Best WiFi Smart Switches

The smart switches are one of the vital gadgets that turns your ordinary house into a smart home. Most of the switches are compatible with the Amazon Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot, Google Home, and Google Mini Home.

After spending hours swapping out switches, flipping them, programming or scheduling the time, and talking to the experts, we have decided to list the best Wi-Fi Enabled Switches. If you want to operate or schedule electronic devices operations than you must have a smart switch which can work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance or with the help of an official app. Let we take a look at these smart home gadgets.

Best WiFi Smart Switches


With more smart-house perks than any other switch, this is the only model we tested that doesn’t need any hassle to install. This WiFi Smart Switch Works With Amazon Alexa has an easy-to-use single hub station.

The smart WiFi 15A LED switch requires no hub. However, it needs a neutral wire. This smart switch is compatible with Alexa, Nest and Google Assistant. It is also compatible with iOS and Android with My Leviton app. It also automates based on schedule or sunrise or sunset.



Pros Cons
  • LED and CFL loads about 600W.
  • Voice control.
  • No hub requires.
  • Multiple ways are compatible.
  • IFTTT compatible.
  • Designed and engineered by Leviton.
  • Dimming doesn’t change brightness.




Each of the in-wall switches which we tested that can remotely turn the appliances on and off and trigger lighting based on the time of the day. However, TP-Link’s Smart WiFi Light Switch offers the best smart-home perks through the support of Amazon’s Alexa and more.

This smart WiFi light switch can control your house’s lights from anywhere. It supports quite easy in-wall installation. There is no hub required and works with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can set schedule to turn on and off lights automatically.


Pros Cons
  • Hands-free experience.
  • Guide for easy install.
  • Microsoft Cortana supported.
  • Control from anywhere.
  • World’s No.1 customer service.
  • Works well with Alexa.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Very difficult to set up.





The Lausatek’s standard WiFi switch doesn’t require a hub, yet it still has tons of smart-integration. It also has the extended press function to trigger other gadgets in your house. The In-wall Wireless Smart Switch Compatible With Amazon Alexa is an excellent pick.

The 94V0 fire retardant PC material makes it more durable. It offers voice control for your convenience. There is also Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant supportable. There is even free Smart Life app available for iOS and Android. You can have safety schedule timer and novelty sensitive touch control.



Pros Cons
  • 60-days risk-free money back guarantee.
  • Overload protection.
  • Timing function.
  • Control fixtures from anywhere.
  • No hub needed.
  • Elegant flat surface.
  • Even safely lit in the dark.
  • The physical button isn’t long lasting.





The Markevina’s Smart WiFi LightSwitch is the least expensive stand-alone model available in the market. With the straightforward Alexa and Google Home connection, there is also an app available for the Android and iOS devices.

The smart WiFi light switch supports app control and is also Alexa and Google Home compatible. With the timing or schedule function, it delivers overload protection. There is neutral, and live wire required. It is also ETL, CE, and FCC licensed.



Pros Cons
  • Voice control.
  • Works with Android 4.1 and higher.
  • Works with iOS 8 and higher.
  • Security with easy installation.
  • Three years of warranty.
  • 100% of customer satisfaction.
  • Two smart switches.
  • No easy instruction to install.





The KYGNE’s Smart Wireless Switch Works with Google Assistance makes putting wireless WiFi light switch at your home slightly more affordable. This device performed pretty well in our test which makes us list it here.

This in-wall wireless smart switch is Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home compatible. Besides only that, it is also IFTTT compatible. It is FCC, CE and RoHS certified. It comes with super sensitive touchscreen along with LED light indicator.



Pros Cons
  • Voice control with an app.
  • Remotely controls lights and appliances.
  • Timer function.
  • No hub required.
  • Overload protection.
  • 60-days money back guarantee.
  • Over-charging and over-heating protection.
  • Small delay while controlling with Alexa.





The LYASI’s Wireless Smart Switch for Home Automation is a reliable smart replacement which gives remote on or off scheduling and dimming same as its competition. With our test, this device comes out good at controlling.

This in-wall WiFi light switch can be controlled remotely with free smart App. It is also Alexa and Google Home compatible. You can control your fixtures from anywhere. It uses professional fire retardant PC contrition. It has sensitive capacitive touch control.



Pros Cons
  • No hub requires.
  • Monthly fees require.
  • 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.
  • One year of warranty.
  • Two smart switches.
  • NEST and IFTTT compatible.
  • Instructions are terrible.




The WeMo is one of the great choices for the smart-home enthusiast who doesn’t need any dimming function or those who doesn’t require a hub. This is what makes this WiFi Enabled Smart Switch right for someone who wants to update only one or two switches.

It easily replaces seamlessly old wall light switch. The WeMo app for hands-free control. You can also set porch light and turn on at sunset. You can even schedule ceiling fans with it. Just like other, this is also Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. There is neutral wire requires.



Pros Cons
  • iOS smart devices compatible.
  • Android smart devices compatible.
  • Randomize lights and protect your house.
  • Replace any single-pole light switch.
  • Comes with away mode.
  • Works with a NEST.
  • Hassle to set up due to bad firmware version.




The MEAMOR Remote Control Wireless Smart Switch is a reliable performer as well as the least expensive stand-alone WiFi in-wall smart switch we tested. This single-pole device gives all of the standard functions adding remote control and scheduling.

The remote control wireless switch uses a free app for iOS and Android devices. It supports voice control through Alexa. With it, you can easily have remote access to lights or other appliances. You can set schedule on the smart light switch.



Pros Cons
  • Power saving strategy.
  • Eliminates wasteful standby power.
  • Prevents overcharging.
  • Eliminates overheating.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • A touchscreen isn’t that responsive.




The HOSYO’s In-Wall WiFi Smart Light Switch offers the best visual experience of the lot through a customizable feature which can lets you have easily used it. The switch also adds energy saving and other excellent functions.

With it, you can easily control lights, ceiling fans, and other appliances. It has a user-friendly design that lets you have gentle touch on touch control. It supports intelligent remote app control which makes it safe to use. This smart switch makes your life easy.



Pros Cons
  • Security certification.
  • Overload protection function.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.
  • Elegant appearance.
  • Tempered glass panel.
  • Touch is not long lasting.




With this single-pole switch from the brand GRESATEK, you get more out of it to control your home’s lights or appliances with no hands. This WiFi Smart Light Switch With Amazon Alexa easily turns on or off the devices at your house.

It is entirely compatible with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant. It supports chic and elegant flat surface. It comes with a LED light for safe lit in the dark. You can set schedule for automatic control. There is an excellent replacement for the regular in-wall switch.



Pros Cons
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to control with an app.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS device.
  • Control from anywhere.
  • Can’t dim the lights.



Which one of these WiFi Smart Switches would be your pick? Or have you already picked one to make your ordinary house to a smart home? Tell us about it and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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