartphone with this smart Bluetooth Headphones and wear it over the head, and then you can enjoy your favorite music for hours. If you are fond of Bluetooth headphones that let you enjoy hands-free music then that will prove to be the best wireless headphone.

White Label Bluetooth Headphones for LG G6


  • Featured with 4.0 stereo headphones for the wireless music streaming.
  • The Active Noise Cancellation technology satisfies your requirement during life, travel, and work.
  • It enhances listening experience by offering the sound of exceptional quality.
  • Easy one touch pairing with NFC technology.
  • Even you can never miss a call by auto switching between music and calls.
  • The ultra-soft over the ear pads with adjustable headband.


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Tons of connection options.
  • Cool looking design.
  • Earpieces only cover ears rather than fitting over them.

7. Spigen LG G6 Tough Armor Case

Well, your expensive smartphone protection is crucial, so here we bring best of the case that is provided by Spigen. As we all know that Spigen is one of the most trusted names in smartphone accessories, and this is the reason that we are picking up this best case that is made especially for the LG G6.

As often, the rugged armor look of this Spigen case automatically provides you the feeling of protection. And when a name attached like Spigen, this case certainly is fantastic to give total protection to your LG G6. Its dual layer protection is a combination of TPU and PC. The reinforced kickstand with raised lips protects the screen and the camera.

The precise cutouts will always make sure that you can get quick and easy access to all the functions like buttons, camera, and ports. The raised lips of this case will ensure that your phone’s screen and camera of it remain scratch-proof even while it is placed upside down.

Spigen LG G6 Kickstand Case


  • This heavy duty case offers dual-layer protection.
  • It is made from TPU cover and PC back.
  • It is reinforced kickstand with raised lips protects screen and camera.
  • The mil-grade protection with Air-cushion technology makes it anti-shock protection.
  • The precise cutouts will let you access all the port and functions with ease.


  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Great construction.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • A little bit costly.


8. Sparin Screen Protector

If your valuables body needs to be protected, then your phone’s screen should also need to be protected. Here comes the screen protector from SPARIN that is made from 100% tempered glass. SPARIN screen protectors are always trustworthy as they are made out of the best quality tempered glass film.

The SPARIN LG G6 tempered glass screen protectors are always honest as the screen protectors are made from the high quality tempered glass film. This LG G6 screen protector from the SPARIN has the highest grade 9H toughness with the thickness of 0.3mm that means your LG G6’s screen will get the best possible protection against scratches and any impact.

With it, you will get multi-layer protection against scrapes, scratches, and dust. It offers smooth and natural feel of the touchscreen. You will get two screen protector in the single pack while paying just for one. In any case, if you want to replace the screen protector you will have another option for the screen protector.

SPARIN Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG G6


  • The installation of it on your smartphone will be bubble free.
  • Long lasting protection against scratches and dust.
  • Intelligent multi-layer protects the phone against scrapes, dust, and scratches.
  • It is smoother than plastic.
  • It is just 0.3mm thick, so it won’t add any bulk to your phone’s screen.
  • Offers clear vision that offers HD quality of an image.
  • That comes with hassle-free lifetime warranty.


  • Fits the phone substantially.
  • Covered almost entire screen.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very nice quality.
  • The top corners can be cracked after few days of use.


9. FosPower Car Charger

While you can always use the portable chargers, and carrying it with you like all the time, this can be hassle moment. So, if you want to charge your LG G6 smartphone while you are on the go, then we recommend you to get a car charger. Like many other accessories on this list, there is no lack of great car chargers. We are here presenting FosPOwer Car Charger.

This car charger is the last accessory of this list that most of the people want while they are driving on a long root. If you always love to drive a lot, then this accessory is must have to you. It is Type-C plug that has the latest technology and hence your smartphone will remain safe while it is undercharging.

It packed with DC5V/2.4A and DC5V/3A or 27W of power with the fast charging cycle. The WizCharge TM mechanism to automatically charge your device optimally. The built-in LED that lights up when the car charger is ready for use. With it, you can quickly charge up your smartphone, and even you can use your phone while it connected to the car charger.

  • High-speed charging.
  • Excellent quality fits and finish.
  • Nice compact high capacity with additional USB-A port.
  • Quite expensive.


What Now?

Just go for this accessories and take that fulfil your needs. And wait!!! Don’t forget to share your experience with us because we love to hear from you that how it goes well for you?


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