Best Moto G5 Plus Cases

When it comes to picking the best mid-range handset, there is no doubt that Motorola’s new flagship Moto G5 Plus is one of the great options! In fact, it has a great stylish design, more than quality specs and this can deal with any Android app which you can think of. And it is featured with Android 7.0 Nougat which is the icing on the cake. Pretty neat huh?

However, it is a 5-inch smartphone that is not that small. Thus, a ton of users might slip it. And this is a circumstance everybody hates, right? Well, no more fear Moto G5 Plus users because we have performed here a quick search on Amazon and found few nice cases for this fantastic handset.

All the cases which are listed here made from the top quality material hence they will remain durable forever. Besides this, we have taken the case of look and so as the colors, so that you get more options in hand. This is not it; you will also find a huge range of prices that will provide you an extra dimension when you select a case for your Moto G5 Plus smartphone. So, why waiting, let’s take a look out the collection.

10 Best Moto G5 Plus Cases

1. Ringke Clear Case

Let us start our list of cases with one of the master of the smartphone accessories Ringke. The brand offers crystal clear case with the guaranteed security for Moto G5 Plus. This Moto G5 Plus case is made of top grade material, which provides comfort while holding in your hand.

This crystal clear case is ideal for those users who love to maintain the original look of the high-end smartphones like Moto G5 Plus. This Moto G5 Plus case slim is best for them who want to like to keep their smartphone’s look original. It is available in clear, rose gold crystal and smoke black, hence if you love to add some color factor to your smartphone case, then you can even pick from the five color options.

Apart from only look it offers Military Grade Protection to your smartphone so that one can easily buy this case for their smartphone to give all around protection of significant level. This TPU made case is effortless to install and remove as well.


Ringke Motorola Moto G5 Plus Case


  • The brand offers MIL-STD 810G-516.6 Certified Military Grade Drop Protection.
  • It is a thin transparent TPU made bumper case.
  • Equipped with Active Touch Technology lets you have natural access to each port.
  • Inside corners are provided with TPU to protect the smartphone from drops.
  • Raised lips protect the Moto G5 Plus's screen completely.
  • It's slim and refined design with a perfect fit for all-around security.


Pros Cons
  • Perfect fit to the Moto G5 Plus.
  • Adds minimal bulk.
  • Maintain original look of the smartphone.
  • Anti-scratch and Anti-Static technology protect from Moto G5 Plus from drops and dirt.
  • This is quite costly.
  • A small range of color options in the case.



2. LK Ultra

Presenting the case for your Moto G5 Plus from another well-known brand LK. This is one of the most trusted brands in the smartphone accessories so that one can buy the case from the trusted brand. The brand offers Ultra clear case, which has the perfect design for Moto G5 Plus. So with another Moto G5 Plus clear case, you have another choice for selection.

Although it is a crystal clear case, the brand still offers three different color options like mint, purple, and black. Because it is designed precisely for Moto G5 Plus, it fits the gadget entirely, and you will have extreme ease of using your smartphone after its installation. This TPU made Moto G5 Plus cover doesn’t offer Military grade protection, but yes it will protect your device from any impact and harm.

It is light in weight, and its glossy look will add another style factor to your smartphone. The material that used in this case makes it anti-slip so no worry of slipping off your valuable smartphone. The precise cutouts let you easily access all the ports easily.


LK Ultra Slim Clear Case for Moto G5 Plus


  • It precisely designed for Moto G5 Plus.
  • No other phone can fit in the case.
  • Made from smooth, high-quality, flexible, and tough TPU.
  • The material makes it shock resistant and shatterproof.
  • It is ultra-thin, but still, it provides maximum protection.
  • It equipped with anti-slip properties.
  • The unique design lets you access all the ports with ease.


Pros Cons
  • The gel skin makes this case more durable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The perfect companion for your Moto G5 Plus on-the-go.
  • Gives a glossy look to the smartphone.
  • Looks slightly bulky.
  • Quite pricey.



3. Spigen

At the time of creation of a list for the best of cases of Moto G5 Plus, how we could forget the king in this field? Here we are providing the case from Spigen which brought a newly designed rugged armor case just for your Moto G5 Plus smartphone. It has specially designed from carbon fiber textures that include an excellent look at the case.

The Rugged Armor series of this brand is very famous for all devices including Moto G5 Plus. The Rugged Armor Moto G5 Plus Case by Spigen is featured with carbon fiber texture design. This flexible TPU made rugged case comes with an internal spider-web pattern that helps disperse the shock and from the drops along with Spigen’s Air Cushion technology in all the corners.

The case is protected with a raised lip around the front, and even on the back. You will find the precise cutout around the camera along with the glossy textures at the top and bottom of the case that increases the ability to maintain a solid grip on your phone.


Spigen Shock Resistant Moto G5 Plus Case


  • Equipped with carbon fiber textures as well as attractive matte finish.
  • It furnished with flexible and scratch resistant TPU shell.
  • Anti-slip technology doesn't let the phone slip from your hands.
  • The raised lips protect the screen from any drops.
  • Precise cutouts let you quickly access all the ports.
  • Provide MIL-GRADE protection with Air Cushion Technology for anti-shock protection.


Pros Cons
  • Snug fit.
  • Thin profile with incredible protection.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Available only in one color.
  • A little bit bulky.

4. Style4U

This Moto G5 Plus case from Style4U is the precisely made a case for your phone so that no other case can fit in it. The look of this case is entirely different than the rest of the cases which we are offering here. The best part about this case is that it comes with the 360-degree rotating ring which provides better grip and also prevents the accidental drops and slips.

The stylish design of this Moto G5 Plus case will make your phone look stand apart. You can use it as a kickstand case by installing ring holder in the back of the case. This bumper case made from two different material PC and TPU material. The PC back protects the phone from scratch, and the TPU bumper protects your phone against drops, shocks, and scrapes.

This crystal clear case is available in four different colors black, clear, rose gold and teal. Moreover, this case is come along with one ring holder, so that you can have hands-free watching for your favorite videos and movies and even you can read the ebook on your phone.

Style4U Scratch Resistant Case for Moto G5 Plus Case


  • It constructed from premium TPU bumper that makes it shock absorbent.
  • Even equipped with hard scratch resistant PC shell.
  • The high-grade material offers maximum protection.
  • The clear PC backplate shows off Moto G5 Plus with smart clarity.
  • The raised lips and four points rear guards to lift the camera and screen off a flat surface.
  • The 360-degree ring holder hook mount holds your smartphone securely.


Pros Cons
  • Complete access to functionality because of the precise cutouts.
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight profile.
  • Its premium coating gives excellent grip.
  • A variety of colors for different choice.
  • Quite expensive.



5. Tauri

Tauri is another trusted name in smartphone accessories, and this brand has brought one of the best glossy look cases for your Moto G5 Plus smartphone. Apart from the look, this case has an excellent feature for the protection of your phone. Just install it on your phone and get worry-free protection for your valuable device.

It features matte look sleek designs on the back, and at the top, it offers glossy raised bezel, both of them looks great and even helps with grip. It made with high quality soft and flexible TPU. This sleek looking Moto G5 cover won’t add that much bulk to your smartphone, while the raised edges around the screen of your smartphone helps to keep your device protected when it’s face down on the surface. It’s available in three color options: black, smoke black and clear.

This is a stylish and slim option for protecting your high-end smartphone such as Moto G5 Plus, the Tauri Slim Thin Clear case can’t be beaten!


Tauri Protective Case for Moto G5 Plus


  • It specially designed for Moto G5 Plus.
  • Made from soft and flexible TPU.
  • The dotted texture inside the case prevents bubbles.
  • Precise to provide easy access to camera, ports, and speakers.
  • It is extremely slim and lightweight.
  • Protection against dust, dirt and sharp object.
  • It is easy to install and remove as well.


Pros Cons
  • Scratch resistant and shock absorbent.
  • Gives ultimate protection.
  • Super slimness adds no bulk.
  • Lack of color choice.
  • Little pricey.

6. LK

We have seen clear case and kickstand case, and now it is time to look at wallet case. We are bringing an incredibly luxurious looking leather wallet case which is made especially for Moto G5 Plus. Like any other wallet case, this Moto G5 Plus leather case by LK will add the value to your expensive smartphone. Besides the only look, you can offer excellent protection to your phone.

It is available in black, purple, rose gold and brown color options. Inside the case, it featured three card slots where the first one is a windowed slot which make it perfect for your ID. This Moto G5 Plus wallet case even offers a pocket for cash as well, so that you can easily carry cash with you. Your phone will hold in place by a soft TPU shell along with quality protection. The front cover is used as a kickstand for viewing and reading. The magnetic clasp keeps the phone screen protected in the pocket.

Remember that few of the Moto G5 Plus’ efficiency may be obstructed when the front cover closed, including the twist and the chop gestures for launching the flashlight and camera respectively. Those need the infrared sensor to work accurately that is covered by the case. However, it certainly shouldn’t be the dealbreaker for most of the users, but it is worth mentioning before you buy it.


LK Leather Wallet Flip Protective Case for Moto G5 Plus


  • It is a multifunctional case that made of PU leather.
  • The high-quality TPU made inner skin shell offers four-corner protection.
  • With three slots for cards and licenses and a sleeve in the background for cash.
  • The automatic magnetic closure keeps everything safe inside the case.
  • The built-in kickstand features let you enjoy hand free viewing of videos and movies.


Pros Cons
  • Easy to snap on.
  • Snugly fits.
  • Four different color choices.
  • Spacious as well.
  • A bit small to use as a wallet.
  • Look quite bulky.



This is a universal waterproof case from OEAGO that can fit any smartphone, but since we are here talking about cases for Moto G5 Plus, this is why we include it on our list. This case made from tops grade material, which gives comfort even when your phone is in the case. This case makes the installation of Moto G5 Plus very easy and even easy to remove it.

This Moto G5 Plus waterproof case is available in four different but vibrant colors such as black, pink, clear and blue. It is easy to install and remove from your Moto G5 Plus smartphone in this case. It will protect your smartphone as well as ID, credit/debit card, license or even cash from the water in case you want to keep them.

The Moto G5 Plus case offers clear windows both on the front and the rear so that you can shoot the video and take pictures with utmost ease. Your smartphone will remain safe from water with using this case. With this case, you can even have a lanyard and armband so that you can use this case while jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.


OEAGO Waterproof Case for Moto G5 Plus


  • With this case, it is possible to use your phone in underwater, snow, dirt or mud.
  • Protect your phone as well as credit card, license, IDs, and cash from the water.
  • The transparent windows let you use the camera to take pictures and videos underwater.
  • A simple snap and lock access make it very easy to use.
  • The neck strap and armband for convenient carrying of your phone.


Pros Cons
  • Multifunctional Case.
  • It even comes with a detachable armband and also lanyard for jogging, cycling, and swimming.
  • Offers excellent protection and comfort.
  • You can only use this as a waterproof or armband case, doesn’t look great as a usual case.
  • Larger than your phone size.

8. Cimo

Cimo furnishes this incredibly great looking case for your Moto G5 Plus. What makes this case different than the many others we are here discussing today is the texture of this case. You can even choose your case between Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Purple and Matte Smoke and that will make your case look different.

The durable and flexible TPU made case have a great in-hand feel and even make this case anti-slip so that you won’t be fumbling your precious Moto G5 Plus. Its raised bezel around the front of the case protects your smartphone’s screen when you lay your phone face-down. The precise cutouts offer quick access to the ports and buttons.

The matte look of this Moto G5 Plus case offers little dull look to your phone but to overcome this dull look brand even offers glossy sides so that the appearance of the case can be balanced.

Cimo Moto G5 Plus Slim Case


  • It specially designed for Moto G5 Plus.
  • Made from durable TPU material.
  • It has raised bezels to protect screen and camera bump from the surface contact.
  • Its precise cutouts let you access all the ports, cameras and speakers.
  • The anti-slip properties gives you more grip on your smartphone.


Pros Cons
  • Snugly fits the phone.
  • Slim profile makes it lightweight.
  • Protects against any impacts.
  • Quite look bulky.


9. Tudia

A Moto G5 Plus case from Tudia has a strong look that can provide your phone comfort that this case can face any impacts and drops. This heavy duty and the rugged case made for extreme protection to your smartphone. With the absolute protection, it even offers great features with the great comfort level of carrying your smartphone with this case.

As this is another excellent choice from TUDIA in this list, we have taken care for that user who loves to add some extra protective layer to their smartphone. This Moto G5 Plus case is heavy duty case offers some of the strongest layers of protection. The dual layer makes it most strong cases which still manage to be slim fit to your phone. Meaning is that the smartphone won’t feel huge and bulky while still be protected.

The dual layer made from TPU and polycarbonate material that offers beautiful finish, and even lets you have complete access to all the buttons and ports. TUDIA usually offers the best button controls and overall fit with its smartphone cases.


TUDIA Heavy Duty Moto G5 Plus Case


  • Made from premium quality PC outer layer TPU rubberized gel skin inside.
  • The dual layer still maintains the slim profile.
  • Raised edges to protect phone’s screen from scratches while it is placed face down.
  • It absorbs any extreme impacts and unexpected shocks.
  • Precise cutouts perfectly align with all the ports and buttons.


Pros Cons
  • Snug and a slim fit.
  • The dual layer provides excellent protection.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Even it works well using tempered glass on the phone.
  • Four different colors let you have more choice to pick the best from it.
  • Even if it has slim profile still adds a little bulk to the phone.
  • A bit costly.



10. Poetic

This is a unique case for provided by Poetic because the look of this case is unique than others listed in this list. With the bright look, it maintains the original look of the Moto G5 Plus. The way it designs it gives a unique look than any other transparent case on this list. While keeping the original look of your case if you love to add some style factor to your expensive phone.

The smart design elements of this Moto G5 Plus case adds grippy textures along with the side edges of the smartphone. The lint flaps over the sides and edgy corners gives your phone a fresh and unique look. Despite all the features that it offers, the case even adds protection factor. Hence, while the profile remains relatively slim, it even protects your phone all around.

Poetic Clear Case for Moto G5 Plus


  • Made from transparent polycarbonate molded with shockproof and soft TPU.
  • Equipped with modern styling with a protective X-FORM DNA design.
  • Equipped with anti-slip side and reinforced corner to protect your phone from high impact.
  • Raised TPU back material prevents scratching with keeping complete clarity of your device.
  • The inner TPU surface maintains the thin form factor along with protection from shock.
  • Raised lips for the front face protection.


Pros Cons
  • Thin profile with minimal bulk.
  • Showcase the phone in complete clarity.
  • Adds great style factor to your phone.
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Flexible TPU polymer makes it easy to install and protects the phone well.
  • It is quite costly.
  • Little bulky.



We can say that you won’t find this best cases for your Moto G5 Plus anywhere else than here. All of these cases are great in their different categories as well. So we have made the process of selection easy for you. So buy any of them and let us know which case you have bought and how you like it.


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