best moto z2 force cases

Motorola’s 5.5-inch QHD touch-screen Moto Z2 costs significantly $800, which makes it quite expensive smartphone among smartphone’s world. Just like other smartphone protecting Moto Z2 with a case is still essential.

As this Motorola’s new flagship many of you are going to buy it or already have bought this new one then it is better to keep the multi-hundred-dollar phone in a cover or case which you like than to have to pay for repairs in any case if you break the phone. Here are 10 cases that we have collected for you.

Best Protective Cases for Moto Z2 Force

We think most of the people are better off with an action camera for heavy-duty use, but if you want a case which will shield your phone from the substances, drops and falls, the IDEA LINE is a way to go. We tested it very well as it made of a durable and sturdy material that makes it more protective.

IDEA LINE is perfect match and fit well to Moto Z2 smartphone with the precise cuts for the functionalities such as buttons, headphone jack, speakers, camera, microphone and charging port as well. The brand has the tempered glass screen protector and clip holster cover to offer with this heavy duty case for complete protection. The holster clip in the case can rotate up to 180 degrees.


Pros Cons
  • It offers complete protection.
  • The material also provides excellent grip to hold it.
  • The case is very sturdy and perfect fit.
  • The kickstand provides good hands-free watching.
  • The tempered glass doesn’t cover the complete surface of the phone.



The Yiakeng is the best Moto Z2 case for the most of the Moto Z2 smartphone users because it gives full body protection from the scratches, falls, scuffs and other daily damages while adding minimal of bulk. Adding the raised lips around the screen of the phone is to protect the screen from any impact.

The body is made with a rugged hard PC Plastic and TPU material that makes this case shock, stretch and tear resistant. The exterior combined with a flower design that means it offers excellent look along with grip. It is resistant to collisions, grease, and oil as well.



Pros Cons
  • It is available in different colors and designs.
  • It is sturdy and very protective.
  • It is effortless to install and remove as well.
  • The raised lips also offer protection to the screen.
  • It is little bulky.
  • Your phone feels quite big after installation of this case.



If you don’t want to cover the beauty of your Moto Z2 smartphone, then Incipio offers an excellent option for your smartphone that you can use to elevate your style with this backplate. This backplate case is expertly built for reliable and durable protection.

The backplate features a professional and sleek design that is made of sturdy hard shell and shock absorbing polymer material. It enhances the textured grip and offers rugged protection. You will never have to compromise with the look anymore with this case.


Pros Cons
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It is available in three different design Gunmetal, Camo Black, and Iridescent.
  • It never compromises with the style and looks of your phone.
  • It doesn’t offer complete protection to your phone.



The Moto Z2 Heavy Duty Case comes in black, camouflage, green, Red, and Teal, and this is a solid option if you want something a bit more luxurious and sturdy than a plastic case. Unlike any other Moto Z2’s Case, this one accurately covers each side of the handset, leaving only the necessary openings for the speakers, headphone port, Lightning-connector port, and microphone.

Just as essential, the Moto Z2 Heavy Duty Case looks and feels great. Just like IDEA LINE, this case is somehow quite similar. Sure, this case is more protective and comfortable. Inner enclosure of it is hard to shell constructed with the impact-resistant PC and double-enforced with the shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve.

NageBee consists of two pieces: the main sled that doubles in kickstand and one holster clip cover that rotates up to 180-degrees. The brand also offers 7-days money back guarantee and 30 days warranty.


Pros Cons
  • The case is available in five different color combination.
  • It completely covers your phone and protects well.
  • It is well constructed.
  • It is sturdy and comfortable as well while holding it.
  • It is a little bit flimsy.




The Suensan for Moto Z2 phone offers full-body protection from drops, scratches, and scuffs while adding minimal bulk. The sleek design and matte finish help that is made of soft rubber and hard plastic with that the case slide easily into as well as out of your pocket.

While those with butterfingers may profit from the extra protection of a grippy case, the Suensan’s slim but still its Military-grade shock-absorbent design offers the best compromise between the protection and the aesthetics. The case also allows easy access to the phone ports and other functionality because the openings are properly aligned with all port and give the volume buttons and power button a beautiful and crisp click.

Besides that, the case is anti-slip, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare as well. The case is available in three different colors, including a black, red and mint green.



Pros Cons
  • There are three different color options.
  • Very easy to install on the phone.
  • It doesn’t add that much bulk.
  • It offers protection from the drop and dings.
  • It doesn’t matter protector from the high-impact.


OtterBox is the go-to case if you want to keep your valuable smartphone safe from pretty much anything or everything and even if you are willing to put up with serious bulk to do so. We know that most of the people don’t need that much level of protection of this flagship of OtterBox case provides, but some of the people clearly do.

OtterBox comes with triple layer defense with an inner shell, touchscreen protector and outer cover. It offers port covers to stop the dust and dirt and lint to getting into the ports and jacks. With holster clip it provides hands-free kickstand as well, it works well as a belt clip. The case is certified for excellent drop and protection.



Pros Cons
  • It provides excellent protection than other cases.
  • It also gives world class customer service.
  • They offer industry leading warranty.
  • It also provides installation guide for easy installation.
  • It is very bulky.
  • It is not that easy to slide in the pocket.




If you don’t want a bulky case like the OtterBox and want to compromise with the protection and don’t want to compromise with the sleekness, then you should take a look at this case. We have looked at a better ultra-thin option available. With super slim and thin profile, this case almost disappears while you install it on your phone.

The high quality, flexible yet sturdy TPU offers excellent features. The first benefit it provides precise openings for the functionality of your phone. The other benefit is it offers Anti-grip functionality that also provides other functionality that, it is light. One other advantage is; it prevents Moto Z2 Force from the everyday bumps, scratches, dust, and fingerprints. It also offers raised edges to protects the screen as well. It is made up for precisely Moto Z2 Force smartphone.



Pros Cons
  • It offers a professional look.
  • With excellent grip, it prevents dropping your smartphone from your hands.
  • It is very light in weight.
  • It is super thin so it won’t add any bulk to your phone.
  • Openings are really precise to access the ports with utmost ease.
  • Only two color choices one is black, and another one is clear.




The As-Guard is the best Moto Z2 Force case for most of the people because of the complete body protection that is offered against scratches, drops, and shocks while adding minimal bulk. Its protective raised edges around the case protect the screen as well. A Moto Z2 Force inside the case maintains the slim profile. The scratch resistant and shock absorbent gel TPU made slim case combined with dotted texture interior design. The design keeps the phone’s form and color by preventing the air bubbles from forming at the back of the phone.

The case also covers the tactile button by leaving them to touch responsive and easy access. This case has properly open and aligned ports, and the buttons protection doesn’t reduce the original pressing of the buttons. It is compatible with only with the Moto Z2 Force and available only in Black.



Pros Cons
  • It is very light.
  • It maintains the slim profile of the phone.
  • It looks very amazing after installation as it colored in pure black.
  • It offers excellent overall protection to the phone.
  • It doesn’t prevent from the extreme impact.




The Moto Z2 Kickstand Case comes in black/black color option, and this is an incredibly fantastic choice if you want something that adds style factor as well as a bit more luxurious factor. This case accurately covers each side of your smartphone, while leaving only the essential openings for ports and buttons.

The Moto Z2 Kickstand Case looks and feels very great in hands. This case is protective and comfortable enough as it a multi-layer case. The inner enclosure of this case offers air protection as well as a shock absorbing cushions to the corners of dropped and bumped. The outer layer is built with a protective scratch coat to maintain the case, and the phone looks just like new.

The case offers to fold out or in kickstand that is quite easy to use and offers comfortable video watching and messaging too. With non-slip side strip, the case gives the comfortable and secure grip every time.


Pros Cons
  • It contains excellent design.
  • It offers precise openings.
  • It gives good hands-free viewing.
  • It fits the phone very well.
  • The multi-layer adds little bulk to the phone.
  • There is no any color options.

This is the exclusive list of cases for the Moto Z2 Force. The cases are excellent at offering their best to you. What is your pick from the above list, tell us. You can leave your comment here in the comments section.


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