10 Best screen protectors for LG G6: Provide Protection to Your Smartphone with HD Quality

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For any smartphone, security of their screen is a must. And this is the reason that we have created this list of the Best Screen Protectors for LG G6 just for you.

All of the screen protectors are made from a premium quality material, and most of them are having tempered glass material or protective films. And the great thing is that they are having top rated 9H hardness so that your smartphone’s screen remains secured from scratches and any other harm.

To get the multi-purpose protection for your LG G6’s screen picks one of these screen protectors.

Best LG G6 Screen Protector

1. Ringke

Let’s begin our exclusive list for the best LG G6 Screen Protectors with a product from the popular brand in smartphone accessories, Ringke.

These screen protectors are very easy to install and remove without leaving any residue once after the removal of it. This screen protector covers the whole area of LG G6’s screen, and can easily adjust to any cases which prevent your device from side lifting.

Ringke - The Best LG G6 Screen Protector


  • This screen protector is specially designed for LG G6.
  • It ensures maximum resolution for HD display and still preserves the natural clearness and brightness.
  • Complete protection from scratches, dust, and dirt.
  • This film is case compatible and covers friendly.
  • It is made from non-color changing Japanese PET film that offers bubble free adhesive for easy installation.
  • It is a pack of 4 films that includes fiber cloth, smoothing card, dust removal sticker as well as installation instructions.


  • Lasting clear quality.
  • The brilliant HD quality featured with non-discoloration properties.
  • It is a package of film, dust removal sticker and squeegee card. So no surf for accessories to clean the screen protector.

2. Yootech

The screen protector of LG G6 that we are furnishing now is the highest quality tempered glass and anti-scratch. You can trust this film to secure your LG G6’s screen as it is mainly designed for LG G6.

  • It is anti-scratch glass.
  • The bubble free mechanism makes the installation excellent.
  • Ultra-clear that lets you enjoy the essential viewing of the movies and videos.
  • It is Shatterproof.
  • Unique design offers delicate touch.
  • After some use the glass might get shatter.




3. Supershieldz

Supershieldz is another brand that you can trust; this is the reason that it got placed on this list of the best screen protector for LG G6.

Supershieldz also offers a lifetime warranty. So now feel free about this product as just in case if you are not satisfied with it, you can even return or replace it at any point in time.

Supershieldz (2-Pack) LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector,


  • Supershieldz will offer your LG G6’s screen highest quality tempered glass.
  • It is featured with bubble-free installation and even with the residue-free removal.
  • Anti-scratch and Anti-Fingerprint technology prevent from oily substances.
  • The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating protects the screen against sweat and oil reduce from fingerprints.
  • The 9H hardness tempered glass maintains 99.99% HD clarity and even the original touch experience of your device’s screen.


  • High-quality glass even protects from high impacts.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Covers full screen of the phone and provides total protection.
  • As it covers the complete display, the case edges push against the sides of the glass.


4. Sparin

If you want to purchase the best LG G6 screen protector than what could be the best than this screen protector from one of the market leader in smartphone accessories, Sparin.

The screen protector is very easy to install and remove, and it won’t leave any residue when removed.

SPARIN LG G6 Screen Protector, 2 PACK LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector


  • The premium tempered glass is precisely cut that don’t cover the from facing camera lens.
  • The 9H Japanese imported hardness tempered glass is three times stronger than standard film.
  • Get protection from scratches and scuffs.
  • It has a very thin profile with the thickness of 0.3, so you can enjoy original screen experience.
  • Easy align frame makes installation easy and careful in a single snap.
  • Get the highest transparency and touch sensitivity that is two and half time smoother than another pet film.


  • Great fit for LG G6 screen protector and cover almost entire screen.
  • Works fantastic.
  • Let you enjoy HD clarity of the movies and videos.
  • Anchor stickers don’t stick to the protector, but they leave a residue on the phone.


5. Armorsuit

Another popular in screen protectors manufacturing is bringing its product to secure your LG G6 screen.

This is another brand in this list that offers hassle-free lifetime replacement warranty. So you can feel free if you are not satisfied in any case with this screen protector then you can replace it anytime.

ArmorSuit LG G6 Screen Protector (Full Coverage)


  • This is a self-healing film.
  • Get the ultra-HD picture quality from this military shield film.
  • Loaded with scratch-proof, optically clear, ultra-proof, military-grade, and yellow-resistant material.
  • This screen protector made up from highest quality military grade material which is scratchproof, ultra-tough, optically transparent and fingerprints and yellow resistant.
  • With edge-to-edge protection, it offers complete protection.
  • It significantly reduces dust, oil and fingerprints smudges.


  • Amazingly thin but still protects from any damages.
  • Ultra HD clarity.
  • Lint-free cloth helps you wipe the screen.
  • It is self-healing tempered glass.
  • The only one downside of this tempered glass is you will get only one screen protector while some brands offer pack of the screen protectors with the similar price.

6. amFilm

What makes this amFilm Screen Protector different from the others? It is that it has 2.5D rounded edges and this means that you will have a smooth fill on your finger tips from the corners. It also has ultra-thin 0.33 mm thickness that is reliable and resilient and also promises complete compatibility with the touchscreen.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG G6 2.5D Rounded Edge


  • Just in one pack, you will get two screen protectors with the squeeze card, micro-fiber cleaning cloth, and installation guide in just one pack.
  • It is highly durable and scratch resistant along with the best surface of 9H hardness.
  • Oleophobic coating to keep the fingerprints impressions away.
  • 9% transparency to always offers optimal and natural viewing experience.


  • Covers phone screen very well.
  • Easy installation.
  • Leave no bubble during installation.
  • While removal of the screen protector it leaves a string of glue around the edge.

7. iSmooth

Get all the best possible protection for the screen protector of your LG G6 smartphone. It is made from the ultra-tough tempered glass that will maintain your screen intact from any high impact drops, and this will also not scratches on them.

iSmooth LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector


  • It is specially designed for LG G6.
  • Crafted with the premium Japanese Asahi Glass that offers excellent resistance from scratches, hits, dirt, dings, dust and drops.
  • Gives maximum transparency and high responsiveness.
  • 99% HD clarity lets you enjoy initial viewing.
  • Zero smudge feature will resist oil residue for any substance.


  • Top notch screen protector that provides top notch protection to the LG G6 screen protector.
  • Very tough and sturdy.
  • Bubble free installation provides excellent responsiveness to the screen.
  • It is quite expensive.



8. Gpel

The screen protector we are furnishing here is incredible and very tough so that you will get the great protection for the LG G6 screen. With this extraordinary screen protector, you will also get 30 days money back guarantee from the Gpel brand.

GPEL Real Tempered Glass for LG G6


  • Made of Japanese Asahi glass that undergone with the specialized chemical tempering.
  • Protection against extreme protection.
  • HD clarity gives great natural viewing.
  • Oleophobic coating prevents excessive fingerprinting and oil stains.


  • Case friendly screen protector that covers the entire screen.
  • Provides precise cutouts for the camera and earpiece.
  • Easy installation.
  • Leaves little stains in the display during the time of removal.


9. Spigen

A screen protector for LG G6 from Spigen is having lifetime replacement warranty. Thus, if you find any issue with this screen protector, you can just get the hassle-free replacement of it anytime. However, the quality of this tempered glass is very superior, and one can trust that he/she won’t require any replacement ever.

Spigen LG G6 Screen Protector Tempered Glass / 2 Pack / 9H Hardness / Case Friendly


  • The quality of this screen protector is the world class 9H hardness so besides that getting the robust protection from scratching; you will even get the scuff proof security as well.
  • The tempered glass has extreme clarity that preserves the original screen brightness.
  • It protects and maintains touchscreen sensitivity and responsiveness.


  • Buy for one and get two screen protectors in a single pack.
  • There is no need to purchase any extra accessories for this screen protectors; it comes with screen wipes, lint free cloth, dust removal stickers.
  • The instruction manual allows easy installation.
  • Bubble free mechanism.
  • No rainbow effect on the screen.
  • If you attempt to readjust will ruin the silicone adhesive layer and will look awful.




10. Mr Shield

Finishing this great list of screen protector for LG G6 with another piece of protective film by Mr. Shield that is very well known in the smartphone accessories’ world. The brand is taking a case that you get the optimum protection, so the cuts are precise, and so along with the security, you will even get easy access to all the ports and buttons.

  • Very cheap at cost.
  • Perfectly fits the screen.
  • Covers the screen well.
  • No bubbles, easy installation.
  • Not shatterproof.


Hope you like this list of the best screen protector for LG G6. When you buy one of them, do let us know about it here in the comments section.


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