9 Best LG G6 Kickstand Cases: Prefer To Have Fabulous Landscape View

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Purchasing a new kickstand cover for the LG G6 smartphone is never an easy task. We understand that you consider the protection of your most valuable phone that will be with you soon. However, when you try to purchase a kickstand because your supreme aim is to view videos or movies with ease, the selection could make you confused. To minimize your confusion we have collected the best of the kickstand for your LG G6 smartphone.

Here we have offered some of the quality and best-looking kickstand cases, and you can quickly select the one which you like the most. Even we have taken the case of the protection and budget part on equal terms. So all you need to do is to go through this article and pick any one of them which you wish to purchase.

Best LG G6 Kickstand Cases

1. Spigen

Spigen kickstand case for LG G6 specially designs for those who love to keep their phone stylish yet protective from any drops and scratches. This slim case is good looking that allows you enjoy hands-free viewing of your favorite movies and videos. Besides that, there are few more incredible features that this case offers.

The Spigen LG G6 kickstand case offers great protection around the LG G6 smartphone. There is a built-in kickstand that situated at a perfect angle for the optimum viewing position. Even the design of this case is pocket-friendly.

The cutouts of this LG G6 case are so precise that you won’t have any issue while accessing any button and port. The material used is TPU and PC that offers soft touch feeling and hard against any impacts. The case provides Mil-Grade protection along with Air-Cushion Technology to make this case anti-shock.

Spigen LG G6 Case with Kickstand


  • This heavy-duty case made from TPU cover and PC back.
  • The High Pro Shield offers dual layer safety with the Air-Cushion technology.
  • It provides anti-shock protection as this case has passed the military grade security test.
  • This tough armor case is packed with protective requirements in an ergonomic profile.
  • The design makes it pocket-friendly.
  • The precise cuts will let easy access to all the buttons and ports.


  • Sturdy yet offers a great look.
  • Barely adds the bulk to your phone.
  • It is elegant, functional and perfect fit to LG G6.
  • Doesn’t featured with the Anti-slip mechanism.


2. Vigeer

Vigeer has often committed itself to offer fashion and superior products along with the end-users. Hence you can enjoy the leisure shopping experience at the same time. This low-cost case, single-piece construction LG G6 kickstand case is extremely sturdy looking and offers ultimate protection against any regular impacts.

This case provides a particular slot in the LG G6 case in which you can carry a single credit or debit card, ID card or license. It made out of premium soft TPU and premium PU leather material that make it best protective case and even great to hold as well.

This easy to install and remove case is easy to clean too if you wish. This case includes an additional protection layer that protects the phone from scratches and damages. It also carrying convenience that is given by the material. For hands-free viewing, they offer kickstand which is designed in such way that it protects the card as well.

Vigeer Shockproof Kickstand Case for LG G6


  • This case specially designed for the LG G6 smartphone.
  • Made of premium TPU and premium PU.
  • The quality material construction offers full degree protection.
  • It offers kickstand and card slot.
  • Offers lifetime warranty with 100% customer satisfaction.


  • Very low at cost.
  • Available for great color choices.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Shockproof and looks perfect on LG G6.
  • After installing it on the phone feels a little bit heavy.


3. Remex

The Remex is one of the established brand mostly famous for cases and covers for smartphones. If you want an LG G6 kickstand case that is stylish, sturdy and fits accurately to your phone, then this case is perfectly made for you. The case is very durable and strong enough to take any kind of impacts. This case is specially designed for your LG G6.

This case offers you four distinguish designed corners. To build this design there is one single reason, it will prevent any damage that may occur from drops. Not only the style of protection, but the corners will even absorb the external heat, so your smartphone remains cool.

The LG G6 case covers the complete body of your smartphone, this means your phone is protected from any scratch and dirt. This case is also non-slippery. The durable PC gives maximum protection for your LG G6. The 360-degree rotating kickstand will always give you comfortable angles whenever you wish to watch videos and movies.

Remex Heavy Duty LG G6 Kickstand Case


  • The case offers four corner design.
  • The unusual design prevents accidental drops.
  • Made of durable, high-quality PC material that provides maximum protection for your LG G6.
  • It is dual layer Hybrid Armor Defender case that comes with 360 degrees rotating kickstand.
  • The spider design in the inner layer is design for heat dissipation.


  • Excellent quality with good price.
  • Sturdy and reasonably stylish.
  • Featured with the non-slip mechanism.
  • Snug fit.
  • Adds little bulk to your phone.


4. Tessera

Tessera rugged heavy duty hybrid armor kickstand case for LG G6 is suitable for those who want most of the protection from heavy damage along with the facility of the kickstand. This case will give you extra protection to your LG G6. And the best part of this case is that it offers dual layer protection to your smart gadget.

The kickstand case has a second generation armor protection design. This is the reason that you can easily trust on the security that this case offers. The outer layer of this LG G6 case is a hard shell that gives the body of the phone protection against scratches, dirt or fingerprint. The soft TPU inside the case will ensure that any shock absorbed correctly.

The LG G6 kickstand cover works smart when you wish to watch movies or videos. The slim fit design adds minimal bulk to your LG G6. The brand also offers one year warranty for the case so that you can stay worried free regarding the performance of this case. If there is any issue, you can replace it and get a brand new kickstand case in return.

Tessera Slim Fit Kickstand Case for LG G6


  • This dual layer Armor case is slim forming fit and rugged dual layered TPU kickstand case.
  • It protects the smartphone from maximum scratches and external impact.
  • This comfortable, lightweight case has a sleek design.
  • The smart design protects without including extra bulk to your phone.
  • This case comes with higher edges to protect your LG G6 screen.
  • It offers one year manufacturer warranty.


  • Good build quality.
  • Shock absorption and slim fit profile.
  • Kickstand operates smoothly.
  • Works well with Qi wireless charging.
  • A bit of costly.



SCIMIN LG G6 kickstand phone case is a premium quality and sleek design for LG G6 smartphone that made of high-quality material. This case is specially designed for your LG G6 smartphone, so you can easily access all the functions. The great thing about this LG G6 phone case is it featured with swivel kickstand that offers comfortable viewing.

The design of this is just like Remex kickstand that provides the similar features. This case is very sturdy and works just like any other kickstand case those are listed here in this list. If you want to give utmost protection to your phone, then this case is definitely for you.

  • Slim fitting design adds no bulk.
  • Raised bezel protects the screen of your smartphone.
  • Available only in five colors, which is a low range of colors.

6. Belk

This dual layer LG G6 kickstand case is available as a premium quality case to offers protection to your latest LG G6 device. If you are looking for genuine and best quality protective case with some fantastic features, then you should purchase this case for your LG G6. It seems more beautiful than in the image.

This case from well-known brand offers great LG G6 kickstand case with a slot where you can easily put your credit or debit card or license or ID card. It precisely designs for LG G6; no other smartphone will fit in the case.

The hard and durable PC outer shell with wire-drawing crafts that gives maximum anti-scratch, anti-slip and anti-fingerprint protection. The inner soft TPU construction along with the high impact bumper will always keep your smartphone protected from shocks, drops, and bumps. The raised cutouts design also makes sure that openings like camera are even well protected.

  • Dual layer protection for extreme effect.
  • Quite low in cost.
  • Available in five different colors.
  • Add some more bulk to your phone.
  • Only one card slot.


7. Style4U

Another posh looking kickstand case here for LG G6 which is also a very protective case that is always ready to protect your smartphone from any scratch. The particular design for LG G6 ensures that no other smartphone can fit in this case. The ring holder LG G6 kickstand case makes it part of this kickstand case will let you enjoy different angle viewing with various position and make your viewing more comfortable.

From the other LG G6 kickstand phone cases on this list, this case from Style4U is different because with the transparent PC backplate and TPU made bumper this lets you have a simple case for your smartphone anytime you want. And if you love to watch the movie, you can just attach the ring kickstand and enjoy your hands-free viewing.

Style4U Scratch Resistant LG G6 Case with Kickstand


  • Constructed from premium quality TPU bumper that absorbs shock.
  • The PC shell is hard to scratch resistant for good protection.
  • The high-grade material combined with shock absorbing mechanism.
  • The clear PC backplate shows off your LG G6 with smart clarity.
  • The ultra thin design with the perfect fit to keep the original size and weight of the phone.
  • Premium coating provides excellent grip.


  • Slim and lightweight profile.
  • Full access to functionality.
  • Easy and quick access to ID touch and camera.
  • 360-degree ring holder kickstand.
  • No interesting color choices.



8. Zizo

The Zizo kickstand case for LG G6 smartphone is masterfully built, and it looks great as well. It colored in beautiful Blue and Black. This kickstand certainly, jumps out among many LG G6 kickstand cases. Not only the beautiful color but it comes along with the Screen protector for LG G6. What else could be this great?

Moreover, this case is colored in beautiful Blue and Black, this factor makes this kickstand stand out among many kickstand cases. Not only the beautiful color, but it is also built by a sturdy shell material which will keep the scratches away always. And this case has even passed the Military Grade Drop Test so that your phone remains safe even if its meet 12 feet high drop or fall.

Zizo Best LG G6 Kickstand Case


  • This bolt series kickstand case is Military Grade Drop tested.
  • It is certified to protect your phone.
  • With up to 7 different color variation of full range of color choices.
  • Equipped with an inbuilt kickstand to let you enjoy hands-free viewing.
  • With the 9H hardness compatibility, the screen protector is 0.33mm thick.
  • The Screen protector provides extreme protection to your smartphone’s screen.


  • Supports wireless charger such as Qi standard charger.
  • Equipped with belt clip.
  • Amazing color range.
  • Little costly.
  • Adds bulk.


This is the great collection of LG G6 kickstand cases which are made precisely for the all new LG G6 smartphone. Do let us know that which one became your choice. You can share your experience here in the comments section.


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