Microsoft Surface Laptop Cases (2017)

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We have researched 25 of the Microsoft Surface Laptop cases over the 15 days, and we have tested a few dozen promising candidates, to find which of them offers the best fit, build quality and protection. We know that the personal style also plays a huge role while picking up the Microsoft Surface Laptop case.

This is the reason that we don’t only have just one pick for most of the Microsoft Surface Laptop users. We have highlighted ten best of our favorites, from primary transparent and straightforward cases to hard protective cases, as well as stylish leather cases that are a great option for fairer skin people and models that are designed for the use in place of the bag.

Best Microsoft Surface Laptop Cases


The mCover Microsoft Surface Laptop case is a simple but adequate protective case that designed precisely for Microsoft Surface Laptop. This inexpensive and straightforward case from mCover is the excellent pick for those who want to keep the beauty of the laptop transparent.

If you just want a necessary protection against scratches, dust, and scuffs at a reasonable price then get this type of case for your Microsoft Surface Laptop. This high-quality translucent PC material made case is entirely protective from each corner.

This two-piece shell is high for the easy installation. It supports secure snap on and snaps off the installation, and it is available in nine color options.

mCover Hard Shell Case for 13.5-inch Microsoft Surface Laptop


  • High-quality translucent polycarbonate material construction.
  • Protects each of the corners.
  • Two-piece shell.
  • Easy snaps on and off the installation.
  • Nine color options.


  • Precise design offers the perfect fit.
  • It is the great attractive looking hard shell.
  • This is colorful protection option.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is not clear enough.
  • It is little foggy.



Hongyixun case for Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017 is less expensive and very protective. The lesser the price gets you the professional leather case that can better handle scratches, scuffs, and bumps and it is only for the case Microsoft Surface Laptop.

If you like the professional looking case for your Microsoft Surface Laptop that takes protection quite seriously, then this case for Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017 from Hongyixun is for you. This vegan leather and soft anti-dust microfiber made the case come with the elastic strap for excellent protection level.

It offers adjustable corners with secure hook and loop mechanism. The elastic provides bespoke laptop fit. It offers interruption-free edges. It lets you have easy access to USB and SD slots.

Hongyixun Case for Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017


  • Vegan leather exterior.
  • Soft anti-dust microfiber interior.
  • Elastic strap for exceptional security.
  • One rear access slot for ports and air ventilation.
  • Adjustable corners.
  • Strong hook and loop mechanism and elastic.
  • Interruption-free edges.
  • USB and SD slots.


  • This case doesn’t only fit the Surface laptop but even fits the HP Spectre x360 laptop.
  • This is perfect laptop.
  • The pen holder loop is fantastic.
  • It offers screen protector as well.
  • It provides excellent protection for the laptop.
  • It is little pricey.
  • It keeps the sides open while the laptop is closed.



Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear, the most protection for your laptop you can get. If you are one of that user who is serious about keeping your Microsoft Surface laptop safe and sound, Urban Armor Gear is your option.

Hard-shell laptop cases are precisely designed for people who bring their valuable computes into the very precarious situation or for those who want their peace of mind for some extra sturdy protection. Urban Armor Gear is excellent for its touch and reliable Military-grade drop protection.

This armor shell is equipped with impact resistant bumpers. It has secure dual lock closure screen along with tactile grip. The built-in cooling vents for the uncompromised airflow. With the Military drop-test standards, it offers excellent space to carry stylus or surface pen along with the laptop.

UAG Microsoft Surface Laptop Feather-Light Rugged Case


  • Armor shell with impact resistant bumpers.
  • Secure dual lock closure screen along with tactile grip.
  • Built-in cooling vents for the uncompromised airflow.
  • Stylus or surface Pen holder.
  • Military drop-test standards.


  • The rugged design offers the protective look.
  • Light in weight.
  • Drop tested protection.
  • 360-degree protection.
  • It is very costly.
  • Only one color option.


If you are one of those who wants to keep your laptop’s look professional, then this Microsoft Surface Laptop case from iCarryAlls is our best pick. With the professional design on the exterior, it is tailored with some excellent functionalities.

It has a professional design of microfiber material, and it offers holder for the surface pen. The detachable design offers easy access to all the ports of the Microsoft Surface Laptop. The elastic strap secures the laptop very well.

iCarryAlls Executive Surface Book Laptop Case


  • Professional design of microfiber material.
  • Surface pen holder.
  • Detachable design with secure access ports.
  • Elastic strap secures laptop.


  • It is precisely designed for the Microsoft Surface Laptop.
  • It is the perfect fit.
  • It is reasonably thin.
  • It seems good on the laptop.
  • It is little flimsy.
  • It is little toxic.



If you don’t want to add any bulky case that covers the beauty of your high-end Microsoft Surface Laptop, SopiGuard has developed an excellent product for Microsoft Surface Laptop to keep it impact free while adding the style factor as well. Besides offering the case for Microsoft Surface Laptop, the brand brought us fabulous skin.

It offers precision style that is made from the carbon fiber vinyl material. Even though being a skin it offers gorgeous protection. With edge-to-edge coverage, it improves scratch and drops defense. It is firm and ultra-fit, and the brand offers 30 days of replacement or refund policy.

SopiGuard Microsoft Surface Laptop Carbon Fiber Case


  • Carbon fiber vinyl skins.
  • Offers gorgeous protection.
  • Edge-to-edge coverage.
  • Enhanced scratch and drop defense.
  • Firm and ultra-slim fit.
  • 30 days of replacement or refund policy.


  • Applying on the laptop is secure.
  • It is the perfect fit for the Microsoft Surface Laptop.
  • Prevents minor damages.
  • Light in weight.
  • It doesn’t offer bubble free installation.
  • It is slightly large.



Most of the sleeve case that we have tested probably wouldn’t impress us at all, but the Navitech is an exception. It has a more excellent fit and distinguished look. However, it happens to be little pricey. This case looks better than most of the cases like this available in the market.

This heavy-duty leather protective case adds veritable style. The sleek original design gives a great look at the laptop. The elegant accessory for all occasions makes sure about the safe and snug protection. The ergonomic flip-out stand offers comfortable typing. It contains soft anti-dust suede microfiber inner layer. You will get 12-months of warranty.

Navitech Leather Protective Case Cover for the Microsoft Surface Laptop


  • Heavy-duty leather protective case.
  • Adds veritable style.
  • Sleek original design.
  • An elegant accessory for all occasions.
  • Safe and snug protection.
  • Ergonomic flip-out stand.
  • Soft anti-dust suede microfiber inner layer.
  • 12 months of warranty.


  • High-quality case.
  • It looks and feels great.
  • It is professional grade protection.
  • It covers the laptop well.
  • It is bulky.
  • It doesn’t fit the laptop well.



Sometimes you need to carry more than just your laptop, but you don’t wish to haul around a complete-size bag or bag kind of case. In those instances, it is nice to have a case that adds some extra space or pocket to carry some laptop accessories, plus a handle and a strap to throw over the shoulder or to grab onto.

This portable carrying bag is accurately designed protective PU leather case. It protects your laptop from scratch and dust. It has the excellent compact performance with the small bag design. The unique design comes with two elastic rubber bands. It is entirely hand sewing and one zipper pocket that holds power adapter, mouse pad, and other accessories.

Labanema Surface Laptop Case


  • Accurately designed protective PU leather case.
  • Protects from scratch and dust.
  • The excellent portable performance with the small bag design.
  • Unique design with two elastic rubber bands.
  • Completely hand sewing.
  • Hold power adapter, mouse pad, and other accessories.


  • It is available in five different colors.
  • The soft fabric lining offers excellent protection for the laptop.
  • With this, nobody can scratch, bumps and all.
  • It can turn into a handbag with the carrying handle.
  • It is little expensive.
  • The red color does not come in pure red as it shows in the image.




KuRoKo’s signature case turns your Microsoft Surface Laptop into a leather-bound book. The look that it offers that may not be for everyone. This is another premium leather case that looks similar to the Hongyixun leather case. Apart from leaving few functions, this case offers the same look that leather case for the Microsoft Surface Laptop.

This case is precisely designed for Microsoft Surface Laptop. It is made of high quality and durable PU leather. It holds the Surface pen in the pen holder. The inner layer is made from lint material. It protects laptop from dust, scratch, and fingerprint. It is entirely comprehensive screen protection. The brand offers guaranteed durability.

KuRoKo Premium Leather case for Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017


  • Precisely designed for Microsoft Surface Laptop.
  • High quality and durable PU leather.
  • Stylus pen loop to hold it.
  • Lint internal material.
  • Protection from dust, scratch, and fingerprint.
  • Completely comprehensive screen protection.
  • Guaranteed durability.


  • It is available in two different colors.
  • It offers the excellent leathered look.
  • Stitching makes a case look attractive.
  • The two rubber holds the laptop well.
  • The dimension is little wrong.
  • It is bulky.


Which one these you think can make your laptop look batter with it? Which one these fulfill your needs? Tell us about it here in the comments section.


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