best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Flip Cover Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will be pretty expensive as the smartphone equipped with a bunch of the excellent functions and features. Sure, it is going to be one of the best smartphones from the brand Samsung to offer something more than its previous gadgets, which are some of the best devices that have to make a good sell. But to have a device like Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the great things. If you scratch that palm-filling wonder in just a week after purchasing it, you won’t be happy.

There is a no other way to keep it safe apart from one thing that is having a case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. A flip case may alter your smartphone’s lines a bit of, and separate your hands from all that beautiful aluminum body. But to be honest, they are excellent keeping the phone completely safe from any harm. Check out this list of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Flip Over Cases, where we have suggested flip cover, leather wallet with flip cover, slim case with flip and a few more. All of them are tested by us so that you can get an excellent product for your smartphone. Let’s check them out.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Flip Cover Cases


DISLAND’s Flip Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus isn’t similar to other flip cover cases we tested. The DISLAND case has been around for a little while and adds tons of excellent benefits to phone’s functions and body protection, but the screen flap isn’t quite right.

However, the high-quality PU leather outer layer and soft TPU material give full protection. There is also vertical magnetic lock that holds phone tightly and correctly. This case contains flip stand wallet design. There is one card holder and suitable for daily use.


Pros Cons
  • Four colors to pick from.
  • Offers excellent value to the phone.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good grip on the case.
  • Magnetic closure keeps the phone safe.
  • Great protection.
  • Open ports.
  • No more bulky wallet carry.
  • A little of a hassle to open the flap.
  • Vertical openings not for many of the people.




The FLY HAWK’s Leather Wallet Flip Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case is a good option if our suggested one of the primary product goes out of stock. Of all the simple and stylish flip cases we tested, FLY HAWK’s offers an excellent combination of clean design with proper coverage around all of the Galaxy S9 Plus’s body.

The cases use advanced synthetic leather exterior and soft TPU inner layer. There are precise cuts and openings. Apart from that, there is comfort stand view design. And moreover, there is full frame protection. Along with that, there is one card slot and a cash sleeve.



Pros Cons
  • 360-degree protection.
  • Handmade craftsmanship.
  • Flexible material prevents damages.
  • Good viewing with a kickstand.
  • Stylish stitching on a case.
  • Precise openings for function.
  • Not good choice.
  • The phone feels bulky after installation.




This is the simple flip case we tested, DANHUA offers the right combination of design and protection layer around the phone screen and the body of the phone. Besides that, the case provides more-premium feeling materials than its price would suggest.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wallet with Flip Cover Case uses high-quality PU leather with TPU construction with magnetic clip design. It gives easy access to the phone ports and buttons. With the sturdy hands-free kickstand, it provides high stand stability. The brand even includes product quality warranty.


Pros Cons
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Good color options.
  • One card slot.
  • One cash sleeve.
  • Precise design for Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • Only one card slot.
  • The design doesn’t make any sense.
  • Some of the designs can only use by girl or women.


With an established brand, we tested one of the good protective flip cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. However, this Slim Flip Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is less protective and more stylish but functional for slim profile phone to keep it safe from all the impacts that might harm the phone.

This case is made of high-quality PU leather and TPU material. Both the material makes the case comfortable and easy to install. The case carries one invisible card slot. It gives dual layer protection along with one proper kickstand function. The quality of the phone case is guaranteed.



Pros Cons
  • 24 hours of the customer.
  • Transparent inner TPU case.
  • Easily snap on design.
  • Super strong suction.
  • Good color choice.
  • Shatter-proof and shockproof.
  • Only one card slot.




Some people love to keep their phone stylish and good at offering protection then this option Translucent View Mirror Flip Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is an excellent option at giving the proper protective layer with style. This case suits women’s style who love to put makeup on.

This clear view mirror flip case has a slim luxury profile to maintain the slim profile of the phone. The case contains shiny plating makeup mirror. The makeup mirror on the case provides clear viewing display window. There is also kickstand function and unique design for easy control access.



Pros Cons
  • Good vertical mirror cover.
  • Intelligent chip induction.
  • The mirror can use for makeup.
  • Magnetic suction design.
  • Transparent mirror flap.
  • No multiple angle viewing.
  • Only one color available.



The brand Ferlinso offers such a tremendous protective flip cover especially for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus that can not only keep your phone safe but also can carry your wallet essential. Besides that, it offers, complete protection to the phone’s body and screen, the brand also manages to do that.

The Wallet Case with Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a durable retro leather case. It protects from scratches, dirt, dust and daily wears. With the shock absorbent material, it comes with magnetic closure and wrist strap. The package also includes screen protector for Galaxy S9 Plus.



Pros Cons
  • Safe guards against accidental drops.
  • Good durability.
  • Foldable backboard kickstand.
  • Good hands-free video calling.
  • Multiple card slots.
  • Makes cash carry easy.
  • Few color option only.
  • The screen protector is not that durable.




With another Make-Up Plated Mirror Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus that offers protection with all the style that any men or women are looking for. This is an excellent case especially for the women who don’t want to carry any extra pocket mirror. So here is an exceptional case with the Make-Up Plated Mirror on the case.

The case has the perspective window view. This flip reflective mirror case fits perfectly to the phone ports and gives excellent protection to the phone screen and body. It protects from unwanted impacts and holds the phone tightly. It also comes with smart awake and sleeps function.


Pros Cons
  • Slim and thin case.
  • Ultra-light case.
  • Eco-friendly case.
  • Protection from drops, scratches, and bruises.
  • Secure use ports and controls.
  • Use the mirror as a make-up mirror.
  • Easy to break.
  • Only black color case.



15Alston Craig

Some of you are might not interested in the beauty that may stay no longer or may get some impacts that might make your phone look ugly. But having a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Stylish Flip Cover Case which is all made of leather material and offers extra layer to your wallet essential then this case from Alston Craig is for you.

This stylish flip cover case is superbly designed case. This premium phone case has olive stripe interior lining. With the genuine vintage leather, the case contains RFID blocking technology. The brand also offers a money back guarantee.


Pros Cons
  • Three card slots.
  • One money pouch.
  • Magnetic buckle.
  • Protection of card safety.
  • One year of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Way too heavy.
  • Scratches screen of the phone sometimes.



Some of the people who love to add the design on the case then the flip case from LuckChungTech is what you are looking for. This Galaxy S9+ Leather Wallet Case with Flip Cover contains a unique design and style to add some more attractive factor.

It is a perfect wallet leather case that contains construction of high-quality PU leather and TPU. This is a safe and protective case. This wallet case fits the phone perfectly along with the magnetic flip closure. The case comes with precise cuts and openings.



Pros Cons
  • Colorful print patterns.
  • Wallet case carries essential cards.
  • The magnetic closure is super secure.
  • Keeps phone safe and secure.
  • Convenient and tight fit.
  • Precise cuts.
  • Store some money.
  • Doesn’t offer multiple view angle.
  • The material isn’t that durable.




Some of you might not be worried about adding bulk to the beautiful smartphone. However, the only one thing if you are thinking is to carry all your wallet essential with your smartphone; this case form the brand AKHVRS is one of the great options to carry multiple wallets necessary in just a case with the smartphone.

This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Premium Leather Wallet Case with Flip Cover is a handmade premium cowhide leather wallet case. With anti-slip premium leather, the case offers retro look with brilliant design. There is a detachable magnetic design that gives business fashion look with extra space. There is a magnetically attached inner hard PC shell that can use separately. There are also multiple card slots with money pockets.


Pros Cons
  • Easy to answer the call without removing the case.
  • Built-in ten card slots.
  • Three cash slots.
  • One zipper wallet.
  • Snug fit design.
  • Suitable for hunting, hiking, and more.
  • Not for those who love slim profile on their phone.
  • Feels bulky while carrying it.



Which one of these flip cover case of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus would be your pick? Or have you already picked one make your phone safe and secure? Tell us about it and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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