Best LG Q6 Screen Protectors

LG’s new Q6 is a mini version of LG G6 which has been launched by the brand earlier in 2017. This gorgeous handset comes with 5.5-inch display with touch functionality and 13 mega pixel camera. The screen of this handset is so delicate and offers extreme touch sensitivity. So that to keep the screen touch sensitivity of this smartphone is essential.

Here we have compiled an exclusive list of eight screen protectors those are a perfect fit and very protective for the LG Q6. So don’t wait anymore and no need to go anywhere else while you have found an excellent collection of the Best LG Q6 screen protectors here in this article.

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG Q6

AquaShield offers industry leading screen protector with the hardness of 9H. This screen protector from the well-known brand is precisely designed to protect the screen from scratches, scrapes, dents, and dirt that would harm your phone screen. It offers 99.9% of ultra-crystal clarity.

It is thin, yet it is durable, this screen protector gives edge-to-edge protection without adding any bulk. A UV-resistant layer avoids yellowing to ensure that the display of your phone remains crystal clear while offering the improved viewing experience. Experience friction-less is wiping with Aqua Shield screen protector. However, the unique silicone adhesive layer makes sure you have hassle-free and bubble-free installation.


Pros Cons
  • It is a very thin screen protector.
  • It maintains fabulous touch accuracy.
  • The thickness of the screen protector doesn’t add any bulk.
  • Installation of this screen protector is easy.
  • It offers protection only from the usual scratches and dents.
  • It is expensive as well.


The Wimaha brand offers precisely made a screen protector for the LG Q6 with complete coverage. This screen protector is easy to install and remove while leaving no residue at the time of removal. It offers 9H hardness protection to the screen.

Since this tempered glass screen protector for LG Q6 has 2.5D rounded edges, it makes the tempered glass hard. It makes the screen protector clear that manages to cover all the curved edges. The Wimaha LG Q6 screen protector is super thin about 0.3mm and provides excellent resistance to the scuffs and scratches. This screen protector comes in a pack of 2 while at a price of one. So in any case, if you break the tempered glass using it for a long time you can use another glass to protect your phone screen.

The screen protector also offers 99% of HD retina clarity transparency, and it is also coated with the Hydrophobic and Oleophobic layer to prevent smudges and oil residue.


Pros Cons
  • It offers crystal clear view.
  • It is sturdy and durable as well.
  • This screen protector can maintain the original touch.
  • A quite complicated installation.


Supershieldz is also a big name in screen protectors manufacturing. This brand is featuring its products to secure your expensive smartphone LG Q6’s screen. The brand offers a pack that comes with two screen protector. The brand also offers lifetime replacement warranty with the pack of the screen protector.

The Supershieldz screen protectors for LG Q6 are very easy and effortless to install on the smartphone screen and even very easy to remove too. It offers bubble-free installation. This 9H hardness screen guard provides 99.99% HD clarity that also maintains the original touch of the phone screen. This strong screen protector is anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch as it equipped with Oleophobic and Hydrophobic coated layer.



Pros Cons
  • It is effortless to install and remove.
  • The brand SuperShieldz guarantees the protection from any scratch or fingerprint.
  • It offers crystal clear clarity.
  • However, it gives halo effect all around the screen protector.


This package from Tauri comes with three pieces of screen protectors. All of them are made from HD ballistic tempered glass. All the three of them are made highly durable and even scratch resistant.

The precise laser cut tempered glass comes with round polished edges. The edges ensure that no edge chips while you are using. The screen protector offers 99.99% ultra-clarity and touches accuracy. The brand guarantees the bubble-free and easy installation. The package comes with lifetime replacement warranty.



Pros Cons
  • Three screen protector while paying for only one.
  • It offers bubble-free Adhesive for easy install.
  • It comes with lifetime warranty.
  • It is an explosion proof film.
  • It doesn’t cover the sides of the phone.



IQShield one of the famous brand that offers top quality tempered glass for Moto Z2 Force’s screen to help you prevent the scrapes and scratches from the drops, falls or other hard substances. This screen protector is constructed from the Ballistic tempered glass that makes this screen protector shatterproof. It is coated with two coating Hydrophobic and Oleophobic to protect the screen from sweat, oil, and fingerprints. The screen protector offers 99.9% transparency for HD picture clarity.

The screen protector comes with 9H hardness. The toughness of this screen protector provides excellent protection against abrasion and scratching. The 0.33mm thick adds no bulk to the screen of your LG Q6. And it also packed with unique silicone adhesive for quick installation with no hassle. At the time of installation, it prevents the dust and bubble. It also maintains the perfect touch and response of the screen.



Pros Cons
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It doesn’t add much bulk to the screen.
  • It protects against hard substances.
  • It offers HD clarity of the picture.
  • However, it leaves the sides of the screen.


KuGi another brand that offers precisely designed screen protector for LG’s new flagship LG Q6. Just like most of the other screen protector in this list, this screen protector as offers 9H hardness tempered glass. The screen protector also provides 99.9% HD retina clarity while maintaining the touch accuracy of the display.

There is only single screen protector in a pack. But one screen protector works two times much stronger; it prevents smudge and fingerprint as it coated with the oleophobic and hydrophobic layer. The coating also makes it easy to clean the screen guard. It is 100% bubble free screen protector that allows easy adherence to the phone screen.



Pros Cons
  • It is thin but very sturdy.
  • It adds no bulk to the phone.
  • It offers HD retina clarity.
  • It only prevents the little impact.
  • It is little expensive as there is only one screen protector.

If you are worried about people going peek at your smartphone’s display at the time you use then no worries anymore. Here we brought the Anti-spy screen protector from Mr. Shield. The brand offers privacy screen protector. However, there is one best thing of this screen protector that it ultimately restricts the angles of viewing to make sure that only you’re able to see the screen.

The screen protector is not tempered glass it is film-based screen guard still it is good enough to protect the screen of your LG Q6. It prevents the screen from minor scratches and scrapes. It comes in a pack of 2 screen protectors.



Pros Cons
  • It adds no bulk to the display.
  • It is an anti-spy screen protector.
  • Nobody will have any idea of screen protector while using the phone.
  • It offers completely bubble-free installation.
  • At removal time it leaves some residue on the screen.
  • It protects from little impact.


StealthShields offers a pack of two screen protectors for LG Q6. This screen protector keeps your phone’s HD display scratch free along with top tier protection. Each screen protector can outlast your handset by providing Military Grade.

This screen protector is offered no orange peel, and it is custom made that fit the accurate dimensions of your smartphone. You will receive two films in each pack along with the installation instructions guide. The brand also offers unbeatable manufacturer warranty.


Pros Cons
  • It offers error-free installation.
  • It provides durability and visibility.
  • It is very cheap at cost.
  • It gets a little scratch in any case high impact happens.

This collection of LG Q6 screen protectors is unbeatable. These are some of the best picks for the LG Q6 screen protectors. We have made sure that you get the excellent choices to choose from. We also offer guidance while choosing the perfect one for your valuable LG Q6.


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