best samsung galaxy note 8 qi wireless power banks

After more than just 100 hours of testing, we think that listed here ten of the Qi Wireless Power Bank in this article is the best Qi Wireless Power Banks for most of the people who have a phone like Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus that apparently supports the Qi wireless charging standard.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus as is respectively fast wireless charger we tested. Listed here are proved faster as all of them are packed with the high capacity battery pack. Some of them come at the affordable price while some of them come at a high cost, but still, we think that they are suitable for Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus.

Best QI Wireless Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus

If you are looking for the best portable and fastest Qi wireless charger power bank Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 plus, then you should go for this product. It is designed by MUSTTUE which contains the shared coil for input and output, and it also contains one USB port for charging the wired devices. With it, we can charge two devices at a time. It also includes the built-in LED flashlight which is much required while traveling.

The MUSTTRUE Qi wireless charger power bank Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 plus is much preferable for the one who loves traveling.It’s design is very slim and compact so that it takes minimal space to carry. It is very handy and hefty so that any accidental drop can’t do much to it. It charges almost 3 devices to 100% per full power bank charge.

It supports overheating problems and short circuit protection which protects your digital device from the charging accident. You can charge a device wirelessly with this power bank while charging the bank itself. It is certified by FCC, CE, and RoHS for quality and safety. The high capacity 9000mAh power bank is equipped with brand’s One-year manufacturer warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.


Pros Cons
  • It is compact.
  • It has auto turn-off /on function.
  • The unique USB cable makes it charge two devices at a time.
  • Quick, handy and best value for the price.
  • Sometimes after the extended time, it heats up itself and the device.
  • Can’t use the wireless charging while driving, so while driving it is pointless to use wireless charging capability.

This Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus wireless charger power bank contain Qi-compatible wireless charging pad at the top. And also it includes the two smart USB ports which can auto-detect the optimal charging speed up to 2.1A. This wireless power bank is ideal for business travels, holidays and daily use. The Power Bank Wireless has a high input and high outputs.

The best thing about this device is, it contains the circular rubber pad for wireless charging base on the top which helps your phone from moving and the ultra slim design makes it pocket-friendly. It can charge three devices at a time. It contains LED light to notify the battery status.

The High capacity 12000mAh power bank is equipped with one year of warranty. It protects the device from over-charge, over-voltage, over-discharging and moreover, it supports over-heat, over-current, and short circuit protection. Thus, it protects the device from charging accident. The charging speed much faster compared to the other power banks.



Pros Cons
  • It is compact.
  • High input and high output.
  • Quick, handy and elegant.
  • Charges three devices pretty fast at a time.
  • Charges the device while charging itself.
  • Battery capacity is not as advertised.
  • It charges phone little slower.



This Next-generation 10000mah wireless charging power bank by the MobilePal is the latest model in the market, and it is slimmest and stylish power bank. It has 10000mAh high battery capacity. It contains the Qi-compatible wireless pad with the USB ports for other devices to charge. It has a reusable SecureGrip adhesive pad for secure attachment of your phone with the power bank. It supports charging and recharging both wirelessly with the micro-USB or Lightning cable.

It contains single coil for the Input and output. It is certified by FCC, CE, and RoHS for quality and safety. With the one year of manufacturer warranty, it also packed with a 30-day money back guarantee. It contains the weight of an iPad and the size of a woman’s wallet or just a hair bigger than a checkbook if you know what one of those are. It can charge the three devices simultaneously.


Pros Cons
  • Positive customer service.
  • Can be used as a desktop charger.
  • Big battery size.
  • Good Build Quality & aesthetics.
  • Power fluctuation while parallel charging.
  • Lower output than mentioned.

In this fast growing world of the electronic gadgets, buyers are not only concerned with the efficiency of the device but are also with the looks and design of it. In which the Qi wireless power bank by ZONV is no different.

It has the premium dull polish finish that gives good touch feeling and makes it look classic. It supports battery capacity for up to 8000mAh. With the wireless non-slip pad that is excellent for the Qi-compatible devices. Moreover, the USB port that can auto-detect the optimal speed of the devices up to 2.1A.

The portability of this Qi wireless power bank is especially ideal for travel, vacations, emergency, camping, etc. It protects from the over-charge, over-heat and short circuit. The upscale design with a matte surface, solid and portability. It has a built-in LED light which it becomes easy to detect the remaining capacity of the battery. It has one year of warranty with lifetime friendly customer service.


Pros Cons
  • Compact for all the features.
  • Premium dull polish finish gives excellent touch feeling.
  • Works as advertised.
  • Charging starts as soon as device touches the Qi pad on the power bank.
  • Sometimes forgot to provide the perfect USB cables.
  • After extended there is a swelling in the package.


You can make charging much easier using this portable wireless charging power bank for Galaxy Note 8 by Cloele. This power banks contains a wireless charging pad which supports charging up to 1A for the Qi-compatible devices. And it contains two smart USB interface for the non-Qi devices. Each of ports auto-detects the optimal speed of the devices up to 2.1A. Thus we can charge three devices at a time.

It protects the device against over-charge, over-heat and short-circuits. There is a digital display to indicate the exact level of the charge of the power bank. Most importantly it comes with a 3-in-1 USB cable which contains lightning, Micro USB, and Type C cables. Hence, there is no need to carry tons of wires during traveling, so it requires very less space. It is one of great price, and every penny is worth.

High-quality and fast wireless charge. It has auto shut-off function that prevents the battery from draining. It is integrated with high-power Qi wireless charging transmitter with the large-capacity rechargeable battery. You can go anywhere carrying it without worrying about running out of the power of your devices. It is certified by FCC, CE, and RoHS for quality and safety.



Pros Cons
  • The great value of the price and every penny is worth.
  • It is the reliable charger.
  • Backed with 3-in-1 USB which contains the lightning cable, Micro USB and Type C cable.
  • The great capability of the wireless charging.
  • High quality and fast wireless charge.
  • Pretty big and bulky.
  • Charging speed is slow.




This Qi wireless charger power bank for Galaxy S8 and S8+ by the Toward brand not only works with the Samsung device. However, it is also compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8 and other devices. It contains the Lithium Polymer battery with the capacity of 7000mAh capacity. This power bank contains wireless charging pad for the Qi compatible devices and USB port for the non-Qi compatible devices. This is troubleshooting in this electronics era.

What you just need to do is place your Qi-enabled device onto the wireless sensor area, and there you go. It is a slim, compact power bank with the rubber finish at the base gives good hand feeling. This power bank gives the inductive experience. This power bank contains the LED indicates the exact level of the charge.

It gives the protection against the over-charge, over-current, over-heat and short circuit. Hence, it assures the safety of devices from the charging accident. One can charge two devices at a time with using the wireless charger and one using the corded charger. The auto shut-off feature prevents draining of the power bank. It has one year warranty and the friendly lifetime customer services.


Pros Cons
  • Wireless charging works well with iPhone X, iPhone 8 and Samsung devices.
  • USB-C port can only be used in Input.
  • It can wire charge the iPhone 8 twice and wireless charge iPhone 8 1.8 times.
  • It may warm your device.
  • It doesn’t contain AC adapter.



If you are looking for the wireless charging power bank for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus, then Bettak is no different from others that we have tested and listed and going to list here in this list. If you want a Qi power bank that offers matte finish with great grip on it Bettak is one of the great options.

This wireless charging power bank has the lithium-polymer battery with the capacity of 10000mAh. It contains Qi compatible pad for the Qi devices using the wireless cases. It also includes two USB ports that can automatically detect the optimal speed up to 2.1 A. This can be great for household, outdoor activity, travel, office and other places.

It has an intelligent chip for protecting the devices from an over-heat, over-charging and short circuit. It has the LED light to indicate the current level of the charge in the power bank. You can place this in the pocket as it requires small place. It provides perfect charging service to your tablets, mobile phones, digital camera, MP4 and other electronic product. It is having the 12-months warranty and easy to reach friendly customer service.



Pros Cons
  • Provides perfect charging service to your tablets, mobile phones, digital camera, MP4 and other electronic product.
  • Applies to household, outdoor travel, office and other places.
  • If the center point of the receiving terminal defects, the machine power will be off automatically.
  • More the defect more the inefficiency.


This portable Qi wireless power bank that is designed in such way that lets you also enjoy your smartphone screen in landscape and portrait mode while charging. This is different than all the other Qi wireless power bank because this is foldable portable Qi-certified wireless charger power bank.

This wireless power bank has the long-lasting battery. It is having the lithium-polymer battery with the 5000mAh high capacity. It is equipped with a pad that has the built-in magnet to prevent the falling off the phone. This power bank is having the humanized design with the foldable transformation. Thus, you can use it as the phone stand. You just have to place the phone on the pad horizontally for the charging.

It is having the lightweight and portability so you can use it wherever you need. It contains the USB port for the other devices. It has the high-class chip and superior design. This well-designed wireless charger includes the coil and circuit board as well. You can prefer this power bank for the long-lasting charging.



Pros Cons
  • It folds up like a square and can also transform into a phone stand.
  • Carrying in pocket or bag is easy.
  • Well-designed wireless charger.
  • It doesn’t charge the device when placed vertically.
  • The phone slides off very quickly when positioned vertically.

Are you looking for the Qi power bank that offers you the portable and compact size then this Qi power bank by Luhan? Besides providing the Qi power bank only in a white color the brand also produces this Qi wireless power bank in black color.

This is an ultrathin 8000mah portable power bank Qi wireless charger for Samsung. As the size of this power bank enables you to carry it in a tiny space. It has the input and output up to 2A which supports universal compatibility.

It contains LED light for indication of the power level in power bank. It supports side charging and release. With three USB ports for you can charge non-Qi devices as well. We can charge three devices at a time. It is certified by CE/FCC/ROHS for the safety.


Pros Cons
  • Can charge all the Qi-compatible devices.
  • Can charge three devices at a time.
  • Contains Micro USB port for charging the non-Qi devices.
  • There is no cable added to the package.



Apart all those Qi power banks that you have seen and we have tested and listed this Qi power bank is different from it. This Qi power bank with a wireless charger for Samsung Galaxy S8 has the great design. It can be a stand for your smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus phone.

This Qi power bank isn’t only compatible Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus phone but also with the Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 and S5. It works well with most of the devices. It has the high battery capacity of about 6000mAh.

It has the LED light which notifies the current state of the charge in the power bank. It has the efficiency more than 70%, and it is slim and handy and is also pocket-friendly so that we can carry it anywhere. The 7.5W Qi wireless charger works as it is advertised.


Pros Cons
  • Works well with Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6 and S5.
  • It is handy and very slim.
  • Works as advertised.
  • The wireless charging is slow.
  • The battery can get quite hot while in use.

Which one of them is you pick? Or do you have any other pick that works great for you? Tell about it here in the comments section.


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