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After offering you some awesome suggestions of the best OnePlus 3T Wallet Cases, just like the best OnePlus 3T Cases and Covers, we are now bringing a list of the best OnePlus 3T kickstand cases. By providing an exclusive list of the kickstand cases, we are taking care of those users who love to watch movies and long videos for hands-free comfort. These kickstand cases will do just that.

So keeping that in mind, we also took care of providing ultimate security to your smartphone and other helpful features as well. Most of these kickstand case offers robust protection and a dual layer that protect from dirt, shock, and high-impact fall. So here we go.

Best Kickstand Cases OnePlus 3T


If you are looking for the kickstand case that offers heavy duty protective case then this Shockproof 360-Degree Kickstand Case for OnePlus 3T from DAYJOY is the best to pick. With the various color options, this one is excellent for the protection and hands-free viewing too.

This case is a combination of flexible TPU and impact-resistant hard PC. It gives dual layer protection from scratches, drops, and bumps. With this case, has an anti-slip design that adds more grip to the phone. It comes with slim design, which includes minimal bulk.

  • Various color options.
  • Screen protector friendly.
  • Precise cutouts.
  • Heavy duty use.
  • 360-degree rotatable stand.
  • Dual layer armor shield.
  • Tactile buttons isn’t much responsive.



Ongo US

There may be many of you who are looking for a case that lets you show off the beauty of the smartphone. However, it is hard to find a kickstand that offers transparency to flaunt the beauty of the phone. But this Rugged Kickstand Case for OnePlus 3T from Ongo US brand is for you.

It contains dual-layer construction of hard PC and TPU material. It has a built-in foldable kickstand for horizontal viewing position. This case gives shock absorbent and impact-resistant protection. You can even get shatterproof protection. With the fashionable design, you can keep the screen private.

Ongo US Kickstand Case For OnePlus 3T


  • Dual layer construction of hard PC and TPU material.
  • Built-in foldable kickstand for horizontal viewing position.
  • Shock absorbent and impact-resistant protection.
  • Shatterproof protection.
  • Fashionable design to keep the screen private.


  • Low cost.
  • Slim fit.
  • Various color options.
  • Don’t add much bulk.
  • Protects phone from scratches and dents.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Quite hard to install.





The coverON is giving us a shadow armor kickstand case which is exclusively design for OnePlus 3T. It won’t fix to any other smartphone and more it has precise cutouts. This is another best kickstand for OnePlus 3T that has a dual layer and offers extreme protection to your smartphone. Even the best thing is, this brand offers 90 days warranty after making a purchase.

The OnePlus 3T kickstand made with hard polycarbonate outer layer and snug form-fitting TPU inner layer. The modern style design of this case is a slim fit so that it won’t add bulk to the device. It protects OnePlus 3T against any accidental drops and dirt. With the kickstand, you can always watch long videos and movies with hands-free comfort. And you will even have five color choices.

CoverON Kickstand Phone Cover Case for OnePlus 3T


  • Equipped with hard PC exterior and snug form-fitting TPU interior.
  • Modern style design with a slim fit.
  • Adds no bulk to the device.
  • Protects against accidental drops and dirt.
  • The kickstand for hands comfort.


  • Very protective.
  • Gives a stylish look.
  • Slim fit adds no bulk.
  • The kickstand is a bit flimsy.



Another tough looking kickstand case for OnePlus 3T that offers heavy duty protection for your smartphone. This kickstand from TOPNOW protects the phone from any scratch and any drop. Its mainly designed for OnePlus 3T so no other phone can fit in this kickstand case.

This kickstand constructed from PC and TPU, where both of the material is environmentally friendly. This case equipped with rugged armor and bumpers along with the anti-shock cushion technology for excellent protection. The stent function of this case offers comfortable viewing angle. Its raised edges provide better protection for OnePlus 3T’s screen. It even equipped with inbuilt dissipation design that gives an excellent cooling performance while using it.

  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Stylish appearance gives a great look.
  • Gives good feel to hold in hand.
  • Protects from any damages.
  • Easy to put on and take off as well.
  • The kickstand is little flimsy at a hinge.




The Mstechcorp kickstand case for OnePlus 3T masterfully crafted, and it looks great as well. This all over black kickstand certainly, stands out among many kickstand cases. One best thing about this case is that it even offers a set of accessories.

This best kickstand cases for OnePlus 3T that constructed from hard PC. The material treated with the rubberized spray powder coating for extra grip and durability. The cutouts are deep enough to access all the ports and buttons of your phone. The accessories include two cables, one car charger, one wall charger and one USB light by paying for the case only.

Mstechcorp Combo Kickstand case for OnePlus 3T


  • Best combination of kickstand and holster clip case.
  • Made out of hard PC and treated with rubberized spray powder coating.
  • The material gives extra grip and durability.
  • The cutouts are precise for easy access to ports and buttons.
  • The foldable kickstand is excellent at the comfort of the hands.


  • Holds phone very securely.
  • Hassle free set up.
  • The combo of case and holster make it more functional.
  • Cutouts are deep enough.
  • It doesn’t provide protection to the top and bottom of the phone as it leaves them open.



The Asuwish kickstand case has an exclusive design for the OnePlus 3T smartphone. Hence, it will not fit on any other smartphone. This Ultra Slim Kickstand Case for OnePlus 3T is more than just kickstand case that offers some incredible features.

It is 100% perfect fit to OnePlus 3T. This dual layer case uses soft TPU and PC plastic material. The built-in kickstand provides stable support on the back and offers excellent view angle. Besides that, it has shock-absorbing and scratch-resistant functionality. Even more, it provides ultimate protection from drops and falls equally.

  • Rugged combo comfortable surface.
  • Great touch feelings.
  • Sleek luxury design.
  • Wallet case functionality with kickstand function.
  • Holds one card.
  • Raised lips protect the screen well.
  • Hard install and uninstall.





PASONOMI kickstand case for OnePlus 3T masterfully crafted, and it looks great as well. This kickstand colored in beautiful blue, and also it colored in five other vibrant colors like dark blue, gray, red, silver, and golden. It also has a built-in dual layer construction for extra protection to your phone.

This kickstand case for OnePlus 3T offers great protection. It is a comfortable fit and convenient installation. It offers easy access to all functions and ports without removing the case. It gives double protection of hard outer shell along with silicone inner layer. It has slim, thin and sturdy kickstand inbuilt. Thus you can prop up your phone anytime for comfortable viewing angle. This is durable and ideal childproof option.

Pasonomi Full Body Protective Kickstand Case of OnePlus 3T


  • A dual-layered case for reinforced protection.
  • The inbuilt kickstand on the back that offers perfect horizontal viewing.
  • The material of this case is shock absorbent, shatterproof and anti-scratch.
  • Perfect cutouts let you access all the ports and buttons firmly.


  • Sleek design gives stylus look.
  • Raised lips keep the screen private and protected.
  • Slim and thin design adds no bulk to the phone.
  • A sturdy stand can prop up your phone anytime.
  • Convenient installation and very easy to take it off.
  • Little bulky.
  • Quite pricey.





With KATUMO brand’s Wallet Slim Case with Kickstand for OnePlus 3T, we have here another option for you to the multifunctional case. There are even various color options from which you can make your choice.

This case offers dual layer protection of hard PC and soft silicone material. And it is capable of being anti-scratch and anti-slip along with providing shockproof protection. Apart from that, this case provides Military Grade certified drop protection. It comes with hidden card holder with a built-in sturdy kickstand.

  • Various color options.
  • Raised bezel for the rear camera and screen protection.
  • Holds one card.
  • Tactile buttons for button protection.
  • Carbon fiber design on back.
  • Adds bulk to the phone.




This kickstand for OnePlus 3T is just like Oeago and Mustner. It is shock-proof and even gives a great look to your phone. The brand J&D is very well known for smartphone accessories. It is very trustworthy, and hence you can get guaranteed protection from any harm. With this case, there is no worry about any security of your phone from falls and high-end drops.

This best kickstand case for OnePlus 3T is hybrid dual layer case, which gives ultimate protection against drops and scratches. This kickstand case made of silicone and polycarbonate that keep your smartphone completely protected, shockproof and scratch resistant. It lets you have easy access to all the buttons, ports and functions. You will find this case in three different color.

J&D Heavy Duty Protection OnePlus 3T Kickstand Case


  • Hybrid dual layer offers ultimate protection.
  • Made of silicone and polycarbonate.
  • Freedom from shock and scratch.
  • Easy access to all ports and functions.


  • A high-quality product at very reasonable prices.
  • Not too bulky.
  • Heavy duty protection.
  • The slim fit gives the case feel well in hands.
  • Gives excellent protection to camera bump.
  • Not suitable for magnetic mounts.





The Customerfirst kickstand case for OnePlus 3T is a perfect match for your smartphone. It precisely made for your OnePlus 3T. This is distinguish designed case that will protect your phone against any damage occurring from the drops. This OnePlus 3T case doesn’t only protect your phone; it will even give you a great look.

This kickstand case for OnePlus 3T made of soft rubber silicone and hard plastic. It equipped with a built-in kickstand and even with the completely adjustable belt clip. It offers precise cutouts, which let you access all the functions such as camera, home button, microphone, headphone jack, etc. This kickstand case provides shock absorbing layer to give your OnePlus 3T complete protection from any harm.

Customerfirst Combo Case with Kick-Stand / Belt Clip for for OnePlus 3T


  • Made of soft rubber silicone and hard plastic.
  • Built-in kickstand and fully adjustable belt clip.
  • Precise cutouts let you access all the functions.
  • Shock absorbing layer for complete protection from impacts.


  • It is light in weight.
  • Sturdy and extremely durable design.
  • Hybrid case molded perfect fit.
  • This case is a combination of armor case, kickstand, and detachable holster.
  • Slip free silicone offers comfortable gripping.
  • The top and bottom of this case are open, so it doesn’t provide protection to the top and bottom of the phone.



So, these are some of the best kickstand cases for OnePlus 3T that we have collected for you. Among these cases let us know which case you picked. And share the experience with us here in the comments section. Waiting for your feedback.


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