10 Best OnePlus 3T Wallet Cases: Carry Your Essential With Ease

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Maybe you have gone through the recommendation on the best kickstand cases for the OnePlus 3T smartphone, and now we are bringing the best wallet cases for a OnePlus 3T smartphone. We are aware that wallet cases have some unique capabilities to offer an all-around protection for your OnePlus 3T and even enhancing their looks.

So, keeping those things in mind, we have picked some of the best wallet cases for OnePlus 3T and by doing that we also cared to offer you complete range to select from as well.

Best OnePlus 3T Wallet Cases

1. Orzly

This leather wallet case for OnePlus 3T is from one of the famous brands in smartphone accessories, Orzly. This wallet case for OnePlus 3T case act as a wallet that can carry many of your essential stuff like important cards and money as well. The case is designed to give you the optimal space and even angle for viewing landscape content on your OnePlus 3T.

This wallet case is made of leather effect material, and it also contains hard shell interior. This OnePlus 3T wallet case gives you the premium feel. It also gives a professional look with its professional stitch all around the case. The hard inner shell is sturdy and durable that holds your device very carefully so that your phone stays protected.

The size of the case is not that big, so you won’t feel your handset is being bulky. This wallet phone case for OnePlus 3T gives comfort while holding your phone and even anti-slip feature makes it more valuable. The case makes sure the camera bump completely covered by it. However, you will have only two card slots and one bill section. It offers an in-built kickstand which lets you enjoy the hands-free view of videos and movies.

Orzly Wallet Case for OnePlus 3T


  • Made from leather effect material along with hard shell interior.
  • Premium feels with the professional look of stitch all around the case.
  • Sturdy and durable hard inner shell to protect the phone.
  • Comfortable while holding and equipped with an anti-slip feature.
  • Covers camera bump completely.
  • Two card slots and one sleeve for money.
  • Built-in kickstand for a hands-free view of videos and movies.


  • It is relatively low in cost.
  • Fits the phone perfectly.
  • All ports and buttons are easily accessible.
  • Exterior of vinyl leather feels good and offers good grip
  • Card slots reduce your need to carry a separate wallet.
  • The money slot doesn’t fit the standard US currency.
  • Sometimes stand tends to slide down quickly.



2. Kwmobile

Kwmobile offers interesting and impressive OnePlus 3T wallet case, with the great looking design on front and back of the wallet case. It is available only in one color combination, but still, with the combination of one color only it gives a very elegant look to your phone while managing to stay practical.

This leather wallet case for OnePlus 3T has to furnish of synthetic leather; it will make this case look decent and even strong. This wallet case provides two card slots to carry debit or credit card and ID and one money sleeve. The flap has a strong magnet that ensures your valuables remain where it should. All the ports, cameras, buttons, and speakers are readily available because of the precise cutouts. It equipped with thin and book style slim profile, which looks more attractive on your phone.

kwmobile Leather Wallet Case for OnePlus 3T


  • Synthetic leather made case for a decent look and sturdy protection.
  • Two slots for debit or credit card and ID and one sleeve for cash.
  • Magnetic closer keeps all your essentials safe.
  • Precise cutouts to access all the ports, cameras, buttons, and speakers immediately.
  • Thin and book style slim case for an attractive look.


  • The case textured helps keep secure from slipping from hand.
  • Plenty of storage for cards and money.
  • Snugly holds the phone.
  • The magnetic latch is a relatively strong magnet.
  • Stand might lays flat with maybe a few millimeters of rising off the phone.




Presenting a very elegant looking wallet case from BENTOBEN made especially for OnePlus 3T. Along with the looks and attached wristlet, one case easily imagines that it is for ladies only, and we can ensure you that it will be suitable for women to carry their phone with this case.

This retro rivet wallet case offers a fashionable look for your OnePlus 3T. This best OnePlus 3T wallet case made of premium synthetic leather and PC. You can comfortably contain debit or credit card, license, visiting cards, ID, and money.  It equipped with a nickel plated press stud to maintain everything secure. This wallet case for OnePlus 3T even equipped with the magnetic strap to easily carry it everywhere.

BENTOBEN Wallet Faux Leather Case of OnePlus 3T


  • Retro rivet wallet case offers a fashionable look.
  • Made from premium synthetic leather and PC inner.
  • Flip wallet case style designed for more comfortable to carry and handle.
  • Offers eight slots to take credit or debit cards, license, visiting cards, and ID.
  • An exclusive nickel plated press stud keep cards and cash from dropping.
  • The magnetic strap that holds everything together.
  • Easier to carry anywhere to flaunt your statement of style.


  • Sides of this case are stronger.
  • Holds everything in a case not to take a purse.
  • Snug fit.
  • Magnet holds essential securely.
  • Gives a great look to your phone.
  • If the billfold overloaded with cards and bills, it might make trouble closing it.



4. Make Mate

Make Mate offers one of the best OnePlus 3T wallet cases. The brand even offers the highly impressive looking case. If you wish to fit your OnePlus 3T, this wallet case will only optimize the value of it. You also will have a choice of colors between Black, Orange, and Rose Red.

Apart from color choices, it offers a great list of features and functionality. This wallet case for OnePlus 3T made of high-quality leather and PC that even cover all the four corner of the smartphone. It only gives two card slot for credit/debit card, ID or Business card. It also equipped with a magnet that keeps everything keeps safely inside the case. The kickstand offers hands-free viewing of videos and movies. The precise cutouts provide quick access to all the ports and functions.

Make Mate Genuine Leather OnePlus 3T Wallet Case


  • High-quality leather and PC is used to construct the case.
  • Get the four corner, front and back protection.
  • Two card slots for debit or credit card, business card or ID.
  • The magnet keeps things safe and secure inside the case.
  • Flip can even act as a kickstand, and you can watch the movie or videos on your phone without hands.
  • Quick access to all the functions and ports.


  • The case gives you phone simple yet fashionable look.
  • Fits the phone perfect.
  • Not too heavy as it made of genuine leather.
  • Store at least four cards.
  • Too many cards would let the flapped open slightly.



5. Meiya

Love to give a professional touch to your high-end OnePlus 3T smartphone? Meiya offers one of the breath-taking wallet cases for OnePlus 3T. It is made for only OnePlus 3T. All of the five color options that brand offer is indeed the best color options for the professionals who want to include some value to the looks of their smartphone.

The premium PU leather used in this OnePlus 3T wallet case. This handmade wallet case offers smart lock and unlocks technology, which automatically turns on/off the screen of your smartphone when you open/close the case.

The crystal clear TPU shell inside this OnePlus 3T wallet case secures the phone and even protects against shock. This case equipped with stitches on the borders of the case which look more attractive.

Meiya Leather Wallet Flip Cover Case for OnePlus 3T


  • Made from premium PU leather.
  • Precision handmade for an outstanding look.
  • Perfect to carry anytime, anywhere.
  • Equipped with smart lock and unlock technology.
  • The Crystal TPU shell takes the device very securely.
  • The shockproof case fits very well to your phone.
  • The stitches on the borders for a more attractive look.


  • Simple case but the practical case.
  • No need to carry a wallet when this case is in your hand.
  • The great functionality of the automatic screen unlocking or locking.
  • It carries only one card in the case.



6. Feitenn

This is another OnePlus 3T case for those who look for a professional look for their smartphone. This wallet case is from Feitenn. It is made of an imported leather and pearl bottom mixed bump PC shell design. This will keep your smartphone protected from any impacts and scratches. The fabric design is perfect for those who look keep their smartphone’s look professional.

This best wallet case for OnePlus 3T surrounds all the edges to hold your phone perfectly. This classic flip leather case gives your phone 360-degree protection. This case also equipped with sleep and wake-up functionality, so when you close/open your smartphone it will on/off your phone automatically.

Feitenn OnePlus 3T Wallet case Smart Cover


  • Made of imported leather and pearl bottom mix bump PC clamshell.
  • The case surrounds all the edges to hold phone accurately.
  • The classic flip leather case gives 360-degree protection.
  • Equipped with sleep and wake-up functionality.


  • Quality case with durable material and brightly colored.
  • Camera hole allows the flash to function normally.
  • A Very slim line that gives the style.
  • Holds credit card or debit card.
  • Holds only one card, there is no sleeve to carry money.



7. Belk

Belk offers the brand new wallet case for OnePlus 3T. With the great fit to your OnePlus 3T, it also optimizes the value of it. It specially designed for OnePlus 3T. This wallet case is handmade from the premium Soft PU leather.

This wallet case from OnePlus 3T equipped with handcrafted stitching, satin interior lining, professional folded leather edges, sewed with the waxed thread and then oiled expertly. All the factors add strength and durability. The protective PC shell back cover is very slim that snugly fits the phone.

The case is even transformed into Hands-free kickstand while face time retains accessibility. The cutouts are precise for complete access to your phone’s functions. You also have a color choice between Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, and Buff.

BELK Slim Wallet OnePlus 3T Case


  • Design exclusively for OnePlus 3T.
  • Looks like the vintage leather look.
  • Handmade of premium soft PU leather.
  • High-quality complete grain case with a smooth surface.
  • Equipped with handcrafted stitches, professional folded leather edges and a lot more.
  • Strong and durable.
  • The PC back cover snugly fits.
  • Well-crafted with the kickstand functionality.


  • Offers great features with a low price.
  • Enjoy hands-free and steady angle view of your favorite videos and movies with the help of kickstand.
  • Three card slots and one sleeve give lots of space to carry cards and money.
  • Bit of clumsy and awkward to hold.
  • Doesn’t featured with smart wake/sleep functionality.


8. Lwang

The OnePlus 3T wallet case from Lwang is precisely designed for OnePlus 3T so that no other phones can fit in this case. The design of this case does not only make it look impressive but also makes it look different. It is constructed from shockproof PU leather that also featured with smart wake/sleep function.

This custom leather wallet case for OnePlus 3T is ultra-thin which makes it lightweight and durable as well. It is available in Qin Brown color for a stylish look, and the precise cutouts offer complete access to all the functions, buttons and ports.

LWANG PU Leather Wallet OnePlus 3T Case


  • Made from shockproof PU leather.
  • Featured with smart sleep/wake function.
  • Ultra-thin, durable, and lightweight.
  • Available in Qin Brown color for a stylish look.
  • Precise cutout for complete access to all ports and buttons.


  • Snug fit to your phone.
  • The classic flip leather cover gives 360-degree protection.
  • Unique card slot.
  • PC plastic hard back cover secures your phone, and its camera bumps firmly.
  • Doesn’t provide built-in kickstand.
  • Store only one card.



9. MicroP

MicroP offers excellent and beautiful looking wallet case for the girls. This case is available in only one color, but still worth to have it, because this OnePlus 3T wallet case is equipped with lots of good things. Besides just look, it also protects your phone very well.

This case is precisely designed for OnePlus 3T smartphone, which offers three card slot with one sleeve to carry some money. This best wallet case for OnePlus 3T is a folio style wallet case that gives comfortable horizontal hands-free viewing of your phone. This case can protect your phone from scratches, scuffs, and other damage.

MicroP OnePlus 3T Wallet Case


  • Design exclusively for OnePlus 3T.
  • Equipped with three card slots and one sleeve to carry money.
  • Folio style wallet case for comfortable hands-free viewing.
  • Provide a full protection from scratches, scuffs, and any other damage.


  • Great fashionable look.
  • Precise cutouts allow easy and complete access to all ports.
  • Lots of space to carry cards and money.
  • Quite heavy while carrying cards and money into the case.


10. Fincibo

Fincibo is a very low-cost wallet case for OnePlus 3T. Being cheap, it doesn’t mean that it compromises on the quality of the case. This case has pretty good functionality and offers excellent protection to your phone and its screen while it is the flip case.

This OnePlus 3T wallet case made from fabric and synthetic leather. As another case in this list, this case offers three card slots and one sleeve to carry money. The material makes it durable and very light in weight as well. It protects against minor shocks and bumps.

  • Store more than two cards, money and bills.
  • Much more stable, that protects against daily harm.
  • Protects camera bumps very well.
  • The magnetic tape keeps all the essentials safe.
  • The back of this case is quite flimsy.




Any thought do you have on this list of best wallet cases for OnePlus 3T that made from the quality material? If you have and pick your best case from the above list, then let us know how your experience goes with that case.


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