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The best part of the latest flagship of Samsung brand is that the S10+ has built-in Dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with the 16M colors. With 6.4 inches of large screen, you can get 1440 x 3040 of resolution. Even though the screen is made of Gorilla Glass 6, there is still a risk of getting it scratched by any hard substances. To avoid risk, you should get one screen protectors that protect the phone display well.

With this article, we are going to explore the ten best Samsung Galaxy S10+ Screen Protectors. All of them are tested around for hours, and then we have picked screen guards like Tempered Glass, Ultra-Thin, HD Transparency, Case Friendly, High Sensitivity, Flexible, Thin Slim Surface, Full Lens Protective, Full Coverage, MilitaryShield, HD Clear Flexible Film, Bubble-Free, and 3D Touch. Check all of them right away!!!

Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ Screen Protectors


We are here starting this list with the ESR’s Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. With an affordable price the brand offers two screen protectors that allow you to have a good option for your phone’s screen protection.

This screen guard offers full-screen coverage, and it is three times stronger that withstands 11 lbs. It supports bubble and dust-free application. It contains Oleophobic Nano coating. And it also includes a fingerprint-resistant surface.

ESR Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Guard


  • Full-screen coverage.
  • Withstand 11 lbs.
  • Bubble and dust-free application.
  • Oleophobic Nano coating.
  • Fingerprint-resistant surface.


  • Easy to install.
  • 180-days satisfaction guarantee.
  • Replacement or a full refund guarantee.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Perfect cuttings.
  • Not scratch resistant.




This Ultra-Thin HD Transparency Protective Film for Galaxy S10+ from the brand Qoosea is one of the affordable options for most of the users. If you are looking for the best package with tons of options in screen guards, then this one is a few of the choices.

This specially designed screen guard is an explosion-proof protective film. Each screen guard in the package contains the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. They are bubble free and supports easy installation. All of them offers high-definition clarity. You can get a lifetime warranty.

Qoosea Ultra-Thin Screen Guard for Galaxy S10 Plus


  • Specifically designed.
  • Explosion-proof protective film.
  • The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating.
  • Bubble free, and easy installation.
  • High-definition clarity.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Pretty easy installation.
  • No hassle of removal.
  • Pretty protective film.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Not like tempered glass protective.




If you are looking for the best screen protector that is friendly with your current case, then the brand AlCase offers a great option. This Case Friendly High Sensitivity Tempered Glass comes in a package of one screen guard.

It is made of 9H hardness real tempered glass contains 0.26mm thickness. The screen guard offers full-screen coverage with the 4D curved design. This screen guard has high-resolution Retina display with the Oleophobic coating.

AICase Case Friendly Tempered Glass for Galaxy S10+


  • Made of 9H hardness real tempered glass.
  • 26mm thickness.
  • Full-screen Coverage with the 4D curved design.
  • High-resolution Retina display.
  • Oleophobic coating.


  • Covers all the sides of the phone.
  • Matches the screen.
  • Feels like the part of the phone.
  • Anti-fingerprint.
  • Case friendly.
  • Only one screen guard.




The brand Pulen is pretty popular among the users and well-trusted as well. This Flexible Screen Protector PET Film for Samsung Galaxy S10+ is an affordable one in which you can get three screen protector to have options.

This screen protector is made from TPU material. The screen protector is ultra-clear and yellow-resistant. All three screen guards are soft and ultra-tough. This liQuidSkin film supports maximum coverage on curved edges and corners.

Pulen Flexible Screen Protector for S10+


  • Made from TPU material.
  • Ultra clear and yellow-resistant.
  • Soft and ultra-tough.
  • Maximum coverage on curved edges and corners.
  • liQuidSkin film.


  • Case friendly.
  • HD clear.
  • No hassle of installation.
  • Precise cutting.
  • Three screen protector.
  • Catches dust easily.




With this Thin Slim Surface Full Lens Protective Film, you will get two tempered glass screen protectors for your Galaxy S10 Plus. This anti-scratch screen guard is bubble-free, anti-shatter, anti-fingerprint and offers perfect feeling.

The brand offers safe and protective screen protectors. These tempered glass screen guards are scratches, bumps, and dust resistant. With the user-friendly construction, they make installation super easy. They won’t affect on signal or wifi.

  • Smooth touch feel.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Two screen guard.
  • Easy to set on the screen.
  • Doesn’t feel like a part of the screen.



This Full Coverage Screen Protector for Samsung S10+ from the OTAO brand you can get three screen protectors. With other options, you can be relaxed if you’ve messed up with the first screen protectors.

This full-coverage screen protector supports easy installation and allows ultra HD clarity. It is compatible with an in-screen fingerprint sensor. It is around 0.11mm thick. And even it is scratch-proof and ultra-tough.

OTAO Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Protector


  • Full-coverage screen protector.
  • Easy installation and ultra HD clarity.
  • Compatible with an in-screen fingerprint sensor.
  • Around 0.11mm thick.
  • Scratch-proof, and ultra-tough.


  • One year of warranty.
  • Case friendly.
  • Yellow-resistant.
  • No hassle while installation.
  • Bubble free installation.
  • Doesn’t cover the screen completely.




When it comes to the screen guard from the brand ArmorSuit, there is not a single doubt about the protection of the device’s screen. And this MilitaryShield Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus offers a similar level of the security.

This is an ultra HD clear screen guard. It perfectly matches the contours of the phone. It is entirely scratch-proof, ultra-tough, and optically transparent. You can get the military-grade protection for your phone’s screen. It even contains self-healing technology.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector for S10+


  • Ultra HD clear.
  • Perfectly matches the contours of the phone.
  • Scratch-proof, ultra-tough, and optically clear.
  • Military-grade protection.
  • Self-healing technology.


  • Ultra HD clear.
  • Amazingly thin.
  • Adds no bulk to the phone.
  • 100% satisfaction.
  • Avoids scuffs.
  • Only one screen guard.




This is an HD Clear Flexible Film for Samsung Galaxy S10+ from the brand Tocol. This is an established brand that offers one of the great products with its primary step. This flexible film is a yellow-resistant for long term use.

With the unique adhesive, it allows frustration-free and bubble-free installation. This 99% HD clear screen guard offers a smooth glass-like surface that extends True Touch feel. It is made with precise laser cutting technology. It supports self-healing and UV light resistant feature.

  • Self-healing.
  • Specifically design.
  • Maximum screen coverage.
  • Flexible enough.
  • Military grade protection.
  • Quite hassle in installation.




If you are looking for a screen guard that matches your smartphone’s screen and feels like a part of your smartphone’s body, then here is the option. This Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Protector Tempered Glass is one of a low-cost product in this list with an excellent feature list.

With the laser-cut dimensions, this one offers maximum protection. It has built-in 9H hardness protection. It is entirely scratch and explosion proof. It is HD clear and has touch sensitive functionality. With its 0.33 thickness, you can maintain Original Touch Experience. And there are even 2.5D rounded edges.

Zeking 3D Touch Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10+


  • Laser-cut dimensions for maximum protection.
  • 9H hardness protection.
  • Scratch and explosion proof.
  • HD and touch sensitive.
  • 33 thickness for Original Touch Experience.
  • 5D rounded edges.


  • Scratch resistant.
  • Bubble-free.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • HD clarity.
  • Easy installation.
  • Hard to install.



Which one of these Samsung Galaxy S10+ Screen Protector would be your pick? Or have you already picked one for your phone? Tell us about it and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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