best qi wireless chargers for samsung galaxy s10e

It is well-known that the smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S10e is already equipped with some fantastic qualities and functionalities that make it stand out from the crowd. And from all of those features, the Qi-charging function is a great one.

It doesn’t only allow you to juice it up with lightning cable but even supports wireless charging to have safe charging without having any problem like over-heating, over-current, over-charging, and over- temperature.

Some of them are even used as a stand to have a place for your smartphone. We have tested some of the wireless charges which are compatible with this latest flagship of the Samsung brand. And we reach to these best Samsung Galaxy S10e wireless chargers which are Qi-certified, has fast wireless charging, and comes with charging pad or stand.

Let’s check them all…!!!

Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Wireless Chargers


This Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S10e from the brand Anker is our first top pick for this list. With the latest technology, this one includes tons of excellent and useful things to take advantage of it.

This charger is built with the high-efficiency chipset to support 10W of rapid charging speed. It contains a TPU surface to prevent slip and slide of your phone. It has a case friendly design that is compatible with a 5mm thick case. It also supports PowerWave technology to transmit the power directly through the cases.



Pros Cons
  • Worry-free 180-months warranty.
  • Universal capabilities.
  • Battery’s safety.
  • Radiation shielding.
  • Foreign object detection.
  • Temperature control.
  • Should be large in size.




This Galaxy S10e Wireless Charging pad is an excellent one from the Encased brand. So if you are looking for the affordable one, then here we are with this. This one is equipped with the sleek and slim design.

This one is a sleek Galvanox Aluminum PowerStand that is powered by Samsung’s new Adaptive Fast Charge 2.0 standard. It alternates power between 5W, 7.5W, or 10W based on the device type. It comes with an adjustable indicator brightness can change in three ways. It comes with redundant internal safety protection layer.


Pros Cons
  • Perfect for the desktop.
  • Ideal as a nightstand.
  • Charging interfere alert.
  • Non-slip grip points.
  • Quality made.
  • Not universal compatibility.




This Qi-Certified Wireless Charger for Galaxy S10e is a great product that can be useful to watch movies, have live chatting on your phone without using your hand. It supports three charging modes like 5W, 7.5W, and 10W.

This is a vertical and horizontal charging stand. It is equipped with the multifunctional intelligent temperature protection to protect the device from the overcharging and overheating. It has a sleep-friendly design. It comes with a no-hassle lifetime warranty.


Pros Cons
  • Three charging modes.
  • Universal capabilities.
  • Easy to charge the phone.
  • No hassle of keeping an eye on your phone while completely juiced up.
  • No AC adapter included.




This is another Galaxy S10e Wireless Charger Stand that charges the phone quickly and it even doesn’t drain that quickly. You can get three feet micro USB cable with the charger and even more than just it.

This one has built-in two coils for fast charging. It supports vertically or horizontally positions for a more flexible choice for facetime and other functions. It works with most kinds of cases. It protects the phone from over-charging, over temperature, over-voltage, and over-current, too.


Pros Cons
  • Case friendly.
  • One year warranty.
  • Multi-protection system.
  • Portable enough.
  • Easy to charge the phone with it.
  • No Qi adapter.




This is the best samsung Galaxy S10e Fast Wireless Charger that is useful to charge the phone as well as the smartwatch at the same time. It stays on a place and never slips or slides from it. However, to get it you need to pay a little more.

The charging stand design of this charger is different. It holds the phone and watch more efficient and tidy. It is compact and lightweight, which makes it perfect for travelers and business users. You can get money refund policy, 12-months warranty, and a lifetime friendly customer service.


Pros Cons
  • Durable and sturdy hold.
  • Perfect for regular use.
  • Holds phone and smartwatch firmly.
  • Charges quickly.
  • Battery doesn’t last for long.


Which one of these Samsung Galaxy S10e Wireless Chargers would be your pick? Or have you already picked that one for you? Tell us about it and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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