Microsoft Surface Laptop Sleeve Cases and Covers

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Microsoft Surface Laptop, a great combination of power and beauty. The laptop contains good, and some powerful features such as it come with 13.5-inches wide PixelSense Display functions with 201 PPI resolution. With it, you can get the power as well as excellent battery life. This is slim, elegant and ultra-light laptop become an attractive option for power users.

After researching over 5 hours and testing over 15 of the sleeve cases and cover for about 30 hours we have found the ten best sleeve cases and covers for Microsoft Surface Laptop. While testing our primary focus was the protection, cover up for the body of Microsoft Surface Laptop, and look to that enhance the laptop’s beauty. Here you go for the list!!!

Best Sleeve Cases for Microsoft Surface Laptop


Here we describe a sleeve case that is a combination of functionality and style, and this is from known brand MoKo. One of the best quality material sleeve case that has synthetic leather Velcro hook system to close the sleeve securely.

It has an additional pocket for book, magazine, cell phone, etc. The lining material between the slots is mold proof, and scratch proof protects your device at all time. Sleeve case has good storage capacity yet minimizes extra bulk, so it is easy to carry out.

Multi-functioned sleeve case gives you a two colors options to choose. MoKo give you a lifetime warranty and best customer service to ensure the protection of your device.

MoKo Surface Laptop Sleeve Bag


  • 5-inch thick laptop sleeve.
  • Exactly fit for a laptop.
  • Mold proof and anti-scratch material.
  • Synthetic leather hook closer.
  • Additional storage capacity.
  • Two color options.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • High-quality sleeve correctly fits Microsoft surface laptop.
  • Individual laptop pocket as well as one for a book, tablet, etc.
  • MoKo give a lifetime warranty and superb customer service.
  • You have two colors option.
  • The material is pilled a little after some time.
  • Fragile internal lining inside between the pockets.
  • The case doesn’t close well.



People like might always in search of a sleeve case that offers slim and lightweight but best protection for daily use. The process introduces a sleeve case that protects your device from unexpected damage. It also keeps your essential well-organized for on-the-go use. Fully functioned sleeve case provides one extra pocket beside the main compartment to store your other accessories.

Canvas exterior material protects against water, dust, dirt, and scratch, no worry about accidental damage. Internal soft lining and foam padding material is shock absorption and provides 360 degrees all around protection. Top loading handle design enables you to hold it in your hand comfortably. It has the zipper close to securely close sleeve case.

Both the pocket main and side pocket is close to zipper lock system. It looks decent, makes it easy to carry and accurately fit inside your bags. It is perfect sleeve to take during travel, school, and business. You have five different colors option with it.

ProCase Microsoft Surface Laptop Sleeve Case


  • Exterior made of canvas material.
  • Soft lining and foam padding interior.
  • Well-organized sleeve.
  • Give 360degree all-around protection.
  • Water and scratch proof material.
  • Best for on the go use
  • Two pockets for storage.
  • All the side zipped securely.
  • Five different colors option.


  • Efficient but straightforward sleeve case.
  • Stylish and protective sleeve case with two compartments.
  • Perfect zipper to close everything inside.
  • A fully accessible case can open at 180-degrees.
  • Top extendable handle to hold it.
  • The surface book doesn’t fit well.
  • Handle on top broke after use of few months.
  • Zipper clip is hard to move.




MoKo offers one more sleeve case. This sleeve case is the combination of functionality and style. The premium PU leather sleeve case protects your precious laptop from scratch, drops well. This slim profile sleeve case reduces bulk and comfortably fit into the briefcase, backpack or any other bag. This portable and attractive sleeve case is perfect to carry laptop during travel, work and at school.

There is extra storage to store your bank card, postcard and other ID proof in the sleeve case. No need to worry about the precious things in the case because everything is safe inside by magnetic seal. The interior material of this case is soft and anti-scratch resistances that protect your laptop.

It is stylish, and protective sleeve case gives five colors option to choose. To ensure a high quality of sleeve case, it provides a lifetime warranty and best customer service.

MoKo Leather Sleeve Bag for Surface Laptop


  • Premium PU leather sleeve case.
  • Built-in cars storage.
  • Minimize extra bulk.
  • Easy to carry out.
  • Scratch resistance material.
  • Close with magnetic seal.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Laptop case as well as built-in card slot to store essential card, postcard, etc.
  • Well organized sleeve case that protects from scratch and dust.
  • Magnetic seal securely closes the case.
  • It gives friendly customer service.
  • The magnetic clip doesn’t hold cover closes appropriately.
  • The sleeve case is not much spacious.



We always like something new accessory for our precious laptop, right? Here we suggest innovative and protective sleeve case for your Microsoft surface laptop. It is made from the high-quality material that utilizes the latest technology to protect your device from unwanted scratch, drops, dust, etc.

It has durable and premium grade interior material that gave excellent protection to your device. It has a large pocket for laptop and multiple storages for pen holder as well as an extra slot to carrying accessories. A small pocket is safely close with magnetic closer allow easy access, and the main compartment is close to the zipper.

The slim and lightweight sleeve is easy to carry out for traveling, at school and comfortably fit inside any bags. One of the stylish and attractive sleeve cases gives you a multiple colors option to choose.

Tomtoc Surface Laptop Sleeve Case


  • Shock absorbing material.
  • Premium grade interior material.
  • Protection from scratch, drops, dust, etc.
  • One laptop slot and other two storage compartment.
  • Zipper lock at main compartment.
  • Slim and Easy to fit.
  • Lock by the magnetic closer.
  • Reducing extra bulk.


  • Useful sleeve case built-in pocket for penholder and other accessories.
  • Slim and lightweight sleeve case easy to carry anywhere.
  • It has excellent velour type interior that gave the best protection.
  • Reasonable at a price.
  • It doesn’t provide any protection at bottom corner
  • The zipper is hard to open and close.
  • The material is little cheap in quality.



Leather material sleeve looks decent and professional and is always on a trend. Here we offer a sleeve case from ProCase that is made from leather and soft microfiber material. It protects your device from scratch, dust and minor drops. It has perfect craftsmanship and uses the high-quality material. Precise cutouts and outlined that helps you to put in and take out your laptop quickly.

The slim and lightweight material is easy to carry and perfect for daily use. It has the additional pocket on the back side to store papers, magazine, phone, etc. It also has an individual pocket for card, pen, and charger. The sleeve case has the secure magnetic closer that keeps your device safe inside.

ProCase Protective Sleeve Cover for Surface Pro


  • Leather and microfiber material case.
  • Protection from scratch, dust and minor drops.
  • Built-in additional pockets.
  • Excellent cutouts.
  • Secured with the Magnetic closer.
  • Decent appearance and fully accessible.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Particular storage slot for pen charger and papers.
  • Inner microfiber material protects from scratch and dirt.
  • You have different three colors option.
  • Perfect cutouts, easy to put and take your laptop.
  • There is no any carrying handle to carry.
  • The charger is little hard to access when inside the sleeve.



If you were looking for a sturdy, protective yet stylish sleeve case for your valuable laptop, Tomtoc is the best choice. It combines the latest technology to protect your device that has to wipe clean synthetic finishing that makes it all time ready to use in fewer efforts.

It has unique internal foam cushioning system that is shock absorption and protects against scratch and accidental drops. It also has corner protection and 360-degree ridge all around to protect your laptop.

The smooth and top loading zipper lock system provide easy access to a device. Its slim and lightweight profile perfectly fit inside another bags and easy to carry out.

Tomtoc Sleeve Case Bag for Surface Laptop


  • 360degree superior protection.
  • Internal foam cushioning system.
  • Shock absorption and protects from scratches and accidental drops.
  • Additional corner protection.
  • Best for daily use.
  • Excellent zipper closer.
  • Extra storage facility.
  • Easily transported.


  • Best innovative and quality product at reasonable price.
  • Internal cushioning technology protects your device from daily damage.
  • One additional side pocket to store your phone, book, charger, etc.
  • Zipper closing system to keep everything inside safe.
  • The outer pocket does not work well.
  • There is no protection at top two corners.




Tomtoc is well known for mobile and laptop accessories. Here we suggest one another sleeve case from Tomtoc for your Microsoft surface laptop to fulfill your different needs. It is made from beautiful PU leather material and soft interior to ensure durability and protection of your device.

It has the Perfect cutout, easy to connect your device to charger without removing a case. The Magnetic closing system is used to make opening and closing easy. It also provides one extra back pocket to store your small things.  It has the opening and closing flap design; it makes it fully accessible.

Thin and lightweight sleeve easy to carry solo and perfectly fit inside another bags. It has a decent but stylish look have two colors combination choice.

Tomtoc Ultra Slim Surface Laptop 2017 Sleeve


  • PU leather exterior and soft interior case.
  • Magnetic closing to keep safe inside.
  • Extra pockets to carry essentials with the laptop.
  • Excellent cutouts make ports fully accessible.
  • Easy to take.
  • Available in two different colors.


  • It is protective but straightforward sleeve case.
  • The soft interior material protects against scratch, dust, and accidental damage.
  • A magnetic closing system to keep secure inside.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • Sleeve is little bulky
  • Magnetic clip is not secure.
  • No additional corner protection.




JD is well known for introducing sturdy and high-quality accessories for laptop and other smart devices. Here we talk about sleeve case for Microsoft surface laptop from this brand JD. It is made from outer durable PVC material and soft velvet material. It protects laptop from dust, dirt, bumps, scratch and daily damage.

Fully organized sleeve case gives additional storage to store your small things. It provides dual zipper facility to securely close case and fully open a case at 180-degrees for easy access to your device. It is slim and portable sleeve easy to carry out and correctly fit inside another bag. The sleeve has soft PU material handle on it that gives the comfortable feeling to hold it.

Such a stylish and protective sleeve case that you have. Gives all-around protection and look great. JD offered three different colors to choose.

JD Stylish Laptop Sleeve Bag for Surface Laptop


  • Durable PVC material and soft velvet material.
  • Anti-scratch inner material
  • Extra storage slot.
  • Dual Zippers lock system.
  • Opens up a case at 180-degree.
  • Soft PU made carrying handle.
  • Perfect for on the go use
  • Available in three different colors.


  • You can get a protective and high-quality product at reasonable price.
  • Stylish and attractive in look sleeve that you like to carry with you.
  • The dual zipper was closer to keep inside safe.
  • Provide best customers service.
  • A cheap quality material used in a zipper.
  • Laptop slot is little big then size.




LK is a famous for offering high-quality accessories for laptops and smart devices. Here we have recommended stylish and protective sleeve case for Microsoft surface laptop. The slim, portable and lightweight sleeve that gives a stunning look. The outer design is attractive and has water resistance texture. The inner layer has to shock absorbent padding to protect the device from drops, bumps and other daily damage.

The sleeve case has the secure zipper that easy to open and close. The zipper can open up to 180-degrees for easy access. The sleeve has two compartments in which the main compartment for laptop storage and another additional slots stores phone, book, charge and other accessories.

The slim and portable sleeve case is easy to carry and provide an excellent grip to take it in hand with strong top loaded handle. LK gives you two vibrant colors option to choose a sleeve case.

LK Laptop Sleeve Case Bag for Microsoft Surface Laptop


  • Slim, portable and lightweight sleeve.
  • Stylish and protective sleeve.
  • Waterproof textured.
  • Zipper to close sleeve.
  • Easy to carry out.
  • Additional storage capacity.
  • Two color options.


  • Slim and attractive sleeve looks modern that you like to see in your hand.
  • It has outer nylon water resistant material.
  • You have two versatile colors option.
  • The sturdy top handle gives grip to carry out efficiently.
  • The inner material is cheap, can tear after some use.
  • Slot for additional storage is not spacious.



If you are in the hunt for a protective but fashionable way to protect your precious laptop then here we suggest Megoo sleeve case. It is protective yet stylish perfect for on the use. The sleeve is made from high-quality PU leather material and interior is microfiber that protects your device from scratches.

The sleeve is splash proof and waterproof. It is easy to open and close secure magnetic closer to keeping a laptop in a place. The sleeve has classic and sleek envelope type appearance that is attractive in look. Slim and lightweight profile easy to carry out and perfect for daily use. It also provides many colors option to choose.

Megoo Leather Sleeve Case for Surface Laptop


  • PU leather and microfiber interior sleeve case.
  • Splash-proof and water-proof.
  • Magnetic seal when closed.
  • Envelope style design.
  • Three colors option.
  • Perfect for daily use.


  • Simple and classic design that looks great in your hand.
  • Magnetic clip to keep laptop secured in place.
  • The slim and protective sleeve allows quick top loading access.
  • There is not any additional storage
  • Magnetic doesn’t close properly.



Which one of these sleeve case of Microsoft Surface Laptop is your choice? Have that fulfilled all of your needs? Tell us about that product over here in the comment section.


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