10 Best OnePlus 3T Bumper Cases: No Impact Can Harm Your Device

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Buying a bumper case that only means that you know that there are chances that your high-end smartphone will someday face a sudden bump or a drop. If your smartphone is too expensive like OnePlus 3T that faces this issue and it is damaged god forbid by that, then? Here we are with the best OnePlus 3T cases.

Well to solve your worry from any sudden bumps or drops, there are plenty of bumper cases available in the market that one can buy and feel free. But among the bumper cases too also there is the difference that needs to see and to make that part easy for you, we are presenting 10 of the best Bumper cases with high quality and just for your best big smartphone, the OnePlus 3T.

Best OnePlus 3T Bumper Cases

1. Spigen

We are going to start this list of bumper cases with the leader of smartphone accessories, Spigen. It brought a uniquely designed bumper case only for OnePlus 3T phone. This case has an exclusive pattern designed that will include an extra grip, so you can carry your phone without any fear of dropping it. Let see it’s few more exciting features.

We all know that Spigen brand has built up a well-regarded reputation in the mobile accessories world for its cases of decent quality. And this OnePlus 3T bumper case for the smartphone OnePlus 3T is the perfect combination of that worldview. It offers excellent protection layer as well as the style factor to your smartphone.

This OnePlus 3T slim bumper case is a bit of an oddball, as this dumps yet another element to the combination. It is a normal bumper case, but even it touts a dual-layer design. It looks like a great option for the thinner bumper cases on this list. Because it manages to offer excellent protection with maintaining the phone thickness. The TPU shell provides a patterned design which will make your device less slippery. All while the PC bumper creates a robust frame for drops.

Spigen OnePlus 3T Bumper Case


  • The shock absorbing TPU and the PC material used in this case gives excellent protection.
  • Its upgraded frame is reinforced and cutouts for durability, sturdier and snug fit.
  • Even the precise cuts let you access all the ports and buttons with ease.
  • TPU material offers excellent grip.


  • Dual layer bumper protection.
  • The hard polycarbonate frame provides a sleek look.
  • Extremely slim profile.
  • Light in weight.
  • The outer layer is quite rigid.
  • Little expensive.


2. Ringke

Ringke is most famous brand on Amazon store that offers great accessories for a smartphone. However, its bumper case for your OnePlus 3T is getting good reviews over hundreds of its users, and that prompted us to add this product to this exclusive list. These OnePlus 3T hard bumper cases are available in multi-color so you can pick one of your styles when it comes to choosing your bumper case.

This bumper case for your OnePlus 3T smartphone fits perfectly because it has been designed specifically for it. The 2 times more clear coating optimize the original and natural look of your smartphone OnePlus 3T. It’s inside TPU corner cushions provides protection against any drops and occasional bumps as well.

This is the best OnePlus 3T bumper case that perfectly fits the phone and even maintains the original shape. The slim transparent TPU bumper is equipped with the Active Touch Technology for the natural access to each every ports and button of the OnePlus 3T.

Ringke Crystal Clear OnePlus 3T Hard Bumper Case


  • The 2X clear coating offers protection against bumps, scratch, and drops.
  • Soft and transparent TPU is soft on the body of your smartphone.
  • The inner TPU corner cushion makes the case very tough on scratches and harmful elements.
  • It is a perfect fit bumper case that maintains the original shape.
  • The slim transparent TPU bumper along with Active Touch Technology for natural access to ports and buttons.


  • High quality and easy clear case.
  • Durable yet sleek looking cases.
  • Offers excellent protection.
  • Excellent transparency.
  • Quite slippery.
  • Little costly.



This complete matte and sturdy look on the back of this TUDIA bumper case for the OnePlus 3T smartphone will undoubtedly attract anyone who wants a professional look. There are four different color and patterns you can choose from and make your smartphone look stylish as well as professional.

The high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane that used in this OnePlus 3T bumper case will provide you with an incredibly soft touch feel while holding your smartphone in this case. This is another best OnePlus 3T bumper case, which is completely durable and flexible at the same time. It has a unique design that will allow easy access to all the controls and buttons without removing this case.

Its raised edges will protect your phone’s display from scratches. Like other OnePlus 3T bumper cases on this list, this case also offers color choices for you, so that you have the option to pick from. The color choices are black, blue, gray and frosted clear.

TUDIA Bumper case for OnePlus 3T


  • A high-quality thermoplastic polycarbonate has been used to build this OnePlus 3T bumper case cover.
  • This bumper case will give you incredibly soft touch while holding in your palms.
  • It is entirely flexible and durable at the same time.
  • The unique design of this case will let you quickly access and controls without removing the case.
  • Its raised edges will protect your OnePlus 3T’s screen from any scratches.


  • Pretty snug.
  • Adds no bulk.
  • Available in four different colors.
  • Very cheap at cost.
  • Doesn’t work well with screen protectors.


4. Nillkin

This OnePlus 3T bumper case from Nillkin is a sturdy looking case, and its attractive look can answer all of your questions regarding the security of your smart device like OnePlus 3T. Unlike other bumper cases, the brand only offers this case in Black color. There is no other color combination given by the name. But the brand provides extreme features.

This OnePlus 3T Bumper case cover is made of a different material, and the material is synthetic fiber. It has been constructed from the advanced technology. This is why it brings the hardness of the outer layer and even maintains the softness from the inner layer. The case also offers hidden iron sheet, and this is why it can be used in conjunction along with the magnetic function in any of the car bracket. Still, your smartphone will remain compatible enough.

Nillkin OnePlue 3T Bumper Case Cover


  • It made from a different material like synthetic fiber.
  • Constructed from advanced technology.
  • The case is hard on the outer side and soft from the inside.
  • The hidden sheet inside the case conjunct to work with magnetic function in any car bracket.
  • Clear geometric texture and clarity impressive and unique style.


  • Compatible with Magnetic car holder.
  • Great attractive design.
  • Hide Iron sheet thin and practical.
  • Perfect touch feeling.
  • A bit of costly.
  • Little bulky.


5. DGtle

DGtle is another brand that is well-known in the mobile accessories marketing. Perhaps that is the reason why the bumper case from DGtle for the OnePlus 3T smartphone has got a good number of engagements with users on Amazon, and it currently has good rankings as well. Here are some fantastic features of this case.

This OnePlus 3T bumper case from DGtle is incredibly slim. Hence it won’t add any bulk to your valuable smartphone such as OnePlus 3T. With this case, you will even feel that this bumper case is a part of your smartphone. It made of impact resistant TPU that will increase the level of protection and will protect against any accidental or occasional drop.

The material is even flexible so that the case is easy to install and remove from your phone whenever you wish to. Talking about the color choice, well this case is available in five fantastic colors. So you have excellent color range options with this case.

DGtle Anti-Scratches Bumper Case for OnePlus 3T


  • It is extremely slim so that it won’t add any bulk to your OnePlus 3T.
  • The impact resistant TPU used in this case give protection against shock, scratches, and drops.
  • Flexible TPU material snugly fit your phone.
  • It offers non-slip grip because of the user-friendly technology.
  • It is easy to snap on bad off along with the precise cutouts.


  • Non-slip grip and user-friendly technology.
  • Glossy sides and matte back add style statement.
  • Light in weight.
  • Fewer color choices.



6. Orzly

This is another simple OnePlus 3T bumper case for Drop Protection, and Orzly produces it. This is also a known brand for offering high-quality cases for smartphones. If you want to purchase a bumper case that sticks with its basic features without any fuss, then this is the case for you. It’s not that, this case even offers some amazing features.

If you don’t want to cover up the valuable phone and still want to keep it safe, then this case from Orzly is for you. The Fusion, OnePlus 3T Bumper case, made from crystal-clear plastic which designed to showcase your phone’s design. It even equipped with a rubber bumper around the edge, which gives shocks and drops protection.

There is also a protective inner coating that protects your phone against scratching and even maintain the original finish of the phone. Plus, it is incredibly affordable and available in several colors. We think the black works best. However, you can add a splash of color if you want to.

Orzly Best Bumper Case for OnePlus 3T


  • It is entirely transparent back and will keep your phone visible.
  • Made out of a fusion of toughened hard plastic hard plastic back panel.
  • The durable rubber side rim will improve the protection level to the edges of your phone.
  • It can be easily installed and remove as it is precisely designed for your smartphone only.


  • The slightly raised lip around the front.
  • Maintain original look.
  • Even can choose from five different looks.
  • Slightly raised lip, not that impact-resistant.



There are many KAPAVER case users around the world who are highly satisfied with their product. So this is why we are bringing the matte look case just for you that is not only adds the features of protection for your smartphone but also they have focused on the style factor. Even the brand has to make sure about primary little things in this case.

The matte finished OnePlus 3T bumper case cover is single layer case. That made of TPU and equipped with the glossy edges. With all these factors this bumper case will give you an entirely different look to your smartphone OnePlus 3T.

We all know that the bumpers of these case are always there to offers protection against drops and falls. This is what this case does, and even the raised lips will provide complete protection from any scratch to protect your smartphone’s screen. The material used in this case is eco-friendly at the same time it is packed with a Zip Lock Pouch.

KAPAVER Shock Proof Bumper Back Cover for OnePlus 3T


  • This matte finished single layer case is made of TPU.
  • The glossy edge adds a stylish factor to your OnePlus 3T phone.
  • With Anti-Shock Cushion Technology provides protection against small and accidental drops.
  • The raised lip protects the screen from scratches on your smartphone.


  • The well-made case that provides full protection.
  • There are four different styles with different colors.
  • Three different color variety.
  • Very cheap at cost.
  • If you are looking for a bright color splash, then this case is not for you.
  • Little bulky.


8. RhinoShield

This is another well-known and leading brand in the world of smartphone accessories. This case will not only protect your smartphone from accidental drops but this will also a OnePlus 3T heavy-duty Bumper case which has also passed an 11 feet drop test. So basically it gives complete protection to your smartphone. The case is extremely light, so this will not add any bulk to your smartphone.

Apart from that if you are looking for a transparent case that even offers protection against drops and falls, then this is our another pick. This OnePlus 3T bumper case provides protection as well as maintains the original look of your smartphone like OnePlus 3T.

With this OnePlus 3T bumper case you cannot only protect your phone from the bumpers such as accidental drops but with this heavy-duty functionality which has passed an 11 feet drop, you can protect your phone from the heavy impact. So now you don’t have to worry about the total protection of your smartphone anymore with this case.

RhinoShield Heavy Duty Bumper Case for One Plus 3T


  • The hybrid and heavy duty case built with hard and soft polycarbonate.
  • Unlike commonly used TPU, the unique PC material gives excellent drop protection by absorbing shock.
  • The soft inner shell uses SHOCKSPREAD technology with the honeycomb structure.
  • It enhances the fall protection by suspending the smartphone from any surface.
  • The matte finish enhances the grip on your phone.
  • This finishing also serves to make the bumper case more durable, as it is harder to scratch.


  • Secure grip.
  • Light in weight.
  • Snug fit to your OnePlus 3T.
  • Available in two colors Black and White.
  • It is very costly.

9. Poetic

The sides of this bumper case for OnePlus 3T are designed with anti-slip grip, so whenever you hold your smartphone along with this case in your hand, it is extremely safe. This bumper case is only available in one color choice that is a combination of Black and clear. So basically there is no other color selection in this case.

But this OnePlus 3T slim bumper case for looks stronger and provide complete drop protection. Hence, it will provide you the feeling of safety at the very first look itself. It constructed with clear PC and molded with the shockproof TPU that is soft as well. The side grip in this bumper case will prevent your device getting slipped out of your palms.

Even though you drop the smartphone accidentally the bumpers, in this instance, will absorb it quite quickly. It’s raised bezels will make sure that your OnePlus 3T smartphone’s screen will always remain safe from any harm like a scratch that may happen.

Poetic OnePlus 3T Bumper Case


  • Made of transparent PC and molded with the shockproof TPU that is soft too.
  • Complete clarity to showcase the original look of your smartphone.
  • The side grip adds an anti-slip factor to the case.
  • The case gives modern styling design with the protective X-form DNA design.
  • The raised bezels offer front face protection.
  • The inner ridged TPU surface is there for effective shock dissipation.
  • All four corners of this bumper case are raised for complete protection.


  • Good shock resistant clear option.
  • Black ridges offer a more rugged look.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Excellent protection with the X-form DNA design.
  • Quite Bulky.
  • Even quite pricey.


10. CoverON

This bumper case from CoverON for OnePlus 3T has an entirely different look than rest of the bumper cases we are offering here. Because the way it is designed, and constructed the design and the color of this case make it different from others. Yes, it is the sturdy bumper case as well as slim fit to your OnePlus 3T.

This OnePlus 3T bumper case has pleased design that anyone can fall in love with it. This is another and last transparent case of this list. This bumper case is not only show off the stylish, and good looks of your OnePlus 3T smartphone, but it will even remain slim enough so that it won’t drastically increase the size of the OnePlus 3T phone.

The snap-on case even features raised edges that help you protect your smartphone’s display while it placed face down. And also it comes with precise cutouts for buttons, ports, and camera that lets you access them with at most ease.

CoverON OnePlus 3T Hard Bumper Case


  • It is precisely designed for a OnePlus 3T.
  • The ultra-clear PC the case’s back hard.
  • The semi-flexible TPU bumper protects your phone from any bumps and drops.
  • It is very slim so that will add minimal bulk to your smartphone.
  • The brand even offers 90 days warranty.


  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Fits well.
  • Protection against scratches and damages.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Edges of this case are a bit of sharp.



We bet you that you won’t get any better collection of bumper cases than this collection of best OnePlus 3T bumper cases that we have listed here. All of that are collected from the trusted and well-known brands, so there is no need to worry about the quality of these cases. So make your choice and grab any of them to provide ultimate protection to your OnePlus 3T from any bumps and drops. Don’t forget; we are waiting for your feedback after purchasing any of them.


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