Best Smart Wall Clocks with a Hidden Spy Camera

Keeping an eye on your kids’ activity or watch or spy activities in a home is easy now. Today, there are plenty of options to spy or install a hidden camera at home, but do you know there are smart wall clocks with a hidden camera? We have come up with a round of such smart wall clock. We spent more than 20 hours on researching and tested 20+ clocks. Finally, we found ten products which are best smart wall clocks for a home with spy camera.

All of them are the textbook definition of a wall clock, delivering real-time activity of kids and elders at home hassle-free tacking on home for people who always love to take more out of the smart devices. All of them are a quality intelligent wall clock, just go through each of them and see which one of them is you pick.

Best Smart Wall Clocks


The latest WIFI Wall Clock with HD Camera smart wall clock we reviewed is also the easiest and fun to operate, with minimal of the controls, a big, attractive display, and reliable display design. This is the easiest to set of all the clocks that we have tested yet.

With the Wi-Fi- clock camera, it supports PC, laptop, Tablet, iPhone, and Android. It is excellent for meeting recorder, security or baby monitoring, etc. It has a built-in app for remote view and control with a simple function on the app.

At a time maximum, four users can view the camera. It supports 1080p HD video. It also helps motion detection with real-time recording. With the 2700mAh rechargeable battery it lets, you have excellent battery life.


Pros Cons
  • Lifetime technology support.
  • One year of guarantee and three months of refund or replacement.
  • It supports software like VLC player or SM Player.
  • Four hours of non-stop shooting time.
  • Battery life is little short.




This Wall Clock with Spy Nanny Camera has a large display that makes easy to read from anywhere in the room. And it has excellent battery life with that, means it lets you have great real-time video viewing right through your smart devices.

With the HD 1080p crystal clear video quality it lets, you have 90-degree wide angle lens points 15-degrees down capturing. It gives you have phone alerts during motion. It has an undetectable lens inside for complete functioning clock with NO indicators.

It works while plugged into AC and supports six hours of battery life. It has built-in Micro SD card slot for up to 128GB.



Pros Cons
  • It supports Hera hidden camera wall clock.
  • It comes with Ethernet port cover.
  • To want to make installation, you can get user manual.
  • Date and time stamps.
  • The camera doesn’t support night vision.




The model of Wifi Spy Clock Camera is almost identical to our top pick, so if you found that any of our other picks are unavailable or out of stock then this MAGHO smart wall clock is the best pick for you. Just like most of the intelligent wall clock, this is also a great option.

It has Hexagon shape with a mirror surface. It supports eight hours of recording. With the 64GB of SD card support, it records 1080p HD video quality. With the motion detection, it supports night vision. It has two-way communication and endorses 180-degrees wide angle coverage.



Pros Cons
  • Colourful nightlight that changes freely.
  • Supports 180-degrees super wide angle lens.
  • Light supplies night vision profoundly.
  • Long-time usage.
  • It supports Android, iOS, and Widows.
  • It is quite costly.




With the traditional wall clock design with all natural read of the numbers and time here we have the best Wireless Network Hidden Camera Wall Clock from the brand Fuvision. With this clock, nobody can get the clue of having hidden camera in a clock.

This smart wall clock supports truly 1080p FHD video resolution. It records 1090x1080p for crystal FHD video. It supports 365 days battery powered with Wi-Fi hidden camera. It is completely functional 10-inch wall clock. It has built-in Micro SD card and also easy to set up.


Pros Cons
  • Built-in 16GB of SD card.
  • Remotely control to view real-time video.
  • PIR motion captured.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • You might find it way too expensive.



9SCS Enterprises

The brand like SCS Enterprises which is the reputed brand in the smart and digital world of the intelligent devices. With the fascinating old looking design that offers the excellent look, when it is placed on the wall, it looks simple wall clock.

This Smart Wall clock with Spy Camera supports plug-in power, and with it, you can view live video on iPhone, Android smartphone, and tablet. The signals are secured via ID and password and with WPA Encryption. With the 8GB of internal SD card memory, it supports excellent central monitoring software. It can connect up to 32 cameras.


Pros Cons
  • It looks traditional wall clock.
  • Use Wi-Fi to deliver real-time video.
  • Remote internet access.
  • Hidden camera in a clock.
  • It is way too expensive.
  • Little bulky.



Besides all of the other smart wall clock over here, this intelligent wall clock with the attractive look and smart clock by ENKLOV is one of the best smart wall clocks. This smart wall clock even comes at a very cheap cost so if you are looking for the cheap but fascinating smart wall clock then this is the best option.

This Spy Hidden Camera Clock combination has built-in lens angle up to real 100 degrees. With the night vision and motion detection, it supports built-in six-night vision lights. It has 64GB of micro SD card recording and two-way audio. It offers colorful LED light. The brand provides friendly customer service.


Pros Cons
  • It supports 1080p mirror camera clock.
  • USB charging cable in the package.
  • One year of warranty.
  • Motion detection with night vision.
  • It is a delicate piece.



The brand Zetronix is another brand that offers the traditional looking smart wall clock that has all fascinating functions and features that you can easily access and set up in just seconds. However, this model is little expensive but worth it.

This 1080p HD Wall Clock Hidden Nanny Camera supports HD 1080p crystal clear color video. And besides that, it supports 90-degree wide angle lens pointing with 15-degrees down. It has an undetectable lens with the complete functioning wall clock. With the four months of standby battery, it provides live motion detection mode. It works with plugged into AC, and it has six hours of battery life with non-stop recording.


Pros Cons
  • Great spy or secret camera.
  • Great battery standby life.
  • One year of replacement guarantee.
  • 64GB of built-in SD card.
  • The design is not that fascinating.



If the looks that do matters a lot and also they are packed with the smart functionality, then this smart wall clock is one that you can have to make your home smart home with some intelligent features. With the look, you can have great option to keep track on Nany and other things as well.

This Hidden Spy Cam Surveillance Wall Clock has hidden surveillance color camera and has built-in functional wall clock. It allows discreetly monitor with real-time recording and viewing on smart devices and PC at any time. Using with QR code or plug and play is effortless. It supports multiple private recording options with CMS software for remote access.



Pros Cons
  • Looks great.
  • A hidden camera is not that easy to notice.
  • Nice and discrete.
  • Not user-friendly.


17Elite ETSPY

Users just don’t only look for the looks, but some of the people only prefer to have just functionally stable smart device then take a look at this smart wall clock that is provided by Elite ETSPY. The clock has a simple look, and that has Quartz support.

It is Spy Wall Clock with Hidden Camera. It has fashion, natural, practical and artistic design and has night vision even during no room lights. It supports motion activation with the memory card and excellent battery capacity.


Pros Cons
  • Built-in 8 GB SD card.
  • Supports 32 GB of the external SD card.
  • Three hours of battery life.
  • Real-time video shooting.
  • The design is old-fashioned.



19AES Spy Cameras

With the look and function if you are looking for the best medium-sized wall clock, then this smart wall clock is packed with style and function both. With the support of wireless connection, you can have excellent real-time video recording and view.

This Wall Clock Hidden Security Nanny Cam offers 720p HD Video with 1280×720 resolution with crystal clear image. It connects to Wi-Fi to stream live video. You can view live or can playback remotely on iPhone, Android, and even PC. It has built-in 16GB internal memory and auto-recycle when memory is full.


Pros Cons
  • Supports motion detection, mobile alerts, and record schedules.
  • You can use live video on smart devices and PC as well.
  • The design is very compact.
  • Motion detect recording.
  • It is way too expensive.



Which one of these smart wall clock would be your pick? Or have your already picked that to make your home smart? Tell us about it and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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