Nokia 6 2018 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

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The Nokia 6 2018 contains IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen that has 16M colors. With the 5.5-inch big screen, the brand offers 73.2% screen to body ratio and being protective about the delicate screen of this phone is obvious. If you want to protect your newest smartphone’s screen from all the dents, scuffs, and scratches then you need to get a pack of the screen protectors, and here we have some great options for it.

With the research and test for hours, and we finally found best Nokia 6 (2018) screen protectors. Over here, you will find screen guards with qualities like HD Clear, 9H Hardness, tempered glass, crystal clear, and lot more. Let’s check the list of screen guards. Along with this do our another list of Nokia 6 (2018) Cases.

Best Screen Protector for Nokia 6 2018


This protector is as scratch resistant as most of the other screen protector, easy installation, and affordable equally. A glass screen protector cannot guarantee that it won’t break your Nokia 6’s screen. But yes, it can protect the screen from getting scratched that can affect glass’s structural integrity.

This Screen Protector for Nokia 6 2018 from Fljie is a scratch free and shockproof tempered glass. The glass is protected with the 9H ratings to make it shatterproof, highly-durable, and scratch-resistant. The built-in 0.5% long-last anti-fingerprint coating to protect the screen from scratches, wear and blast. Just as good as the tempered glass it maintains an ultra-thin profile with 0.26mm thickness and 2.5D rounded edge.

  • High Anti-reflection of Light.
  • High visibility in sunlight or harsh light.
  • Perfection protection for the screen.
  • Durable and protective.
  • Utilization for a very long time use.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Only two screen protector.
  • Not case friendly.




Just as good as the Fljie tempered glass protector and similarly affordable to it. We found EVER STARS’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nokia 6 2018 to be a just good protector for the screen. Like the Fljie, it comes in a pack of two screen proctors. Everything about it is so similar that we suspect for most of the screen protector.

The Nokia 6 2018 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors exclusive design for Nokia 6 2018. This tempered glass screen protector has bubble-free installation function with the scratch-resistant coating. With the 9H high hardness, it comes with the oleophobic surface for the easy clean screen. It has ultra-clear and real touch sensitivity.

  • 5D round edges.
  • Avoid unwanted scuffs and scratches from hard substances.
  • Strength is five times higher than standard glass.
  • Laser cut dimensions.
  • Maximum protection to the phone screen.
  • Comfortable handle feeling.
  • Anti-shatter design.
  • Only one screen protector.
  • Thicker than other screen protectors.





The best-tempered glass screen protector to shield your Nokia 6 2018’s display from scratches is Vinve’s tempered glass screen protector for Nokia 6 2018. It is as good as or better than the other glass protectors, which we tested in almost every way. And it is the affordable model we tested. The tempered glass scored high in our tests of scratches and didn’t take away from the look and feel of the Nokia 6 2018’s screen.

The 9H Hardness Screen Protector for Nokia 6 (2018) has Japan imported Tempered-Glass with 100% Bubble-free adhesives. With the complete screen coverage, it offers an edge to edge protection. It has precise dimensions for maximum protection and excellent fitting for the curved edges too. It contains UV-resistant layer to prevent yellowing and to remain crystal clear. Apart these it includes 99.99% HD Clarity with the 0.3mm of thickness for ultra-thin and smooth touch.

Vinve 9H Hardness Screen Protector for Nokia 6 (2018)


  • Made of Japan imported Tempered-Glass.
  • 100% Bubble-Free Adhesives.
  • Complete screen coverage.
  • Edge to edge protection.
  • Precise dimensions for maximum protection.
  • Great fitting the curved edges.
  • UV-resistant layer to prevent yellowing and to remain crystal clear.
  • 99% HD Clarity.
  • Thickness is only 0.3mm for ultra-thin and smooth touch.


  • 9H Hardness tempered glass.
  • Easy installation and no residue after removal.
  • Enhanced viewing pleasure.
  • Crystal clear viewing.
  • Preserves original viewing quality of the picture.
  • Excellence sense of touch experience.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint.
  • Anti-acid, oil resistance, and alkali.
  • Only one screen protectors.






If for some reason the listed screen protector is unavailable or the price hiked to skyrockets, go with the MIKVON tempered glass screen protector for Nokia 6 2018. Everything from the tempered glass itself it offers the same hardness between the rates up to 7 to 8 on in our tests. Both the screen protectors feel and look nearly identical on Nokia 6 2018’s screen.

The Nokia 6 2018 screen protector Germany made tempered glass with quality glass. It has a curved surface with an integrated blue-light cut filter. The antibacterial layer gives crystal-clear protection for Nokia 6 (2018). It also protects the screen from bumps and scratches. It delivers unadulterated and crisp visuals of screen colors. It supports the easy removal of dust, dirt, and fingerprints.

MIKVON Nokia 6 2018 screen protector


  • Made in Germany with quality glass.
  • Curved surface.
  • Integrated blue-light cut filter.
  • Layer with the antibacterial layer.
  • Crystal-clear protection for Nokia 6 (2018).
  • Protects from bumps and scratches.
  • Delivers unadulterated and crisp visuals of screen colors.
  • Easy removal of dirt and fingerprints.


  • Scratch resistant.
  • Anti-bacterial screen protector.
  • Blue light out.
  • Two screen protector.
  • Crystal clear viewing experience.
  • Top-notch quality guarantee.
  • Easy bubble free application.
  • Smaller than the display.




Ace Armorshield

Ace Armorshield’s invisible ultra-clear and thin film protection seems to be the less promising screen protector, but still, the design prevents the scratches and most of the dirt from the screen. You can purchase this screen protector from this brand, and the precisely made screen protector guarantees a perfectly aligned installation on the screen.

The Clear Screen Protector for Nokia 6 2018 flexible film to fit the rounded curvatures of the screen. And the unique liquiform installation method without any error that allows the user to align the cutouts as well as edges. It is perfect for the water-resistant device, and the ProTek Guard is there for underwater abrasion resistance. With the bubble-free installation, there is excellent 99.9% HD clarity and stays virtually invisible on Nokia 6 2018’s screen.

  • Precise design Nokia 6 2018.
  • Correctly lines on device’s screen.
  • Free replacement warranty.
  • Protection and reliability.
  • Longevity as well as affordability.
  • Anti-bubble shield.
  • Full coverage protection.
  • Not a high level of protection to the screen.
  • Not good for scratches.




Any of the glass screen protectors can’t guarantee that you won’t break your smartphone’s screen. But the screen protector can prevent the screen from getting scratches and if there is any the glass takes doesn’t let the screen impacted by those scratches. The brand ZeKing offers Nokia 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

This is a 0.33mm of 9H hardness tempered glass screen protector. It contains laser-cut dimensions for maximum protection. The screen protector includes 2.5D edge for smooth hand feeling. It even contains 99.99% HD clarity along with original touch experience. Besides that, the screen protector comes with lifetime replacement warranty.

  • Adequate protection from scratches and explosion.
  • HD clarity.
  • Excellent touch sensitivity.
  • Oleophobic coating.
  • Smudge resistance.
  • Durable surface.
  • Doesn’t cover complete area of the phone screen.
  • Not easy to install.




Just like the ZeKing the brand KuGi offers a tempered glass screen protector that provides the best protection to the Nokia 6 2018 smartphone’s screen. However, the design and the look is different than the ZeKing’s screen protector.

This Clear Nokia 6 Screen Protector is 9H hardness rated glass. This tempered glass offers 99% retina clarity. It gives good touchscreen accuracy because it contains high-quality tempered glass. It provides 100% bubble-free adhesives and oleophobic coating.

KuGi HD Clear Nokia 6 Screen Protector


  • Precisely designed tempered glass for Nokia 6 2018.
  • 9H hardness rated glass.
  • 99% Retina clarity.
  • Good touchscreen accuracy.
  • High quality tempered glass.
  • 100% bubble-free adhesives.
  • Oleophobic coating.


  • Strongest and toughest one.
  • Reduces fingerprint smudges.
  • Easy to install.
  • Leaves no residue after removal.
  • HD clear screen protector.
  • Get scratched easily.
  • Not thin profile.



With another screen protector in a tempered glass category, the brand ANGELLA-M offers two screen protector for the Nokia 6 2018 phone’s screen. Hence in any situation, if you might break any one of the screen protectors, you will have another one as a backup.

This Screen Protector for Nokia 6 2018 ultra-clear tempered glass with high transparency. Both of the screen protectors are the highly responsive screen protector. The screen protector maintains original sensitivity. They are highly durable and gives maximum protection. The sleek adhesive makes quick and easy cleaning.

ANGELLA-M Screen Protector for Nokia 6 2018


  • Ultra-clear tempered glass.
  • High transparency.
  • Highly responsive screen protector.
  • Keeps original sensitivity.
  • Highly durable and gives maximum protection.
  • Sleek adhesive makes quick and easy cleaning.


  • Scratch resistant.
  • Protects from scratches, drops, scrapes and more.
  • Highly responsive.
  • Compatible with Nokia 6 2018 only.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Easily get dirt on the surface.
  • Leaves some residue after removal.
  • Only two screen protector.



If you don’t like to add much bulk and want to keep the touch accuracy and transparency of the screen as it is, you should choose film screen protector for your Nokia 6 2018 phone’s screen. The great thing about this package is that the screen protector offers 12 ultra-clear screen protectors.

The Clear Screen Protector Film for Nokia 6 (2018) is specially made for Nokia 6 2018. All of them gives transparent crystal clear and high-quality protection. All of the film based screen protector are dust and scratch resistant. They keep original touch and touch accuracy with ultra-clear transparency.

  • Doesn’t add any bulk to the phone.
  • Crystal clear transparency.
  • Ultra-thin profile.
  • Flexible in installation.
  • Bubble-free installation.
  • Doesn’t cover the screen entirely.
  • Not protective like tempered glass.



After DISAGU’s screen protector, GOLEBO’s screen protector is another pack that offers film-based screen protector for Nokia 8 2018 phone’s screen. So with another option for you, we tested this screen protector for those who look for screen protector film.

This Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Nokia 6 (2018) is an anti-reflective screen protector film. With the long-term protection, it gives dust and scratch protection. The screen protector maintains original touch accuracy and gives anti-glare protection. It is 100% bubble-free installation.

  • Anti-reflex screen protector.
  • Air-pocket free installation.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Long-term protection for Nokia 6 2018.
  • Increases the readability.
  • Easily get scratches.
  • Not protective like tempered glass.
  • Doesn’t cover the screen of the phone completely.

Which one of these screen protectors of Nokia 6 2018 would be your pick? Or have you already picked one for your smartphone? Tell us about it and don’t forget to share your experience with us.



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